Anthony Davis sounds rather pleased that the New Orleans Pelicans have done very little tweaking to their roster since their first-round exit from last season’s playoffs. It was that promise of roster stability, combined with the introduction of a new, fun-loving coach with an up-tempo scheme, which made him eager to commit long-term to New Orleans. “I just felt comfortable here. I like the team. I like the direction that we’re heading in. I like the guys who are playing by my side,” Davis said Monday. “I have a lot of trust in our organization and what they’re doing.”
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Davis could have agreed to a shorter extension, but he said it wasn’t an option he considered. ”I love living here in New Orleans,” Davis said in a conference call on Monday. ”I love playing for the city. I love the city. I’m just comfortable here. I like the team and the direction we’re heading. ”I have a lot of trust in our organization. I know they are trying to put us in the best situation to win. I thought that was the biggest thing for me. Each player is different. I was more focused on wanting to stay here ”
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