Most, if not all, NBA talent scouts, would have Wall, based on ability and potential, rated significantly ahead of Dragic, and it’s not as if the Heat are in any position to throw in draft picks to sweeten such a deal, with a pair of first-rounders still owed for Dragic. But the Wall possibilities do appear to grow more interesting by the day, particularly at moments of venting. The Heat’s next home game is against the Wizards, on Monday night, so perhaps we’ll see if there is a welcome wagon in place.
Storyline: John Wall Trade?
A source said Bosh still is evaluating options. A compromise would be the sides reaching a buyout. The Heat declined comment on all matters Tuesday. According to medical experts, multiple blood clots can mean a patient suffers from an auto-immune blood condition making someone prone to clotting. Lifetime blood thinners are normally prescribed. Bosh has done commercial spots for an increasingly popular blood thinner, Xarelto.
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