“I think he’s really matured as a person,” Colangelo said. “He understood after going through some early struggles with us he was going to have to get himself ready to play, fit in and make adjustments, and he did all of that. “So he shows up to camp here in great shape. He’d been working for some time to get himself in shape. And attitude-wise, he’s in great shape, in my opinion. This is something he really wants. I just wish he could take part of the culture we have established here and take it back it home with him. It would help their entire organization.”
Cousins’ first taste of international play with the National Team came in 2014, when the United States won the gold medal at the FIBA World Cup. But it wasn’t the Olympics. The prospect of winning an Olympic gold medal excites Cousins. “It’s already crazy that I’m one of the select few to be able to represent the country,” he said. “So to come home with a gold medal is something I can tell my kids, grandkids. That’s a story I’ll always be able to share.”
“We deserved keeping the Kings here, but we deserve an NBA All Star Weekend, that would be amazing, new arena, new technology coming into that arena. It’d be worth it to put the NBA on that type of stage,” said life-long Kings fan Carlos Ramirez. Sacramento Sports Commission Director Mike Sophia said he too, initially thought what a great idea. “My immediate thought was ‘wow’ we should do that, but first of all I’m sure the NBA already has a plan and secondly a turn-around on an event that size is quite a challenge,” said Sophia.
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