Free agent Mickael Gelabale seems to be now their prime target. Probably that’s why as “Gigantes” reported the player declined the offer of Valencia. The French forward would like to stay in the NBA, but returning to Europe for the Euroleague champions is not such a bad alternative. That been said, until Saturday morning Gelabale didn’t had an official offer from Olympiacos and he was very close to signing a contract in Russia.
Kostas Papanikolaou(2.03-SF) and Marko Keselj(2.09-SF) have been recruited to the cause but it seems that Papanikolaou has only started his Euroleague career and Keselj is finding it difficult to adjust to a team like Olympiakos where playing time is not abundant. So this rumor comes from gossip column “Svetlana” of and it says that although a strict economic policy has been outlined by the owners of Olympiakos the possibility of another addition is not unlikely. The rumor says that Predrag Stojakovic(2.08-SF) is likely to think about moving to Greece and Olympiakos if the compensation fee that he gets from Toronto is adequate. That means that he would be willing to perhaps sign a contract with Olympiakos. He was recently traded to Toronto as a part of a 5 player deal that landed Jerryd Bayless (1.91-PG) and Predrag Stojakovic to Toronto.
The possible comeback of Rudy Fernández to Europe is attracting the interest of the top European clubs. Olympiakos is also waiting for a possible departure of the 25-year-old Spanish guard from the Portland Trail Blazers, and will make an offer for Fernández to bring him to Greece. Panathinaikos, Real Madrid, Regal Barcelona and Caja Laboral are also on the mix to sign Fernández, if he decides to leave the NBA.