What does Dwyane Wade really have left? Now that the inevitable buyout of Wade’s $24 million deal by the Bulls has led to the equally inevitable trek to Cleveland to play with James, can the 35-year-old Wade still be a significant contributor on a title contender? Given the general dysfunction in Chicago last season, you can dismiss most of the good and bad numbers Wade put up, with two exceptions: he still averaged almost five free throw attempts per game, and he shot 31 percent on 3-pointers — not great, but more than double his anemic 15.9 percent behind the arc in 2015-16, his last with the Miami Heat. Wade obviously knows the cheat code for how to most effectively play off of James, so he’ll use the regular season to learn his teammates and be ready for the playoffs. But can Wade hold up over seven games defensively if he has to chase, say, Bradley Beal around, or try to deny DeRozan his preferred mid-range spots, and still be productive offensively?
The war of words on social media and on the court between Hassan Whiteside and Joel Embiid after their recent head-to-head preseason meeting were all in good fun the Miami Heat’s center said Sunday – at least from his perspective. “I mean it’s funny to me,” Whiteside said Sunday as the Heat put the preseason officially in the rear-view-mirror and began practicing for Wednesday’s season opener in Orlando – with point guard Goran Dragic back in the mix after a couple weeks off for mental rest.
Storyline: Embiid-Whiteside Beef