If they don’t, is he worried he’ll be out of a job? “When you’re younger, I think you’re always a little more into what people are saying and what people are thinking,” he said. “But as you get older, I think you learn you have no control over that. You can do your job perfectly. From the standpoint of the encyclopedia, you can do your job perfectly in this league, and if you don’t win and don’t fulfill expectations, you’re gonna be criticized. When you sign the contract, that’s the job you’re signing up for. I try to stay in my world. I love my world. My world is exciting to me, and this team is still exciting to me.”
Storyline: George Karl Hot Seat?
When the discussion ended, Karl vowed to end the drama (for now) that seems to always surround the organization. “We talked about the team, talked about the trade deadline situations and talked about going forward in a positive way, in a committed, connected way,” Karl said after the Kings’ shootaround on Wednesday morning. “I feel good with Vlade. I always have felt good with Vlade. I don’t think Vlade and I have had a disconnect other than we want to win more games than we’re winning right now. That’s fine with me. Everybody should want to win more than we’re winning right now.”