PJ Tucker bows his head, sighs, and explains the horror about to hit him throughout what ended up a four-game sweep: the LeBron James-Kyrie Irving pick-and-roll, the most dangerous version of the league’s most dangerous play, executed with equal cruelty regardless of which superstar handles the ball. It’s almost worse when Irving inverts the usual paradigm and screens for a bigger player — the world’s best player, as it happens. “Most point guards, you don’t worry that much when they screen,” Tucker says. “But Kyrie might be the best scorer on the team.” Tucker will try to scoot under every Irving pick, daring LeBron to hoist jumpers, but that’s easier said than done; if Irving chips him, Tucker knows he is toast. “If LeBron gets even a tiny angle on you, it’s over,” Tucker says. “He’s at the rim.”
5 days ago via ESPN