Pelicans star Anthony Davis — who played for Calipari at Kentucky — was among those who urged the coach to make flood relief part of this weekend’s Coach Cal Celebrity Softball Challenge, a charity event in Lexington, Kentucky. As a result, Calipari announced Thursday that all the proceeds from ticket sales to the softball game and home run derby will go to Louisiana flooding relief via the Red Cross. “(Davis is) one of the ones who said, ‘Coach, you’ve got to do something this weekend for Baton Rouge,’ ” Calipari told reporters.
Stephen Jackson on potential free agency destinations and ring-chasers: “I love the Knicks, I love Chicago, even love New Orleans. I think those are great places where I can be a great teammate and also help the team become a better team. I’m not one of those guys that’s chasing the ring. I have one so I’m not one of those guys looking to be part of a championship team and get the ring and not really earn it.”