Nicolas Batum

Félicitations Tony, élu joueur européen de l'année pour la 2ème fois consécutive & Boris 3ème du vote #FIBA

Jorge Sierra

Kings shopping Derrick Williams?

JR Smith

Zach Lavine will win the Dunk Contest! #Facts

George Hill

The Greatest Gift In The World Is To Give And Get A Simple Smile In Return.. Valley Grove Elementary…

Landry Fields

In and of themselves, idols are impotent. We are the ones that give them their power.

Peter Guber

. @teamcavuto ...looking forward to our conversation today re the #oscars and the road to the #oscars @foxbusiness

Jorge Sierra

Warriors fans get biggest bobblehead ever.

Tony Parker

Thanks for all the fans who voted for me. Big honor !!! Merci à tous ceux qui ont voté pour moi. C'est un honneur !!!

Kevin Eastman

We've often heard "that can wait". More important to your success is your list of "what can't wait!" Work on & get to that list every day!

Bernie Lee

Which is the better reveal. 1. The fact that John shot 100 pct this year? Or 2. That I'm this good on a trumpet?

Kevin Eastman

Some are concerned about doubters. The good thing about doubters is that you now have a chance to prove them wrong. Becomes a great feeling!

Jorge Sierra

Who's going to be the biggest All-Star snub this year?

Tobias Harris

I have come to do your will, my God. Hebrews 10:7

Greivis Vasquez

Good Morning! Thank you God for waking me up this morning, another day to get better!! Let's go.. #Blessed

Greivis Vasquez

Buenos Dias!! Gracias a Dios Por Otro dia Mas de Vida para seguir mejorando y trabajando!! SEGUIMOS!! #Bendecido

Jorge Sierra

Not all fans were upset about Derrick Rose's winning basket at Oracle Arena...

Jorge Sierra

Warriors fans with the biggest bobblehead ever.

Kyle Lowry

Up early & adding a few stretches to the routine. Lets get 2 W's today for @Toronto Raptors & @Bell_LetsTalk. #BellLetsTalk

Jorge Sierra

Derrick Rose: 30 points, 20 missed shots, 11 turnovers, one assist and this game-winning basket.

Bernie Lee

Just saw D Rose's game winner... analytics guys tell me again a long 2 is the worst shot in basketball.

Bradley Beal

Great win. Prayers up 🙏 Goodnight !!

Nazr Mohammed

This is what I'm on right now!!! Made it safely #LA

Tony Allen

Word up

Tony Allen

Forgiving someone is easy, it's trusting them again that's hard."

Tony Allen

The older I get, the less patience for b$!/@#=% I have."

Tony Allen

People who do not support your dreams should not be in your life"

Tony Allen

people who make u feel less stressed when you're really stressed are the best kinds of people"

Tony Allen

Up feeding little fella, last b🍼ttle of the day😴😴😴😴

Marreese Speights

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Pau Gasol

Gran victoria esta noche contra los #Warriors! Hemos luchado de principio a fin. Orgulloso de mis compañeros. A seguir así! #SeeRed

Nikola Mirotic

What a team win in a tough environment tonight!!!! Proud of the guys. #SeeRed #GoBulls @Chicago Bulls

Tony Allen

Little man still awake

John Wall

Much needed win...#WizSquad !!

Pau Gasol

Huge win tonight against the #Warriors!! We fought all the way until the very end. Very proud of our guys. Keep it going!! #SeeRed

Tony Allen

Grub time🍴🍗🍗🍤🍲

Tony Allen

Just like brothers

Marreese Speights

Tough lost tonight we will get back right!!!#dubnation

Greg Smith

Tough loss tonight. Gotta get this W in Houston tomorrow night!!! #GS4 #MFFL

Isaiah Canaan

Ok for real this time... Klay or Steph lol

CJ McCollum

Bulls called the ISO for him. Shoot till you get hott hahahah @_PS5

Kendall Marshall

Draymond is a mf'n hooper.

