The French national team is considering the idea of recruiting Joel Embiid for the French national team. However, French national team guard Evan Fournier doesn’t think that this is a good idea and he made the following tweet: “Stop with the articles on Joel in the French national team please, it becomes ridiculously serious”

Speights is one of the few Magic players who regularly cheers and stands up when a teammate makes a basket, and he wants to see more of the Magic to follow his lead. Speights thinks little things like that help a team win. “He’s got a great basketball IQ on the floor and with the game plan and that sort of thing,” coach Frank Vogel said. “But he also has a good feel for culture and how to lead young guys, how positive chemistry is achieved and the things that go into that.
Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat said today he doesn’t expect his NBA career to continue after his current contract expires following the 2018-19 season, and he added he would love to end his career with the Orlando Magic. “I would love to join the team for maybe two or three months, or maybe half a season at least,” Gortat told the Orlando Sentinel after the Wizards completed their shootaround Friday at Capital One Arena.
Storyline: Marcin Gortat Free Agency