While Jackson said his posture at the trade deadline would be aggressive — “We’re looking to improve the team, no doubt,” he said — he also admitted that he has limited trade assets to get that done. He also mentioned that he has “a couple of players” who are “probably off the table for discussion.” One, of course, is rookie Kristaps Porzingis. “There’s not too many people that ever would say that I would trade Kris,” Jackson said. “Is Carmelo one of those players?” I asked, not knowing whether I’d see Jackson again before the start of the 2016-17 season. “Yeah, I think it is a known fact that Carmelo has a no-trade [clause],” Jackson said. “And we like Kris; everybody likes Kris.”
“I saw glimpses,” Jackson said. “Particularly a couple of games Carmelo was out, I thought there was good ball movement, good player movement. … We’re looking for our players to play together in a way which brings out their best attributes, not a lot of what I consider standing around, one-on-one, situational stuff in the game. We want to see ball movement and player movement that brings out the best in the team.”