LeBron James

This game is great!! Big time shot K. Hinrich! Who taking this shot for GS?

Jared Cunningham

The things that we do just to make it through...

Paul George

Indiana just know I'm working harder than ever. Nothing like playing at home and representing the 317. Some day I wanna pass Reggie! #NoDiss

Anthony Tolliver

Lol RT @COSeezy MVP stuff RT @cruzkontrol: What the hell did Steph just do with the ball. My God.

Beno Udrih

Huge team win!!! #GNG See y'all on Thursday!!! #FullHouse #ItBetterBe #TogetherWeCan #UnitedWeGrind #GreaterMemphis #MemphisVsErrbody

Boris Diaw

Had a good dinner with my former rookie, bismackbiyombo

Tony Allen

✈✈✈✈its been real Dallas🙋

Paul George

Can't wait for that day

Greivis Vasquez

MVP de la liga profesional de Venezuela va ser @bignestor44 --- #justsaying

Jason Terry

Thanks to all the corporate sponsors for coming out 2nite the #pursuit is real and 2 is be...…

Mike Conley

Big road win tonight! Fun to watch when we play that hard! #GnG

Greivis Vasquez

La liga profesional de baloncesto en Venezuela va a estar muy interesante.. Cual Es el mejor roster? Yo veo varios equipos muy buenos..

Tony Allen

That was vintage Zb🏀 tho💪

Tony Allen

Great team win 💪 #GNG 👏

Greivis Vasquez

Escucho Romeo y Estoy Como el Gran Sol en el Clasico Simon Bolivar... En las manos, asi que me van a Ver tomandome la foto de ganador..

Ryan Anderson

Had a blast tonight interviewing @Anthony Davis at his Take Flight Bowling Event for this weeks episode…

Ty Lawson

What y'all think..?! #moneymayweather #48-0

Maurice Williams

Leaving the game with the boys. They enjoyed it.

Greivis Vasquez

Ñoooo e la madre Esta cancion.. #depanaque gafo....

Joe Ingles

Watching some of this Australian Open! 🎾🎾

Anthony Davis

Good times at Flight Academy bowling night tonight! Always fun getting to hang out with the kids

Wilson Chandler

Life will humble you fast

Eric Gordon

Figure it out and make it happen! #Mayweather #Pacquiao “WORLDSTARVlNE:

Peter Guber

“patience persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” - napoleon hill

Brett Yormack

Congrats to mason plumlee for being selected to dunk contest .

Brett Yormack

Isles up 3-0. Happy for long time fans, they deserve it . Yes yes yes

Peter Guber

. @mountaindew taps into social storytelling power of @snapchat using it in launch of new #kickstart flavors

Shelvin Mack

Everyone in the Indianapolis area do me a favor and check out my guy Ke'Vin Roberts 6th grade…

Victor Oladipo

Can’t wait to give a great show in the #SpriteSlam Dunk Contest on 2/14!

Bismack Biyombo

Never go to @Boris Diaw house__ is on a serious diet , most important thing there is nothing.. Only water and coffee!! #thisishappening

Eric Moreland

There's a knife in my pocket incase there's a fork in the road

Micky Arison

Great to have @FloydMayweather and @mannypacquiao here for the @Miami Heat game tonight. The @AAarena can host a fight too #JustSaying

Reggie Jackson

Judge the boostmobile @NBADLeague Dunk Contest with me by entering the Dream Factory Sweepstakes.…

Adonis Thomas

Just left the Boys and Girls Club in Grand Rapids. Always a humbling experience!

Mason Plumlee

It's official, Thrilled to be a #Dunker in the #SpriteSlam Dunk contest @NBAAllStar weekend!

Anthony Morrow

That's a real Brother, Richard Sherman on Marshawn Lynch's struggles with the media. Hopefully the…

Steve Novak

Don't believe me...Just WATCH!!! #Sundance2015 #ElevenJames @Landry Fields @Greivis Vasquez

Anthony Davis

AD's Flight Academy round 3. Bout to show these kids how we do it on the lanes! Thx @FultonAlley for having us out.

