The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they have assigned forward Davis Bertans and guard Bryn Forbes to the Austin Spurs of the NBA Development League. Bertans is averaging 4.3 points and 1.4 rebounds while shooting .394 (54-137) from beyond the arc in 11.6 minutes in 58 appearances with San Antonio, while Forbes is averaging 1.7 points in 6.3 minutes in his 27 games played this season.
“I understand Adam’s concern, and it’s a legitimate concern. We all have it. We all feel badly about [it],” Popovich said Saturday. “I think they used the example of the young man and his dad or whatever. They’ve saved up their money. They want to go see somebody play, and that person’s not there. I get it. If it was me, I’d be miffed myself. But we all have different roles, different jobs, and different goals. We can’t satisfy everybody. But I think that every owner’s gonna be different. I think it’s a slippery slope, and makes it difficult to keep trust, and camaraderie to the degree that I think you have to have to be successful in this league if owners get too involved in what coaches and GMs are doing.”
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Popovich indicated that the trust developed among himself, general manager R.C. Buford and Spurs ownership is what has helped the organization build the culture the rest of the league appears to be trying to replicate. “I think keeping owners informed about what’s going on is mandatory, and having input is fine,” Popovich said. “But I think there has to be an understanding that coaches and GMs have brains also, and we know who pays the bills. It’s a slippery slope, I think, if owners got too involved in that process. That trust relationship in those three areas is really important in creating a culture and making something that can be long-lasting. I’ve been here over 20 years. I think that says it all. They just let us do our jobs. We keep them informed as we should. And the chips fall where they may. If we’re not successful, I’m sure we’ll be gone just like anybody’s gone if things don’t work out well.”
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Gasol has radically changed his game, and it’s working out really well for him. He’s taking and making virtually the same amount of shots as he was before he moved to the bench, but he’s scoring two more points per game in fewer minutes because more of those shots and makes come from three-point land. Only 12% of his shots came from beyond the arc before he injured his hand, but since returning that number is up to 27%. Part of the reason why Gasol has been so hot is that nearly all of his attempts come on high-quality looks. Every single one of his attempts has been of the catch-and-shoot variety, and 95% of these shots have been open or wide open according to the NBA’s tracking data. These are extremely high-percentage looks, and Pau is cashing in.
“Danny Green is not LeBron James, but if we rested Kawhi [Leonard], if there’s a way we could do it at home, that seems like a logical thing to me; a reasonable thing that a coach or GM should think about, rather [than] that one time somebody’s gonna watch him play someplace else, if you can do it. Sometimes the schedule dictates differently. But that makes sense to me. So I think there can be areas like that where we come together and try to make everybody happy. But that’s why no basic rule has been written, so to speak. Because you can’t write a rule that covers everything. It’s complicated … kind of like health care.”
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