Joel Embiid just offered an olive branch to LaVar Ball … but peace comes with three commas. With the war raging between Embiid and Lonzo Ball’s dad, we asked the Philadelphia 76ers star if there was ANY way he’d ever rock a pair of ZO2s on the hardwood this season. There is one way — but LaVar would have to cut a BILLION DOLLAR check!
Storyline: Lonzo Ball Shoes
JJ Redick: “I really care about my family. I really care about my kids. I really care about my wife. And I really care about their happiness. It’s a part of the decision. If I’m being completely honest, it’s 30 percent winning, it’s 30 percent salary, it’s 30 percent fit or enjoyment of playing/how I think I’ll like playing there. And the other 10 percent is how do I look out for my family and their lifestyle? And my wife wants me to be happy. I think that’s the main thing. She knows how much I put into this, and so she wants me to enjoy playing.”
“I kind of figured last summer when they signed Austin (Rivers) and Jamal (Crawford) back, they had basically guaranteed $25 million in salary for this upcoming season and I knew they weren’t going to be able to commit financially longterm to having a third shooting guard at a high rate. That’s just unrealistic. You can’t have $30-$40 million at one position, especially when you’re going to have two or three max players on the team. “So on June 29 (executive vice president of basketball operations) Lawrence Frank was nice enough and professional enough to give me a call. I call it my break-up call. He basically said, we’re not going to bring you back.”
Redick also worked out with Jeremy Lin during the summer. Redick may not have been a starter for the Nets considering Lin and new Brooklyn star D’Angelo Russell would compose the starting backcourt. “The one team for Chelsea was the Nets. I was certainly interested in the Nets. I love what they’re building there … But once they were kind of off the table, it created a little bit of chaos.”