The Grizzlies ultimately chose not to trade Tyreke Evans last week because they valued the advantage keeping him now would give them in trying to sign him again this summer more than they valued the meager return Evans was fetching on the trade market. This clear intent to try to bring Evans back means that the Grizzlies think Evans would return to Memphis for the mid-level exception (north of $8.5 million), the maximum the team can offer. That would mean Evans not only choosing Memphis over other comparable offers, but, presumably, not getting offers this summer for more (or at least not substantially more).
The Memphis Grizzlies today announced their Spring Break Youth Basketball Programs presented by Nike for kids ages 6-17, including a game-day clinic on March 12 and a four-day youth basketball camp from March 13 through March 16. Each program gives kids the opportunity to receive high-quality instruction provided by Grizzlies Youth Basketball staff and two tickets to an upcoming Grizzlies game. The Grizzlies will host two sessions of their Spring Break Game-Day Clinic on Monday, March 12 on the FedExForum main court.