McGrady, now an ESPN analyst and a special assistant to Magic CEO Alex Martins, was asked what the Magic need to do over the next year or two to improve. “You have to make it appealing for free agents to come here, and that’s the draft,” McGrady answered. “You have to discover great talent through the draft, and hopefully that talent develops like a Ben Simmons or a Joel Embiid. If you could put that together, then free agents will want to come here.”
Storyline: Magic Front Office
“We don’t want the guys to come here where you offer them a certain amount of money [more] than another team and they go for this team because the money is there. Those type of guys you don’t really want a part of your franchise because they’re just money-chasing. As a player, hey, go for the money. But at the same time, you want guys that are passionate about playing the game and doing it for the team.”