Tim Hardaway Jr.’s defensive improvement in his two-year stint with the Hawks has been well-documented. But something else valuable occurred here — something he hopes all of his Knicks teammates can experience, too. Competing in the playoffs. “It was huge — just to be able to be in that situation,’’ Hardaway said of finally making the playoffs. “The atmosphere was something I’ll never be able to describe. It was great way to build as a ballplayer and know what you have to work at in the offseason. It makes you want to have that energy and desire to want to get back there.’’
Mindaugas Kuzminskas: Such a weird feeling watching Lithuanian National Team on TV.. can’t wait to play on that team again. Go @musukrepsinis! #mesuzlietuva #kuuuz P.S. Sorry @Kristaps Porzingis all the pictures I have are with you..😂

Jeff Hornacek was surprised at the big deal that was made about what he said to his players at halftime of the Wednesday’s win over the Raptors. Courtney Lee described what Hornacek said as “a little explicit.” Whatever he said, it worked: the Knicks went on a 28-0 run in the third quarter. “Boy,” Hornacek said following Friday morning’s shootaround. “They haven’t played for the coaches I’ve played if they think that that was harsh. “I guess that’s how they took it. You get in halftime sometimes, a lot of times they see what they can do better. They probably don’t want the coaches to tell them that, but sometimes you have to. It was a general speech for everybody. Just glad they came out in the second half and played well.”