The Bucks are still looking to find a taker for Greg Monroe and it sounds like they’ve spoken to the Pelicans about him this offseason. “I think [the Bucks] got closer than maybe has been reported with New Orleans during either the draft or free agency,” ESPN’s Zach Lowe said during today’s episode of The Lowe Post podcast (54:25 mark for the relevant portion). “Monroe’s a New Orleans native,” ESPN’s Marc Stein added. “I think that’s where he wants to end up.” Neither Lowe nor Stein suggested that a deal between the Pelicans and Bucks is currently in the works, but Stein expects the big man to eventually be moved, and those two clubs also discussed Monroe prior to this year’s trade deadline.
Storyline: Greg Monroe to Pelicans?
Indeed, while former franchise stalwarts Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson banked approximately $133 million courtesy of the Houston Rockets, the Pelicans signed or re-signed six free agents this offseason, with not a single lottery pick among them. In fact, their highest drafted signee — Terrence Jones, the No. 18 pick in 2012 — will make the least of all of them next season. None, perhaps, embodies the shift in taste more than E’Twaun Moore. “I always say I got to work two or three times harder than the average guy to get to where I want to go,” he said Wednesday on a conference call with local media.