For Bogdanovic, finances are an especially key consideration. As a free agent not bound by the rookie contract (because he is three years removed from his draft class), the Kings can offer a multi-year deal and a substantially higher salary than the estimated $2.5 million year he earned this past season. Several sources within the league theorize that Bogdanovic would have been a top 10-15 pick in this upcoming draft, and believe that when the parties begin negotiating July 1, annual salary terms will range anywhere from $5 million to $10 million.
Storyline: Bogdan Bogdanovic to Kings?
Garrett Temple has participated in programs that the National Basketball Players Association puts on that allows players to learn the different facets of broadcasting, coaching and what it takes to be in a front office. “I’ve done all three of those. All three of them have caught my attention, but the coaching and the front office are really something I think I may be interested in,” said Temple, who signed a three-year deal with the Kings last summer.