Boris Diaw

You all wanted to see it, so happy to get that ring tonight. Lets get another one now!!! #gospursgo

Reggie Evans

Is there any hair stylist in the Sacramento area that specialize in natural hair??

Marreese Speights

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed....#life

Stephen Curry

Praying for the best and a speedy recovery for Julius Randle! Never want to see that happen to anybody….

Austin Rivers

I don't know Julius randle personally....but I hope he has a speedy recovery! Stay strong bro.

Jrue Holiday

Praying for Randall!!! God be with you bro. You'll bounce back

Jamal Crawford

Prayers up for Julius Randle..

Anthony Tolliver

Prayers up for the young boy #JuliusRandle ...heard he broke his leg first game! Smh

Wesley Matthews

Damn man hope the young fella @Julius Randle bounces back quick!

Marreese Speights

Prayers go out to the lakers in Julius Randle!!!!

Festus Ezeli

Feel for anyone w knee injuries

Matt Barnes

Prayers go out to Julius Randle of the Lakers!!

Maurice Williams

Prayers go out to Julius Randle. Great kid with a hellava future. #stayprayedup

CJ Watson

Injuries suck don't wish that on anybody

Reggie Evans

I hate to see this happen to the rookie.

Festus Ezeli

Teammates just chilln lol

Draymond Green

That's how Kobe teammates on the floor gone let that go down??? Lol that's crazy

Austin Rivers

Hahaha Kobe just told Dwight "try me" lol said "your soft try me" haha OG Kobe

CJ Watson

Try me- black mamba lol

Marreese Speights

What's up with your boys RT @jfly_inc: “@Marreese Speights: Snakes don't hiss no more they call you bra n bae

Jusuf Nurkic

What do you think about the nickname “Bozzy”(combination of Bosnian bear and Fozzy bear)? Bosnian Beast is my nickname.

Cory Joseph

I know it's a new season. But i had to do it at least once lol #Props

Dorell Wright

Goose with the hard jab. Dang

Brandon Knight

(Doubt - a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.) always drove me. Will continue to drive me! Thank you

Mario Chalmers

Nothin better than a game 7 for the championship. Need them royals to win this game and put on for the city.

Marreese Speights

Snakes don't hiss no more they call you bra n bae

Andrew Harrison

Thanks for all the birthday blessings

Jimmer Fredette

Sometimes the shot doesn't fall but all that matter is that we got the win. On to the next one. #Pelicans

Bernie Lee

TNT has just spent 70 percent of their broadcast talking abt ESPN content.. Perhaps they knew what they were doing..

Damian Lillard

Think it's sAfe to say Kobe is back.

Boris Diaw

Merci les insomniaques pour tous vos messages. Une belle cérémonie et un match serré pour commencer la saison ! A bientôt. #GoSpursGo

Boris Diaw

Fans. Thanks for all your messages and support during that first tough game. A very unique moment tonight that I enjoyed. #GoSpursGo

Jrue Holiday

I Love This Game!!! 1-0 great start to the season!!! @ Training Room

LeBron James

My man Sir Charles can't wait to see u as well. Gone be electrifying! Don't let them boys up there clown your specks. Lol! Swag out Chuck!

George Karl

Defending world champions @San Antonio Spurs uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball, but SAS stars made more plays than mistakes...#DALvSAS

Phil Pressey

This one a banger !!! Shoutout @lamborghinsmith y'all go check out his new song…

DeMarre Carroll

This Pitcher "Ventura" Swag is crazy.. LOL #KCvsSF #WorldSeriesGame6

Lucas Nogueira

Thank you for making me feel like I'm home in Rio!!! @CopaToronto #obrigado #Picanha #meat

Jorge Sierra

First game of the season better than last game of past season.

Dorell Wright

Dirk so cold. Light work

Jarnell Stokes

Pray on it then go make it happen.

CJ Watson

That John wall commercial is funny

Rodney Purvis

Been thru ish I don't feel a lot !!!

Jorge Sierra

The worst face scan fails on #NBA2K15.

Hugh Weber

Just people who guessed in the last minute. #iamadevilthruthick&thin RT @shadowpwny: @Hugh Weber did anyone guess they Pens would score 7?

Mario Chalmers

Gettin my mind right for tom. Nice meal and watching the Spurs game. Can't wait for tom. Meal…

Nazr Mohammed

Thank you. RT @dsab123: Hey @Nazr Mohammed - Good luck tomorrow on the opening day of your 17th NBA season! ...

Paul George

Congrats to champ bailey on a heck of a career.. One of the best to do it! Big fan! #alwaysbeabronco

Paul George

Too fun!!! RT @Ronnie2K: Thanks for joining us @Paul George. Epic #MyPARK broadcast, will have video up of it all in a bit! #NBA2K15

Hugh Weber

Over 350 predictions and only 3 correct at the moment #ihopeu3arewrong #devspreztix

Cole Aldrich

Royals taking the Giants behind the wood shed for an old fashion kicking..

Mark Jackson

It’s Wrong 2 be silent when u know what a person is all about! @Peter Guber is Class! I believe he made a typo!!

Ty Lawson

Question who wants to build an app for me Aaron and javale??

Tony Allen

Lmao ......that Geico commercial *cold cuts

Paul Millsap

Trying to watch NBA basketball in Toronto but can't find TNT.

Gerald Henderson

dinner on @Kemba Walker tomorrow after game

DeMarre Carroll

All my ATLHAWKS FANS get to game early on Saturday.. Got my fam @Mishon singing National Anthem!!!#seriousvocals #ATLHAWKS #ATLopeningTip

Jorge Sierra

Omer Asik can be such a good fit next to Anthony Davis. Quite different from last season.

