And he remembered that Okafor, who finished with 12 points, hit a couple tough shots. That, he said, he won’t forget and he voiced his displeasure, quickly shifting from fan to foe. “One thing is sure: He’s on my list right now,” said Gortat, who scored seven points in Washington’s 129-95 win. “The next four games, I’m coming. I’m coming. So I hope he’s going to read that. I’m coming. I’m coming for him.”
“I have a chip on my shoulder even more now because throughout the whole process people were saying they questioned my work ethic so that’s why they passed on me in the draft. The Washington Wizards got me and I’m going to make sure they got something that’s going to be something serious,” Oubre said in a 1-on-1 with CSN’s Chris Miller during training camp this week. “I don’t want anybody to question the things that I do or anything. Because I’m going to work, first and foremost. And I’m going to give it my all. “I fell to 15 in the draft and I really took that hard. After the draft I came straight to D.C. and I was in the gym. That was just pure fire in my heart because I know there’s not (14) guys better than me in my class at least. … The cream rises to the top, and I’m the cream.”