Rasheed Wallace says he knows “for a fact” Zach Randolph is no drug dealer — despite getting busted with more than 2 pounds of weed … telling TMZ Sports Z-Bo just knows how to throw a party. We spoke with Sheed about the NBA star’s recent L.A. arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell … and Wallace laughed off any notion that Randolph was trying to slang. “It seems to be — no matter who you are — the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party,” Sheed says. “I know for a fact he ain’t no dope dealer.”
Storyline: Zach Randolph Arrest
Another of those new torch bearers is former Maverick wing Vince Carter. Now on the Grizzlies, Carter is back in Dallas to play the Mavs on Friday night. Before the contest, Carter shared what he thinks makes his former teammate Nowitzki as special as he is 19 years into his NBA career. “He’s old like me and can score,” Carter said dryly before getting serious. “He’s a great guy. Puts the team first regardless of what he’s accomplished. I think that’s pretty darn special for a guy of his caliber in this league’s history. But it’s all about winning. He’ll get his in the confines of what they do. It’s been fun knowing him all these years and playing with him.”