Q: There were rumors the 76ers were trading you to the Knicks before you ended up in Utah [in 1994]. You would have welcomed that at that time? Hornacek: Oh, absolutely. That’s what I try to explain to our players here, is that there’s nothing like playing in Madison Square Garden. So every time you go out there, you gotta remember the other team is jacked up to play. You got all the celebrities in the front rows, it’s the iconic arena in the league, that it’s a different atmosphere when these guys come to play, and then you gotta know that as a player. So I think about all the times I came here as a visitor, and I played out in the West most of the time, so it was only once a year. But I think we were pretty successful when we came here in our game (laugh). Coming here as a coach, and to be a part of that, but to also understand that it’s been a while since they’ve really won, and we’re just trying to get that excitement back and getting the city behind us again, and we think we can get there.