“I play with the Bulls and I don’t even know that,” Wade said. “That’s news to me, he’s one of my good friends. The biggest thing with Chris is … his health. He’s not even playing basketball right now. Basketball is something he loves and I’m sure somewhere in the back of his mind he would love to be able to do again but I know his steps and that moment is not here now. I can’t even talk about next year.”
“A lot of the issue with the Heat is at the end of the day he has something serious and they want to make sure it’s not life-threatening and then it goes from there,” Wade said. “Things are said and things are done but at the end of the day as I’ve always said about Chris, I know Chris is worried about his health first. He has a family that he loves and he wants to make sure that he’s as healthy and whole as he can be. But also he loves the game of basketball so when that day comes there are always going to be stories about guys where they have friends at. Everyone knows he a good friend of mine so that’s probably where you get some of that. But besides that, he hasn’t told me that.”
The bulk of the external trade interest Gay attracted came in the offseason‎, most notably from Oklahoma City, Miami and Portland, but sources say Sacramento has had opportunities to move Gay since the season began and chose to hold off, presumably in hopes of giving itself the best chance of snagging the West’s No. 8 seed and thus bringing a halt to the league’s second-longest playoff drought (10 seasons and counting). The Kings, though, just went 1-6 on a crucial homestand to fall to 10th in the West at 16-25 and Friday begin an eight-game road trip (yes, eight) in Memphis.
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Storyline: Rudy Gay Trade?
Okaro White nervously approached the scorers’ table late in the first quarter of Miami’s victory over Dallas on Thursday. The whistle blew and he started walking onto the court for the first time in a regular season NBA game. Then, his mind went blank. “I didn’t know who I was going to sub in for,” he said. “Tyler (Johnson) was like, ‘Who you got?’ I said, ‘Tyler, I don’t know, man.’” White then asked Johnson who had just committed a foul and was told it was Goran Dragic. “I said, ‘I got Goran.’ GD started walking to the sidelines. I was (thinking), all right, cool.”
“If I’m honest, I feel even better here than in Phoenix,” Dragic said late Thursday night, after scoring 32 points in a 99-95 win against Dallas. “I like all my teammates. I feel like I’m in the right spot. My head is clear; I’m working hard to be a better player and teammate. I feel awesome. I feel like I have three aspects: midrange, threes and driving. It makes my job a lot easier than before.”
Storyline: Goran Dragic Trade?