On his four-year, $52 million contract, Waiter said: “You have to think about that at the end of the day, from what happened last year when they just threw a lot of money out there, it was a lot of bad contracts last year. So this year a lot of teams were more safe like ‘we’re not throwing it out there like that.’ Even though I know like for real, for real what [my contract is] supposed be, I’m blessed with the situation and I’m going to make the best of that.
“It would help. I’m not against that,” Waiters said of a possible move by the Heat to acquire Irving. “Just know, there’s an alpha male over there too in myself. I think that’s the biggest thing with everybody – oh he’s got irrational confidence. Like I tell everybody man, I come from [Philadelphia]. If I can make it from here I can make it anywhere. My Mom got shot. My Dad got shot. Come on bro, ain’t nothing I ain’t ever seen. Why not? I need that confidence every day to get through. It’s got nothing to do with ball. It’s who I am. It was instilled in me. Just know there’s an alpha male over there already. [Irving] can come down and we can boogie together.”
Storyline: Kyrie Irving to Heat?
Before Waiters’ “Made in Philly” party, he spoke to HipHopSince1987 about his current situation with the Heat. While he’s enjoying the first big payday of his NBA career, Waiters knows he might have been able to sign a bigger contract if injuries didn’t limit him to 46 games last season. “At the end of the day when I was on that court I produced,” he said. “[The Heat went] 30-11 in the second half of the season – 23-5 when I was on the court. I wasn’t satisfied at all. For me, it was just a little taste. I’m 25 man. We’re not going nowhere. That’s why I always say, ‘Bet on yourself and double down.’