One would assume the Sixers would be better off just shutting the big man down for the rest of the season. But he keeps saying that team is being “super cautious.” “If we were like on the verge of trying to get a playoff spot or something like that, I could go out there and play,” he said Friday. “But coach Brown and all of our people behind the scenes don’t believe it’s necessary for me to play if my knee is feeling sore and stuff like that. “It’s pretty much how they’ve been since I’ve been a Sixer. They’ve been super cautious.”
Storyline: Jahlil Okafor Injury
Philadelphia 76ers Director Of Performance Research & Development Dr. David T. Martin: “Joel will complete his initial rehabilitation in Los Angeles, with specialists and our medical and training staff committed to a conservative and measured rehabilitation and recovery plan. Based on the program that has been outlined, we will continually evaluate Joel’s progress against predetermined benchmarks and anticipate he will resume basketball activities this summer.”