“We deserved keeping the Kings here, but we deserve an NBA All Star Weekend, that would be amazing, new arena, new technology coming into that arena. It’d be worth it to put the NBA on that type of stage,” said life-long Kings fan Carlos Ramirez. Sacramento Sports Commission Director Mike Sophia said he too, initially thought what a great idea. “My immediate thought was ‘wow’ we should do that, but first of all I’m sure the NBA already has a plan and secondly a turn-around on an event that size is quite a challenge,” said Sophia.
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A slimmer, more nimble Cousins has spent the past 2 1/2 months dedicated to yoga, pilates and weights in heated rooms as part of his offseason training regimen. Next month, he’ll play in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro before his seventh NBA season in Sacramento. On the night of the NBA draft last month, Cousins’ Twitter post “Lord give me the strength” could have been viewed as a shot at the Kings’ front office for adding another center in the first round. That’s until you unfold a yoga mat at Vegas Hot! On Wednesday morning, Cousins went through a series of Venus poses in a room that is “therapeutically heated for 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity,” according to the studio.