“If you turn on Synergy and just put ‘Anthony Davis –Transition’…” Weber said, his eyes going wide. “I couldn’t sleep for like three days after I knew I was going to be here and he was going to be running in transition. You have to see what he does. He not only is physically gifted to do it but he wants to do it. It’s going to make him that much better because now bigs on the other team are going to be like ‘Ugh, I’ve gotta go again?’”
“I think he has a lot of improvement he can make as far as footwork on his post-ups, as far as understanding when to go fast, when to back guys down and take advantage of his height, just things like that that as a young player you grow into anyway,” Gentry said. “It’s really kind of a step ladder that you get to. He’s going up the ladder, and the more he plays and the more experience he gets, the better he’s going to be. We just have to be there as coaches to make sure those things are happening with him. I think it’s a great responsibility when you’re handed a guy who could be the next great, great player in this league. As coaches, we have to embrace that.”
SI.com: There’s been some news over the few weeks about you having a minutes restriction for next season. What’s your understanding of where that is and how much you’ll be playing to start the year? Holiday: “I think it’ll be 10-15 minutes just so we don’t have the same thing that happened last year where I started off playing 35 minutes and something else happened to my leg and don’t know why. So I think we’re just going to take it slow and through every game, after every game, during every practice, see how it’s feeling and we’ll just go from there.”
SI.com: So I take it from your experience last year that you didn’t need to be sold on the idea. Holiday: “Last year we planned on having a minute restriction but as a competitor and at the time, when he would ask me, ‘Are you good to go?’ I’d say, ‘Yeah.’ My leg felt good and I told him it felt good. As competitors and coaches and all that, that’s what they see – that he’s good to go. But I felt like as a doctor, he knows the biomechanics of it where when you stress your leg or something like that, you need a lot more time to heal, especially after you have surgery.”