Garnett said he’s enjoying doing Area 21, but doesn’t know what his future holds. He’s pursuing various business ventures and said he’d love to go into ownership or management at some point, including with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he spent the majority of his Hall Of Fame career, with one caveat: He wouldn’t want to do it with the current ownership group. “I don’t want to be partners with Glen [Taylor], and I wouldn’t want to be partners with Glen in Minnesota,” he said. “I would love to be part of a group that buys him out and kind of removes him and go forward.”
Storyline: Glen Taylor Selling Timberwolves?
“It’s definitely frustrating,” he said. “I definitely played well in preseason. I think I’m going to get that back. I’ve been staying after [practice], getting up extra shots, getting my conditioning in, making sure my body is in tiptop shape so I can be ready. I feel really good. The best thing is to stay ready and stay in shape right now. I’ll wait for my number to be called. That’s the best thing I can do at this point. I’m watching the games, staying ready, waiting for Coach to call my name. That’s being a professional and that’s something I’ve got to go do.”
Upon his return to Los Angeles where he spent the most time with a single team in the NBA, Crawford detailed his reaction to being traded and what the city as well as the fanbase meant to him. ‘I know it’s a business, but to fall in love with something, you have to be vulnerable. I fell in love with the city and the fans here, so I was vulnerable. I guess the shock of the trade hurt that much more. I really gave everything.’