Bogdan Bogdanovic returned to Istanbul with a silver Olympic medal on his bags and a chip on his shoulder. The Serbian sharp shooter is ready for the challenge of the new season and in order for him to take the next step, he should first win the Euroleague. As he explained to Eurohoops during the club’s media day: “I thought a lot about staying in Fenerbahçe or going to NBA. When you make a career choice, there is no way back. You need to be sure that’s the best thing for you, you need to believe in your choice. Going to NBA is a big dream for me.
Four-year deals worth more than $100 million for Antekounmpo and McCollum did not carry much mystery or bartering. “I feel like those rookie extension deals get done if they’re fair for both sides,” McDonough said. If the Suns do not give extensions to their 2013 draftees, they still would have the ability to match another team’s offer in the restricted free agency process or exclusively offer a five-year contract.