Michael Carter-Williams on the block?

Clearly, and understandably, Bucks officials are deeply concerned. That’s reflected in their ongoing discussions with other teams about potential trades before the deadline on Feb. 18. Based on conversations with several NBA execs from both the Eastern and Western conferences, the Bucks are more than receptive to playing “Let’s Make a Deal.’’ And that includes possibly moving Carter-Williams, who has been consistently inconsistent since joining the Bucks. Carter-Williams has had some dynamic games this season, like an 18-point, 13-assist outing against Sacramento and a 20-point, 12-assist showing against Chicago.

Bucks open to trading Greg Monroe?

But Carter-Williams isn’t the only frontline player the Bucks are apparently willing to move. A much bigger surprise is the Bucks have made known that center Greg Monroe is available at the right price, according to some NBA officials. The Bucks created a major splash last summer when they signed Monroe as a free agent, outbidding mega-market teams like the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers.
Clearly, the pieces to the Bucks’ puzzle aren’t fitting. Several league officials said they would be surprised if the Bucks didn’t make a major trade. “From what I’m hearing is they (the Bucks) are willing to trade anybody not named Parker, Antetokounmpo or Middleton,’’ an NBA executive said. “I even heard they’d listen (to offers) for Parker and Middleton, but it would have to be some crazy offer. “They want to do something; they know they have to do something. That group they have isn’t working.’’