“The world could be crashing down around him, and there was never a day when I didn’t see him with a smile on his face,” Collins said in a phone interview Thursday. “He used to call me Paul Douglas, because that’s my full name — Paul Douglas Collins. And I’d call him Double Stick of Dynamite or D Double D. He was so talented. The game came so easy to him. Maybe too easy. I can’t even imagine how big he’d be if he came along today in this age of social media and top 10 highlights.”
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Noel attempts at least 500 jumpers per day with Carroll and Driscoll closely monitoring everything, from his hand placement to his feet, before his weight training and individual drills. Sixers coach Brett Brown and assistant coach/player development director Billy Lange are consulted about the drills the team wants him to perform during his stay in Newport. Brown even attended one of the workouts for a firsthand glimpse. The work has resulted in an adjustment to his shooting form. Noel slightly moved the placement of his right hand, which he uses to shoot. But the major change came in his left, or guide, hand.
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