Jeremy Lin‏: Wanted to address this… I spoke with JJ today on the phone for a long time. I truly believe he didn’t say a racial slur and that he has a great deal of respect towards Chinese people. I also reached out to Adam Silver and David Shoemaker. Everyone knows that this word should never be used in referring to Chinese people and everyone is committed to Chinese fans being treated with the equality and respect that they deserve. Being Chinese is so important to me and I will do everything I can to work with the NBA to help continue teach fans about the depth and beauty of Chinese culture and the importance of China to basketball culture. To the fans, I encourage you to not use hateful language towards the NBA and JJ. Hope everyone continues to have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Joel Embiid: “I’m excited to play with Steph. He’s one of the best, if not the best shooter in the game right now, so I want to see what it’s like when he gets hot and when he goes on streaks where he just makes everything, him and Klay. I’m excited to play with those kinds of shooters because as a big man, on a nightly basis, you play against teams and they double team you. You want shooters to be around you. I want to see what it’s like to have those type of guys that get hot and just go on a streak and go crazy, so I’m excited to play with Steph.”
Joel Embiid: “When you look at it, I barely tweet. People think I literally tweet every single second, but I barely tweet and when I usually go on social media is just to tweet and then I’m out of there. I don’t really know social media and I certainly don’t look at other people’s tweets because I got so much to do. I’d rather just play video games than spending my time on social media.”
Joel Embiid said he wants to make it very clear that he never said his crush was Rihanna. “We got to put this to rest,” Embiid said toFTW with a chuckle. “I never said it was Rihanna, and I’m never gonna say who it is, maybe might not be, but I never actually mentioned a name. I feel bad for her after my interview when I got picked for All-Star, everyone was kinda going crazy at her. I feel bad because I never said it was her. Maybe someone else. I don’t know.”