Nonetheless, Johnson shared his observations on a Lakers team that opened the season 10-10 but has since lost 21 of 26. While he chalked up part of the Lakers’ strong start to catching opposing teams by surprise, Johnson believes the team has since failed to counter its oppositions’ adjustments. “You see spurts, but now they have to put 48 (minutes) together,” Johnson said. “The problem is we get two good quarters, 2½ and sometimes three. But then we put ourselves behind with one bad quarter. It takes so much energy to get back and it’s just not enough. You have to be (upset).”
“It’s the best I’ve ever seen him play,” Johnson said of the nine-year NBA veteran. “He’s played both ends of the court and has played smart. He’s played for the team.” The normally talkative Young was initially speechless after hearing those comments. “Magic Johnson? The Magic Johnson? For real?” said Young, a Los Angeles native who starred at USC. “To hear that from the top three greatest player of all time, that’s a confidence booster. I’ve always looked up to Showtime and Magic. For him to even notice that is a blessing.”