With the Heat’s Chris Bosh, conversations are continuing regarding potential use of blood thinners that could be out of his system by game time. It remains undecided if the Heat will be OK with that approach (they weren’t when he suggested that last spring) or whether they will clear him to play. There are mixed opinions in the medical community about whether a player who has had two clotting episodes in the span of a year (but doesn’t have the gene that makes him pre-disposed to clotting) should remain on blood thinners beyond the normal six-month cycle. Bosh falls into that category.
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In the latest of his videos posted on the team’s website, Spoelstra spoke of the need to maximize the possibilities of his shot-blocking center, including additional post-up responsibilities and great accountability away from the rim. “He will be working on all of it,” Spoelstra said. “Low-post scoring, that’s the number-one thing he wants to work on, and I’m all for it. He will also work on his skill level at the top of the floor, handling the ball, getting us into second situations as a playmaker, rebounding off the glass.”