Mike Conley, National Basketball Association (NBA) side Memphis Grizzlies player, said Saturday that he should be among the best five point guards in the league. He also gave some suggestion to Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) draft, which will see its first edition next month. “I will be in there (top five PG),” Conley said when he participated in the “NBA Nation” activity here, “Say Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving or someone like that.”
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Matt Barnes: Wanna wish my lil RICHASS bro @deandrejordan6 a happy bday!! I told you right when I got to the clippers you were a 100mil player!! To watch you grow over the past three seasons has been amazing!! Crazy part is your just scratching the surface.. You have a chance to be great!! Stay heathy, stay focused & stay humble!! I’m proud you, I feel like your my 3rd son.. Isaiah Cater & DJ lol Love you bro! Wait I almost 4got..ima foul the shitouta you when we play yall.. U gonna hv to earn All That $$ from the foul line against us!! Hahaaa
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Allen understands it’s too late to persuade anyone else of this, of course. He certainly isn’t taking anything away from Golden State. But does it gall him that the Bogut switch is seen as the total explanation for what happened in that series? Of course it does. So he says he’s going to come back, better than ever. Says he’s looking forward to the next Grindhouse campaign. “I can’t envision myself no place else,” he said. “I got about five more years.”
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