One Oklahoman has taken action following the departure of Kevin Durant in free agency … a potentially city-changing action. How so? By petitioning Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Stewart Hoffman – the mayor of Durant, Oklahoma –to change the name of the city to Westbrook, Oklahoma, to highlight the Thunder’s All-Star point guard. Here’s the link to the petition on, which had more than 200 supporters as of mid-day Thursday.
Speaking of the seven years with the Thunder, did you have a sense that Kevin Durant was going to leave? Serge Ibaka: No, not really. And it’s tough for him. It’s tough to make that kind of decision and it’s not easy, but at the end of the day he needs to do what makes him happy. What he thinks makes him happy, makes his family happy, that matters. We have to accept that and from the position of Oklahoma City, from the team, it’s tough if your star leaves like that and I understand that. But, there’s some stuff in life that we can’t control. The fans in Oklahoma City and the team can’t control that and if that makes Kevin Durant happy, then good for him.
On Tuesday, Steven Adams brought Thunder teammates, coaches and staff to the Ronald McDonald House in Auckland, New Zealand, to support a charity in his native country. Then, he put them to work. Adams, Nick Collison and Andre Roberson represented the Thunder at the Steven Adams Camps in Auckland this week. The trio was flooded by campers wearing T-shirts with a clever design on the front: the lines of a basketball with Adams’ trademark mustache across the middle. Each shirt also had Adams’ No. 12 on the back.
Steven Adams on why basketball wasn’t always his number one priority: “I didn’t actually like the game at first… I mainly fell in love with the progress; just seeing a little bit of progress made me feel like I had a bit of purpose in my life, as cheesy as that sounds. Because I was in a bad spot and I just didn’t feel like anything. So once I saw myself grow, I just understood that I could grow to be something I wanted to be. And it wasn’t an NBA player; I just kept working and I just wanted to see myself grow every day.”