Athletes Unfiltered: Tom Thibodeau: “Toronto is a terrific team. I think, certainly, one of the top two or three teams in the East. Maybe the best. You don’t know. The way they are playing, now they have everything. Off the dribble. They’ve got good size. They have a very dynamic backcourt. DeMarre Carroll is one of those guys, he’s a little under the radar, but I’m certain with his teammates and this organization they know how valuable he is. They are connected. They’ve got good experience.”

To everyone else, he is DeMarre Carroll, but in those moments before he gets into his uniform, he stands apart from the rest of his teammates. Three steps into the locker room on any given day, Carroll knows if he is on his game. “I tell people this all the time,” Carroll said. “You know you look good when you walk in a locker room and four guys look at you and look away really quick. They letting you know you did your thing.” And Carroll’s thing is dressing to impress. He does not blend in. He dresses to be seen and rarely is he disappointed.