That’s a defensive ploy many teams use. The comments didn’t make waves. They weren’t inflammatory. No one even knew about it until, two days later, Kevin Durant was asked an innocuous question about how dangerous the Warriors become when Green hits 3s. “A lot of teams want to give him that,” Durant said. “Last game, Coach Snyder said something like if he’s shooting it, they’ll win the game. I don’t know. I heard that. I don’t know if it’s true.” Let me guess: You heard it from Draymond? “Yeah, I heard it from Draymond,” Durant laughed sheepishly.
Here’s Snyder’s full comment: “To me, he’s one of the players in the league, one of the very best players in the league, and one of the ones that I personally respect the most. It’s for what he does on the floor, the passing, the shooting, the playmaking. But it’s also for that competitiveness. The IQ, but also his competitiveness. He’s so competitive he’s going to make make you pay for — I don’t know — what he thinks you’re thinking. And, to me, it’s a compliment to him if anything that he’s able to generate motivation from a situation that I don’t … That’s not how I want to guard him. He showed what he’s capable of doing. He shot us out of the game in the first quarter. Some of those threes in transition, things like that. Again, he’s one of those guys, I love to watch him. There isn’t anything he can’t do on the court, including make plays and shoot.”