Anderson Varejao

Daqui a pouco na @fox_sports_ohio 7:30 pm/Coming up soon on @fox_sports_ohio 7:30 pm @Cleveland Cavaliers vs @detroitpistons

Zach LaVine

Get the backboards ready, I'm coming for them during @NBAAllStar #SpriteSlam Dunk Contest. #Dunker

Tobias Harris

'Keep striving, for God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.' #StayPositive we will…

Ryan Kelly

I'm Supporting @herrenproject @c_herren Wear Purple Chg Avi #Takeastand against Subabuse #THPpurple

Kyle Anderson

There's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success.

Gary Harris

Tryna make something outta nothing

Tony Allen

Matt Barnes

This is wat I'm on!!! Gonna be like eminem in 8 mile when he killed the shelter then had to go back…

Cleanthony Early

Congrats to My bro @langgalloway10 for signing His contract with the #NYKnicks Hard Work Pays Off!…

Jorge Sierra

Matt Barnes goes on a Twitter rant after latest NBA fine.

Greivis Vasquez

Big one tonight!! Let's get better.. La partida de hoy es otro examen mas para nuestra consistencia…

Micky Arison

Despite media reports u can still vote for @CarnivalPLC SuperBowl commercial at u could win a cruise for life!

Jorge Sierra

This is how bad it was near the Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center yesterday. #Snowmageddon2015

Matt Barnes

I might need to find a second job with all these crazy tecs & fines. I Can see it now LA TIMES.. "Costco worker by day nba player by night"😂

Matt Barnes

Responding to an OWNER who cussed at me first.. 50,000 dollars for that?? Come on now!

Dwyane Wade

Now that's service!!!... i ask @telltell_heart could she order me these 2 yesterday to complete my…

Matt Barnes

I've been fined 50k in the last mnth for kicking a "PAPER"Gatorade cup that had alil bit of water in it that didn't even hit anyone &....

Matt Barnes

You can take my money, I care about winning!!

Matt Barnes

..Who was sitting on the baseline & I only said something to him AFTER he cussed at me, BUT because I didn't SNITCH I get fined!! #thecode

Matt Barnes

Another 25k! The part of the story the nba hasn't told you was my language wasnt directed at a fan, I was talkn to the owner of the Suns....

Hidayet Turkoglu

Gül Düşünür Gülistan olursun, Diken Düşünür Dikenlik Olursun! ✌️ -#Rumi

Isaiah Canaan

Swag you out lol RT @EPHolt: Reppin' that And1 for my guy @Isaiah Canaan! #And1Fam

Pablo Prigioni

Congrats @LangGalloway10 !!! You deserve it !!!!

Steve Koonin

Great day @ the Ga. Capital to honor our @Jaryd Wilson. An experience that @DWilkins21 @KyleKorver @TheRealEB42 Coach Bud & I won't soon forget!

Marcus Thornton

Last game of this long road trip Minnesota

Pau Gasol

Tonight we’re facing the #Warriors, the strongest team in the #West. We’re focused and ready to give it all we’ve got #SeeRed #RoadMindSet

Kris Humphries

Getting my NBA 2K game face on yesterday for next years game. I better have a great midran...…

Pau Gasol

Esta noche nos enfrentamos a los #Warriors, el equipo más duro del #Oeste. Ya estamos preparados para dar lo mejor de nosotros #SeeRed

Reggie Bullock

Speak what you see, never what you hear!!!

Tobias Harris

Be quick to take advantage of an advantage.

Dorell Wright

Beast Mode out there Turnt 😂😂😂

Boris Diaw

Les insomniaques et les autres, regardez le teaser de notre film @NolaCircus qui sortira bientôt sur les écrans !

Boris Diaw

Guys, excited by the first teaser of @nolacircus, produced by myself and 12 other friends athletes. Soon!!!