Gülen and Erdoğan were once political allies. But after nationwide protests of Erdogan’s government in 2013 led to a highly criticized crackdown and 22 deaths, Gülen withdrew his support. A corruption scandal followed, which Erdoğan blamed on a political group formed of Gülen’s followers. Kanter is one of those followers. He’s a vocal supporter of the movement and highly critical of Erdoğan. “If you don’t think the same way the president, he tries to stop you on everything,” Kanter said.
Just days after threatening Kevin Durant on national television, ESPN star Stephen A. Smith tells TMZ Sports things are somehow cool between him and the basketball player. Smith was leaving the SiriusXM radio studio in NYC when we asked if there’s been any movement in their relationship since the epic, “You really wanna start something with ME?” moment on Monday. “Kevin Durant and I are just fine,” Smith said … “Just fine.”