Who are they going to trade, Okafor or Noel? And what’s taking them so long? A: There is little question that Okafor has more value right now, simply because he is playing, is a proven scorer and would be a nice fit on most teams. Teams have concerns with Noel because of his injury, having had a procedure Oct. 24 on his left knee, and his inability to improve his game at the offensive end. Which one goes depends on a few things.
Storyline: Jahlil Okafor Trade?
Brett Brown plans to use Ben Simmons as the Sixers’ point guard when the 6-foot-10 rookie returns from a right acute Jones fracture which has sidelined him this season. While there have been no updates on when Simmons will be cleared to play, Brown has seen enough during his rehab to believe he can succeed at the one-spot on both ends of the court. “I think it is a hundred percent me realizing what we have,” Brown said Thursday after practice. “Understanding that Jerryd Bayless could comfortably play a two, to talking with Ben more, to understanding the opportunity that we have to try this and to grow this. This is something that I’d think would be a mistake if we didn’t try it. I think the more I studied him and studied film and talked with him — I spent a lot of time with him since his injury — the more comfortable I feel, like this is the right path.”