All along, Haslem — the walking, elbow-throwing definition of a Heat lifer — would listen to Wade complain about what was missing in his familiar but different locations and could only interpret one thing: Wade was missing Miami. “Yeah, I knew he was. We talked all the time. He missed it,” Haslem told Yahoo Sports. “But if you’re a real friend, you support your friend throughout their situation, whether you agree with them or not. You just stick by, ride it out.”
The players who remain from his previous stint in Miami were used to him carrying the team, not coming off the bench. “I can’t say it’s been easy, because it’s not. It’s definitely been a challenge for me,” Wade told Yahoo Sports. “But as always, I try to understand. It’s a team sport and everyone has a role to play. Sometimes your role is to the be the star. Sometimes your role is to be the second guy. It’s a lot of different hats you’ve got to wear, and I’m just wearing a different hat right now. It doesn’t change my impact on these guys. Just because I’m coming off the bench, these guys treat me like I’m scoring 30 a night. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than Miami, coming off the bench for no other group than these individuals.”
With the Heat leading by eight points in the final seconds of their Game 2 win in Philadelphia, point guard Goran Dragic dribbled all the way down the court for an uncontested layup with 1.2 seconds remaining instead of dribbling the clock out. Sixers players on the bench immediately had words for Dragic after the play, but he never looked back to acknowledge them. And after Wednesday’s practice, Dragic didn’t really acknowledge them either. “I don’t care,” Dragic said when asked about the Sixers’ reaction to the play. “The first game we were down 30 and they were still running [inbounds plays after timeouts] with seven seconds left in the game. It’s the playoffs. I’m doing everything it takes.”
But at least one Sixers player still seemed upset about it after their practice Wednesday in Miami. “It definitely matters because you can just dribble it out, everything,” Philadelphia forward Robert Covington said. “But you know, we don’t understand why he did it. But overall, we just said, OK, that gives us anticipation because obviously he didn’t care about the simple fact of the score of the game. They were already winning.”