Players like DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love have talked about that anxiety. Do you think that has helped others be more open with their own struggles? Michael Beasley: Hats off to those guys, man. More people than you think go through that. I go through it. It took me awhile to realize it because we’re raised to believe that it’s an embarrassing thing. It’s definitely inspiring for them to be honest about what they are experiencing. They opened up the floodgates, they opened up the doors, for the next great NBA player or even the next great scientist. The next shy kid with anxiety can break out of their shell because of this.
I watched your interview with Taylor Rooks on SNY where you talked about parenting your daughter, painting your nails. I thought that was super cool. Michael Beasley: [Laughs] Listen, man. I lost my hood card because I’ve got paint on my nails, bro. So that’s good to hear. My four-year-old will be five in April. Not much will change in those years. I think it’s cool. People should be themselves no matter what anyone says and how it feels. Just be comfortable with being yourself.

The Knicks have the NBA’s ninth-worst record, and are one-half game behind Chicago in the Lottery standings. It’s a game that many Knicks fans probably are considering a must-lose to help the team leapfrog Chicago and improve their draft position. “It bothers me, but I understand,” Burke said. “From a fan’s standpoint I understand. But from a player’s standpoint, they have to understand as well. That’s all I ask of them. I ask the fans to understand our standpoint, too. Do you all want us to go out there and to look bad, to look like bums? They might say we already look like bums. Whatever they say.”