“They measured us a week and a half ago and they said I was 6-11, which I don’t want to be,” Davis said in a visit with the Black Blue Report, while laughing good-naturedly. “I think 6-10 is the perfect height for me. Six-ten sounds perfect to me. I’m technically 6-11, but I’m (going to say I’m) 6-10. I will always tell everybody 6-10, I don’t care if I’m (really) 7-3. Scientifically, I’m 6-11. I grew an inch. Maybe it’s the (extra height of my) hair, I don’t know.”
In addition to his slight height increase, Davis feels stronger after the work he put in this summer, in several different areas of his body. He now weighs 250 pounds; he’d like to stay between 247 and 250 during the season. “Last year, I played at 243 or 245,” Davis said. “Right now, I’m 250. I’ve got see how I feel playing at that weight… I’ll test it out in preseason and see. “Being able to work with some of our guys and correcting everything I do (helped). From shoulders to ankles, I didn’t do a lot of it last (offseason). Now my ankles and hips, glutes, shoulders are a lot stronger. Everything is stronger.”
While Griffin said he felt “comfortable” with the Cavs’ current point guard situation — behind Kyrie Irving now is only rookie Kay Felder — the team has on its radar free agents Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, and Kirk Hinrich. The Cavs have been in contact with all three players this summer, a source said, in anticipation of Williams’ move. But the team, at least at this point, is in no rush to sign one of them, preferring to let the 5-9, 21-year-old Felder get his feet wet in camp and see if Lue can work his rotation properly without them.