Alex Kennedy‏: .@APkrawczynski reports Wolves are seriously exploring Kyrie Irving deals. Here’s Jamal Crawford discussing Kyrie’s interest in Minnesota: Jamal Crawford on Kyrie Irving being interested in Minnesota: “I think it’s great. I think now, and in the future, it’ll continue to be a destination that guys want to come to. They have a great fan base. When I was there last week, you could just feel the electricity. You can see how excited they are, how hungry they are, to have a really good basketball team. I think it’s a great place to play. Players want to go play with other great players and they want to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. To see [the Wolves] linked to a guy like Kyrie Irving, a player of his stature, is cool. It shows that other people think we’re going to be good. It’s sort of validating; I saw the same thing and that’s why I want to be here…. I’ve known Kyrie a long time.”
I know you wanted to stay with the Clippers after you re-signed with them on a three-year deal last summer, so what was it like when you found out you’d been traded and did the move surprise you? Jamal Crawford: Yeah, absolutely. And if you go back even before my trade, the whole trade involving Chris Paul caught me off guard too. I was digesting everything and realizing, “I’m not going to play with Chris again.” Chris is one the main reasons why I went to the Clippers and I was there five years with the guy; then, all of a sudden, he’s not coming back. And then J.J. [Redick] wasn’t coming back either. At that point, I was still a Clipper and just digesting everything. I was thinking, “Man, this year is going to be different.” That was before I knew that I might possibly be traded, I was just thinking things would be really different because Chris and J.J. were gone. Then, I went to L.A. for a couple-day span to try to get Blake [Griffin] to re-sign and we successfully pulled that off. Then, two days later, I started hearing rumblings about a trade. It was just so much to digest and it all moved so, so fast. I was shocked because I hadn’t heard anything about me potentially getting traded.