It’s likely Barbosa will be back with the Suns. His 2017-18 contract is only partially guaranteed, however. Of the $4 million Barbosa is due to make, the Suns will pay him $500,000 with the remaining $3.5 million being earned if he’s on the roster July 3. “My main thing is retire as a Suns player, but you never know. This is a business, you know how it goes,” he said. “I don’t know what’s the plan that they’re going to figure out. I’ll be available, but if not, my mentality is still the same. I want to get better and I have time to do that this summer and I’m happy about that.”
Storyline: Leandro Barbosa Free Agency
Price played a career-low 14 games. And while he recognizes “Father Time is definitely creeping up on you,” Price believes he’s found the Fountain of Youth “You keep your body fresh, keep your mind fresh and you can play a long time in this league,” he said. It’s how Price has survived 12 NBA seasons, including three different stints with the Suns. “I’ll work my butt off this summer and I’ll be physically in the position to prove to whoever or wherever the situation I may be in that I can still help out. Hopefully, it’s here,” he said.
The Phoenix Suns will have a new voice on television broadcasts next season, as it was announced on Tuesday that Steve Albert is retiring from broadcasting. Albert has called games for the Suns on Fox Sports Arizona for the past five seasons. “After 45 years in sportscasting, including the past five years as television play-by-play announcer for the Phoenix Suns, I have decided to step away from the business,” Albert said in a statement. “By doing this now while I’m relatively young and healthy, it gives me the time to pursue other interests and do things with family and friends that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible when you have an 82-game schedule that includes so much traveling and unusual hours. “This was not a particularly easy decision because I still enjoy calling the games, the creativity involved with that, and the camaraderie. The major factor was the travel lifestyle.”