“The thing we need to get him to do more of is when there is an advantage, he has to take it,” Hornacek said. “Teams have already tried to go small on him. He needs to be patient and take them down in the post area. He’s worked on his post turnaround game. When they put a small guy on him, he can shoot over the top of them. Finding that balance is important.” With Porzingis, rival coaches share two concerns. First, the triangle. Hornacek deployed the triangle sporadically during the preseason, and while theoretically the offense could create more post opportunities for Porzingis, it has the potential to take away Porzingis’ ability to create mismatches. “Think of it this way, if I know he’s going to one spot, I can prepare for that,” said an Eastern Conference assistant coach. “Where [Porzingis] is really scary is when he’s all over the floor. He’s hard to prepare for that way.”
Chris Herring: So for as much as I playfully joke about it on social media, let me be clear about one thing: The Knicks, and more so the die-hard fans who read about them, have always let me be great. They gave me confidence at a time when I wasn’t sure I could be great. I’ll always remember that. To the readers — the hundreds who’ve emailed over the years, and probably even more who’ve tweeted support for how I go about my work — thanks for proving that the saying is true: That if you can make it here in New York, you can make it anywhere. That’s the mantra I’ll take with me to the next job as I write for a national audience, fully confident that I can connect with even more basketball fans; even ones who root for different teams in other cities. Thank you for everything, and let’s get a smoothie before I move on to the next challenge.
Why did Noah put such an emphasis on recruiting Lee? “I think Courtney is a guy who is going to do all the little things, whatever it takes to win games,” Noah said. “This team has a lot of star power, especially with Carmelo [Anthony] and the emergence of [Kristaps] Porzingis. I think it’s just important to have guys who are willing to do the dirty work. I think he’s a great locker room guy. He’s very well respected all around the league from his style of play and I’m just really happy that he’s here.”