Q: Ira, why isn’t Michael Beasley signed yet to a non-guaranteed deal? A: I highly doubt there is much to the Durant angle, or else Durant would have had the Thunder sign Michael a long time ago. I believe it’s more of a case of the Heat wanting to keep that 15th roster spot fluid and available for a developmental player, perhaps one to be school in the D-League. Michael is someone the Heat always could cycle back to if needed.
via South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Stoudemire, who turns 33 in November, averaged 11.5 points in 59 games for New York and Dallas last season. He said he feels like he’s not far removed from the 2010-11 season in which he averaged a 25.3 points per game – the second-best clip of his career. But he’s played in only 200 games (out of a possible 312) in the four years since, and still isn’t entirely certain what his role will be with the Heat. “Just four years ago I was an MVP candidate and an All-Star,” Stoudemire said. “I feel like I can still get back to that All-Star level of play. If I can achieve that, then that’s going to help the team in its entirety. … I will accept whatever the role is.”
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