The following 48 minutes Saturday, which concluded with a 109-100 Jazz victory, will be known this season as the George Hill revenge game. Hill, without saying much on the court, let his season-high 30 points, six rebounds and five assists do all the talking. After the game, Hill, with no facial expression, said playing his former team had no impact on his best individual performance of the season. “No, no statement needed,” Hill said. “I was making shots and making plays and just trying to win and do the best I can to get everyone involved and have fun out there. I’m probably my biggest critic. It’s always good to get a win and play well at the same time.”
Bird: “I don’t want to get into Paul’s free agency. Before the year started, I told Paul and I said, ‘Look, if you want to sign a long-term deal, we’re willing to do that max (contract) and if you want to wait, I understand.’ But this year, we’re not going to worry about it, we’re not going to talk about it and he’s going to make the decision that’s best for Paul when it comes down to it.”