Sources close to the situation say the Thunder’s view on Westbrook is to see what he can do as the single focal point of the team and plan to keep the noise out of the equation until next summer. That’s not to say if the Thunder simply crumble under their own weight that things won’t be re-visited on this front. It’s simply that the Thunder and Westbrook have pledged to give this season a real chance before addressing the future beyond his new contract.
There is little doubt that after losing Kevin Durant to free agency for nothing in return that the Thunder won’t be more mindful in how they handle Westbrook, but as sources close to the situation have said, there is almost no scenario in which the Thunder look at trades with Westbrook this year. The hope is that he can be the triple-double MVP candidate he looked like two years ago and that would take care of everything.
Storyline: Russell Westbrook Trade?
Yet, Duerksen transferred and Griffin stayed. Why? Griffin said in an interview with cjonline.com in 2006 that he would have bolted but he thought it wouldn’t look good for the state of Kansas if they both left together. Griffin stayed and earned All-Big East honors as a junior and senior. Griffin also made the transition easy for George Blaney, the coach who took over for Carlesimo at Seton Hall before Griffin’s junior year. “Players can sometimes make that difficult for you, but Adrian made it seamless,” Blaney said. “I relied on him more than taught him.”
Singler got in the gym right after the season. When players were preparing for summer league, Singler was right there as well. “You basically went through training camp with us,” said Huestis. “When I was trying to think about how I want to maximize my summer, my first thing I wanted to do was play as much basketball as possible,” Singler said. “I knew that summer league was coming around and guys were gonna be here working out, playing. I thought that was a great opportunity to come in for sure.”