Celtics interested in PJ Tucker?

They can do that without Butler, instead trying to make a minor move for a contributor like Suns forward P.J. Tucker. Boston has expressed deep interest in Tucker ahead of the deadline, a source said. Get Tucker, and the Celtics can add depth without giving up on a potential No. 1 pick. And there is cap space available this summer to sign a player in free agency. Without trading for Butler, Boston could keep the pick and get a name player this summer.
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Ryan McDonough: If we can find either draft picks or players between 19 and 27 that fit within the core of our group that we think will be able to add to what we’re doing stylistically, we’ll look at that. We’re still below the salary cap. We have about $13 million to $14 million in cap space. We’re still 3 to 4 million below the salary floor, even, so we have the option and potential to take on more money in a contract, especially an expiring contract, if it’s incentivized with a draft pick or young player. We’ll look at those opportunities as well.
Ryan McDonough: P.J. Tucker does have a lot of interest around the league, as you would imagine, especially from contending teams or teams that want to solidify themselves as playoff teams. But we really value P.J. What we’re going to do over the next week, I don’t know, but he’s certainly a guy who’s played well for us and we have some interest in playing for us beyond this year as well.
Storyline: PJ Tucker Trade?