Now that hindsight has set in, both Wall and Brooks looked back at Game 7 on the day Wall’s new supermax contract was announced earlier this month. The prevailing takeaway was that yes, Wall was tired but they feel good about the effort they put forth. “In the third quarter, like three minutes in, I asked coach for a sub and he was like ‘no, you’ve gotta play.’ I was like ‘oh s—.’ This is gonna be a long night for me,” Wall said. “Game 7 was not the way we wanted it to end, but I definitely went out swinging. I didn’t go 0-for-0. I went 0-for-11. I shot the ball and played the game I wanted to play. At least I wasn’t being passive. I was aggressive like I was the whole playoffs. I can deal with losing that way and use that as motivation for this season coming up.”
Fred Katz: The NBA’s Christmas schedule is out. Thunder play the Rockets. Here’s the full schedule: