DeMarcus Cousins leads the NBA in technical fouls. He also leads the league in scowls and he’s even kicked over a few garbage cans following the Kings’ loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night. But that’s just a small portion of who he is. According to a source that travels with the team, Cousins went out of his way Sunday morning to make an impact in the lives of a couple of local youth in Chicago. Kids were selling chocolate bars outside the team’s hotel trying to earn money for charity. Plenty of people walked by, avoiding the youth, but Cousins stopped, reached into his pocket and purchased all of the boxes they had to sell. Later on in the day, Cousins donated the candy to the flight service staff for use on the flight to Detroit.
But referee Michael Smith blew his whistle under the basket and called a foul on Cousins, who had been trailing the play. Replays showed Cousins lightly putting his hand on Wade’s back, but not in a manner that would have altered his dunk attempt. Cousins and the rest of the Kings’ bench were incensed at the call. After the game ended, Cousins, who has a long history of losing his cool toward officials and opponents, used a different tactic in his remarks to the assembled media. “I think they made the absolute right call,” said Cousins, who finished with 42 points, going 16-for-28 from the field, while adding 14 rebounds and three assists. “Incredible job by the referee crew tonight. I don’t have a complaint in the world. I think they should get more recognition on how well they ref these games. I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. So kudos to them and I applaud them.”
2 days ago via ESPN
Storyline: Officiating Complaints