The more you hear from 76ers coach Brett Brown, the more you realize that he’s not in denial about where the team is going this season. And you realize he’s the right person to coach the team through this rebuilding process. “When you lose the volume of games we lost over the years . . . holding a locker room together [is key],” Brown said Saturday at the conclusion of training camp at Stockton University. “The pain of losing is real. So you need spirit throughout. It’s my job to keep them together and keep them moving forward.”
via Philadelphia Inquirer
Since Harris accumulated his net worth in excess of $2 billion as a leveraged buyout specialist, experts and fans alike have wondered if he’s planning on selling the franchise in the near future. “The answer is, that’s not at all in my thoughts,” Harris said during his annual chat with reporters at training camp. “I expect to be — and the ownership group expects to be — happily involved with the Philadelphia 76ers for many, many years to come. There’s no plans to sell it. Our ultimate goal hasn’t really changed, which is to bring an NBA championship to Philly and be an elite team over many years.”
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