Hugh Weber

Who starts picking against OUR team just to win tix? I can name a few #comeonboys #sticktogether #devspreztix

Festus Ezeli

Boris Diaw was a point guard??!

Micky Arison

Thanks for all the great comments on the #HEATNation Video. We will be showing it on the @AAarena Jumbotron at about 7.15 tomorrow night.

Hugh Weber

Seriously? #donthate RT @gregnj2ca: @Hugh Weber can I change my pick to 8-1 penguins #DevsPrezTix

Hugh Weber

All those that predicted 3-2 Should reload before end of 2nd #devspreztix

Beno Udrih

WS...i am cheering for the Giants! Let's go Giants!

Jerami Grant

You guys always make #askJerami fun. Can we do this again some time?

Tony Wroten

Shoutout my bro @DV_MOVEMENT. Real recognize real and I see you grinding fam.

CJ McCollum

Damn that spurs ball movement is crazy

Jorge Sierra

I hate the Pelicans' court.

Festus Ezeli

First bucket is real hard to come by

Hugh Weber

Whoooo RT @DebPlacey: Jacob Josefson's SH goal stands. Major exhale.

Festus Ezeli

Season TipOff.. HERE WE GO!!!!

Kendall Marshall

some of these fashion trends so trash.

Kendall Marshall

once you've established yourself and ppl respect your craft, you can dress/look any type of way and ppl will think it's cool

Kendall Marshall

I think I've figured the entertainment industry out.

Hugh Weber

Alter your prediction up until end of 2nd #devspreztix @MSGNetworks win tix to @nhldevils vs #Jets Thursday #moredetailmorelikelytowin

Rudy Gay

Congrats to my @UConnMBB brother on his new deal.

Jorge Sierra

Pretty reasonable deal for both Kemba Walker and the Hornets if you ask me.

Jorge Sierra

Reaction to the news of Kemba Walker contract extension.

Jonas Jerebko

Good to see a fellow swede walking the streets of denver @GabeLandeskog92

Micky Arison

IN ONLY 15 MINUTES...Let me know what u think of the #HEATNation VIDEO. You can see it at 8 on & #LetsGoHEAT

Jorge Sierra

Kemba Walker gets contract extension.

Rodney Purvis

Jesus! @Marc Stein: ESPN sources say the Charlotte Hornets and Kemba Walker have agreed to a four-year, $48 million contract extension”

Leandro Barbosa

Paz e harmonia: eis a verdadeira riqueza de uma família! #BeepBeep #AmorEterno…

Victor Oladipo

Sending prayers and positive vibes to my brothers in NO for that season opener #feathery. #LetsGoMagic

Toure Murry

The NBA season is back....let's go!!

Vince Carter

U know it bro....RT @TheColleagues: Aye @Vince Carter it's go time my brotha. Kill em out there in Memphis!

Hugh Weber

Well, how's that for hello? 9 seconds. #devspreztix

Hugh Weber

#devspreztix more accurate your guess, more likely to win @NHLDevils @NHLJets tix Who scores? OT? Shootout?

Ben McLemore

My fans tho... Just crazy love. #blessed

Rodney Purvis

Glad I got the chance to see my guy @BSELLC. Been by my side since a youngin.

Carmelo Anthony

Ready to get back into it @New York Knicks #StayMe7o

Andre Drummond

"Keep telling these people the truth you can be iconic" @donaldglover

Dwyane Wade

Back at it again in the MIA! Love this city - share pics of your own city w/ me using #MyCityMyHome

Andre Drummond

"Man nothin more important then the mula, you anit really eatin boy you gotta food up, we so steady eating"-Childish Gambino @donaldglover

Greivis Vasquez

Te hablo claro, COMO TU NINGUNA.... #TeamVasquez

Anthony Bennett

A puppy-sized spider was found in South America and is now known as the 'South American Goliath Birdeater.'”

Julius Randle

Happy birthday to my brothers @drewroc5 @aaronice2! Hope yall have a blessed one!

Kendall Marshall

s/o @AlexBKrieger, Dumfries native. we gotta stick together. lls

Larry Sanders

One more day!! So EXCXITED!!

Nikola Mirotic

Just arrived in New York, so excited to start my first NBA season!!! #BullsNation #ChicagoBasketball #SeeRed @Chicago Bulls

Danny Green

Spurs v Mavs 8pm eastern...TNT tune in

Kendall Marshall

ayy Balo got one today. lay off the kid

Hugh Weber

Predict tonight's final score of #NJDvsPIT for the chance to win my #DevsPrezTix! Must Follow to win!

Kyle Singler

Ok #DetroitBasketball fans, you have 24 hrs. Everyone who likes this post & follows me on ...…

Daryl Morey

Bullshit insight from the great @billjamesonline in a new article by @JPosnanski…

Will Barton

Can't lose that kii to success need it to go where I'm trying to go in life

Robin Lopez

Yeah because you're upset I was yelling at you to pass the ball to Rolo "@Wesley Matthews: Lol I'm pointing at you RT @Robin Lopez: #FloorGeneral"

Kyle Singler

Who's ready for #DetroitBasketball? Surprise giveaway on @Sqor RIGHT NOW. Sign up. You don...…

Nate Robinson

SickRT @SoundersFC: Hey @Nate Robinson...we have a little present for you! @clint_dempsey said it's ...

Kendall Marshall

back in NC, one thing on my mind... @Bojangles1977