If Peter Feigin gets his way, then the Milwaukee Bucks will soon have a new naming rights sponsor paying somewhere between $7 million and $10 million per year over a term of 20 years. Feigin, the president of the Bucks, believes that the team has narrowed its list of potential partners down to half a dozen and hopes to have one of them locked up within the next four to six weeks. “The last two to three weeks, we’ve had some great prospects pop up on the opportunity scale, which we’re pursuing immediately and aggressively,” Feigin says. “We have a real urgency.”
“We’ve had a steep education curve,” Feigin says. “We might have a perception of what a small-market NBA team is. But physical, geographic market size no longer matters in the NBA. More than 50% of our impressions come from outside the U.S. We are broadcasting in 215 countries around the world. When you have one of the top 10 players in the league, it puts you on an even plane. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re in Oklahoma City, San Antonio or Milwaukee.”
Who’s going to regret their offseason? The Bucks were fine off the court — their new arena is already more than halfway constructed and looks like it’s going to be a gem — although the surrounding mall that is supposed to be part of the complex is not going up as quickly. But the Bucks didn’t address their bigs-heavy roster and move some of the surplus — how can coach Jason Kidd keep all of Greg Monroe, Jabari Parker and John Henson happy with Thon Maker scarfing up more and more frontcourt minutes? — for the shooting Milwaukee still needs. The East is so open, and Milwaukee is so close to breaking through into elite status with Giannis Antetokounmpo an elite performer.