The Indiana Pacers, led by Rick Fuson, its chief operations officer, want the All-Star Game. Fuson, along with other representatives from the Pacers, the Indiana Sports Corp. and Visit Indy, wanted to see the festivities associated with the All-Star Game in person to examine why Toronto was selected and how Indianapolis can become a viable hosting option for the NBA. After Sunday’s game, Fuson and the rest of the group – including Ryan Vaughn, president of Indiana Sports Corp., and Leonard Hoops, president and CEO of Visit Indy – will discuss what they believe would make for a successful bid.
A league official confirmed Saturday that the Indianapolis delegation is in Toronto to observe how that city is operating the many events with the NBA. The official also said that 2019 is the earliest year for which the Pacers could make a bid. Fuson said it’s unclear if the Pacers will bid for 2019 or for a subsequent year. What is clear is that several people with knowledge of the Pacers’ trip this weekend believe the team will submit a bid in the next few months. “We’ve talked about it for a number of years,” Fuson said in a telephone interview Friday. “It’s just the right time now.”
Monta Ellis led a closed-door meeting late Wednesday night following the Indiana Pacers’ dispirited loss to Charlotte, IndyStar has learned. After players showered and dressed, Ellis angrily called for the gathering. Ellis started by admonishing teammates to take more responsibility for the rest of the season, according to several people with knowledge of the meeting. The players-only assembly lasted briefly with Ellis as the principal speaker. “It falls on us,” a team source said about Ellis’ message. “We’re not doing what we’re supposed to do.”