The Hawks have long been linked to Justin Jackson at 19. But after moving Dwight Howard, they could look to address the PF/C spot with a number of options potentially available. The Howard trade is viewed laregely as an addition by subtraction, and to officially hand the keys over to Dennis Schroeder, whom apparently did not get along with Howard. John Collins is a player that could be there at 19. He’s been discussed in the late lottery at 13 and 14, but has supposedly been sliding some of late. if he were to fall to them, Bam Adebayo would also be an interesting option as a Dwight Howard-lite prospect, and longterm replacement. But Bam is seen as a strong possibility to Milwaukee at 17.
Wayne Embry remembers like it happened yesterday. Now 80 years old and a consultant for the Toronto Raptors, Embry recalled how, when he was the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks in the early ’70s, he lobbied the team’s hierarchy to draft an insanely athletic player from the East Coast.That was Julius Erving, aka Dr. J. If not for some legal issues and some behind-the-scenes shenanigans, Erving would have joined the Bucks and, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson, formed perhaps the greatest triumvirate of players ever assembled.
“Now fast forward, in 1972, I’m the general manager of the Bucks and we had two draft picks that year. So I told ownership that I was going to draft – I forget the player we drafted (Russell Lee of Marshall with the sixth overall selection) — but, with the second pick in the first round, I said I would like to draft Julius Erving. I told them he’s playing in the ABA (with the Virginia Squires) and he’s going to be a great player. “They didn’t know who he was. They had never heard of him. They said, ‘Are you sure want to waste a draft pick on him?’ And, again, I told him he is playing in the ABA; that’s when the ABA just started out, and that I think we just ought to take a chance and draft him because we don’t know if the ABA is going to last.