At the time, the brand had hoped that Timberwolves rising phenom Andrew Wiggins could fill that role, but internally there has been strong hesitation about whether Wiggins could carry his own signature shoe. Antetokounmpo’s game is already more established and more accomplished, leading the company to look at making a massive offer that could steal him away from Nike. Adidas is enjoying momentum in other categories as a brand and hasn’t been shy in offering monster deals in the past to its top priorities, such as the 13-year deal to Harden and the seven-year contract to Porzingis.
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Crawford’s mother, Venora, says she was pushing her son put on the clinic. “The most important mission was to give back to the community, not charge anything, and helps the kids develop, consistency, confidence.” It’s a family affair, with Venora on site and Jamal’s sisters Lisa and Lori helping to deliver water and facilitate camper needs. Lisa and Lori helped raise Jamal. Lori says it’s just another example of her brother’s character. “Everything he does to give back, he does it for the 206.” Erica Davis would even include the 509. She brought her son Jadan over to participate in the camp.
Those shoes from this camp aren’t going to last long. They’re being included in a backpack giveaway at Liberty Park in Renton, another of his philanthropic efforts. So why continue to do this year after year, when most NBA players are spending time doing other things? “Me and my wife, helps me as a lot as well, she does a good job balancing me and identifying things we need to focus on,” he said. “Seeing these kids – and what they’re going through, how they’re surviving and thriving, is very inspiring.” “We’re just trying to do the best we can do,” Crawford says. “Home is where the heart is, and for me, I feel like I owe Seattle everything.”
The Wolves will play three exhibition contests, including participating in two games as part of the previously announced NBA Global Games China: Oct. 5 at Shenzhen Universiade Center in Shenzen and Oct. 8 at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, both vs. the Golden State Warriors. The Wolves will serve as the designated road team in Shenzen and the home team in Shanghai. The games in China mark the first games ever played by the Wolves in that country and the first trip to Asia since the team played in Japan in 1999. It will be the Wolves’ ninth and 10th international games overall. The Wolves open their preseason schedule by taking on the Los Angeles Lakers at Honda Center in Anaheim, California, on Sept. 30.
So now it’s mid-August and Muhammad — a 24-year-old who can score and should still be improving — remains a free agent and shows up on a lot of those “best remaining NBA free agent” lists. If he was hoping to cash in this offseason, that prospect seems far less likely by the day. Muhammad might be in a spot soon where he has to take a short-term “prove-it” deal in hopes of improving his leverage the next time he’s a free agent. That makes a tweet last night from another new Wolves signee — guard Jamal Crawford — pretty interesting. In it, he implores Muhammad to “c’mon back home,” presumably meaning back to the Timberwolves.
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