Dudley surprised the NBA community when he opted into his $4.25 million option with the Bucks rather than exercise his early termination option and seek a multi-year contract in free agency. He waited until the final hours before the start of free agency before making his decision. “Hey, I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to opt out,” Dudey admitted. “The whole thing was to opt out. At the same time, you never want to opt-out you want to have a deal in place or at least have a backup plan. For me, I’m never going to be anyone’s first or second choice. I’m your fourth, fifth, six option, Your glue guy. Everyone wants the sexy choice. Me and my agent, we went around to different places. We had people interested…But also, I was doing rehab on my back. I knew it was hurting. It improved. It improve so much, but I knew down the road I possibly could have surgery. I didn’t know. For me, I didn’t want to risk opting out, going (into free agency) and possibly not getting the deal I wanted.”
via CSNWashington.com