Evan Fournier was really excited to share what his NBA 2k character looks like on Twitter. Then Twitter did what Twitter does, and really went in on “2k Fournier,” who sort of looks a little different from real life Fournier. But Fournier is a really funny guy! So he took this roast like a champ, even putting up a poll to see who the public thought his character looks like. Ding! Ding! Ding! The winner is a crack head.
Another popular answer not included in the poll is an unemployed reggaeton artist. But Fournier wasn’t so happy with that one, threatening the next person to suggest it would “get his ass blocked.” Nobody has had more fun with this whole debacle than his friend, Rudy Gobert, though. The Jazz big man changed his twitter profile picture to the creepy 2k Fournier, and is leading the campaign to get others to do the same.
Speaking of the seven years with the Thunder, did you have a sense that Kevin Durant was going to leave? Serge Ibaka: No, not really. And it’s tough for him. It’s tough to make that kind of decision and it’s not easy, but at the end of the day he needs to do what makes him happy. What he thinks makes him happy, makes his family happy, that matters. We have to accept that and from the position of Oklahoma City, from the team, it’s tough if your star leaves like that and I understand that. But, there’s some stuff in life that we can’t control. The fans in Oklahoma City and the team can’t control that and if that makes Kevin Durant happy, then good for him.