Jared Dudley had put together strong resumes in previous years, but he believed this season was his best chance to earn an invitation to the NBA’s three-point contest. He’s been in the top three in three-point percentage for nearly the entire year, currently sits third at 46.4 percent, and, unlike in other seasons, he’s started most of his team’s games. He wasn’t a star, but he thought his performance warranted a selection. But the 30-year-old Wizards forward wasn’t among the eight chosen for the event, which is scheduled for Saturday night in Toronto. “It’s something I would’ve done,” said Dudley, who is 71 of 153 from beyond the arc in 48 games this season. “I know the politic thing. I just thought that when you’re top three or top five in three-point [shooting], usually that outweighs it.
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