Kendall Marshall

Chelsea/Man City --- RT @grantwolfe10: @Kendall Marshall favorite team to play with on FIFA?

Pau Gasol

Otra buena victoria en casa esta vez contra los Hornets! Kirk ha jugado un partidazo metiendo tiros de todos lados! #SeeRed #FunToWatch

Kendall Marshall

just need one, telekinetic. --- RT @need4sheed36: @Kendall Marshall 3 super powers?

Pau Gasol

Another good win at home against the Hornets! Kirk played a great game making shots from everywhere on the floor! #FunToWatch #SeeRed

Marreese Speights

Good to see some of my Speights family members tonight after the game... S/o to my lil...

Sebastian Telfair

Started to miss church this am... Glad I didn't #godsogood

Kendall Marshall

closed mouths don't get fed.

George Karl

Congrats to one of the greatest to ever play the position Peyton Manning on the TD record. Very impressive #509nCounting

Matt Barnes

Had a great visit this even with w/mommagovan Just had a mastectomy & she's feeling a lot better.. I…

Ara Vartanian

Love the drive @D_Orton33 has. Lands in China after18 hour trip & goes straight to the game to play his first game.

Jared Cunningham

I was thinking bout birds swimming and fishes flying

Matthew Dellavedova

Great event at Special Olympics bowling practice -good luck on Saturday! Exciting to see Tanner get his first strike!

Anthony Morrow check out the flyer!!

Alex Kirk

Want to thank @PaulRKrebs and coach Neal for coming to Columbus and coming to dinner... And the ring. Thanks to both

Bernie Lee

In a somewhat ironic way for the Twitter CBA Billy Beane's the Lakers are going to make Kobe earn every last penny he's paid this year

Archie Goodwin

What? Lol RT @QueenJZA: Bacon bits freak me out

Bernie Lee

We might not see Jack all year

Mitch McGary

Congrats Peyton! We are witnessing a legend!

Jason Smith

509 for this man Peyton Manning. All time leader for touchdown passes and a true professional on and…

Shabazz Muhammad

Man drake be spitting facts lol !!!!

Tobias Harris


Andre Drummond

Damn how time flies! We were just 11 the other day! So proud of you and your success Cuzo great seeing…

Anthony Tolliver

My two favorite #NFL teams battling it out right now! #broncosVS49ers

LeBron James

Congrats on the GREAT Peyton Manning on breaking the All-Time TD record!! #Legend #OneOfTheGreats

CJ Watson

Not even halftime yet smh. from one vol to another congrats Peyton #GreatToBeAVol #RockyTop #Vol4Life

Peyton Siva

(Grabs Pom poms) don't be mad RT @RichMarks3: Don't be a chearleader @Peyton Siva

Jimmer Fredette

Peyton with the record! Congrats to him. An All time great and well deserved.

Kevin Durant

Congrats to the great Peyton Manning! We take him for granted because he's so consistent but we are witnessing a living legend!

Peyton Siva

I witnessed history..

Kyle Lowry

Congrats Payton!!!

CJ Watson

They don't want Peyton to succeed lol

Will Barton

We good over here I swear. Shout out to my team #PTF

Greivis Vasquez

Kid from Caracas, Venezuela... De Quinta crespo a Toronto... #TeamVasquez

Peter Guber

"business opportunities are like buses: there’s always another one coming" - richard branson

Peyton Siva

Peyton "TD" Manning...

DeMarre Carroll

Pumpkin Patch Day with my baby!!! #blessed #family #daddyslittlegirl

John Wall

Humbled and Blessed !!

Phil Jackson

Yep, pick by the umpire

Phil Jackson

Denver run a pick play there?

Ryan Anderson

"Crab cakes and Football... That's what Maryland does!!" #baltimore

Matt Barnes

Don't miss 2nite. Brought to you by the dapowercircleent

Arnett Moultrie

It's cold New York!!!!!

DeAndre Liggins

sushi with my loves @AbigailLeonard & @Virgin_ia16 ✔️ ..if only Virginia had the same manners as Abby tho

Greivis Vasquez

Dope picture from @robwillgo -- gracias al pana @robwillgo Por la foto.. Que opinan? #TeamVasquez

Tony Allen

That massage was great !!

Kyle Anderson

Getting a lil too upset over video games on this Sunday evening.

Quincy Acy

Ok sorry Giants fans, don't hate me lol #KnicksTape all day Lets get this win tomorrow

Jae Crowder


Micky Arison

All around gr8 day in Texas RT @CarnivalCruise: #CarnivLIVE performance by @rascalflatts was pretty epic. @GuyFieri.

Jorge Sierra

Sacramento Kings training camp roster as of now.

Jared Dudley

Tough loss for the chargers but I like how we battled to the end! Just have to go up to Denver and steal one. Lots of season left. #chargers

Tony Allen

That's enough tweeting right now but bury that! !!!

Tony Allen

In so many words * Just live your life."

Tony Allen

Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them."

Quincy Acy

I'm ordering me a Dez Bryant jersey as we speak!!! #CowboysNation boy a beast

Tony Allen

Nobody can change a person, but someone can be the reason for a person to change."

Tony Allen

Also It does not matter how slowly you move forward as long as you do not stop."

Tony Allen

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."

Quincy Acy

Them boys came to play mane

Tony Allen

You need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you're truly happy. If you can't say yes right away, then it's time for change."

Tony Allen

Family over everything."you dig

Tony Allen

Just read*A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are."

Darius Miller

How About Now....... Drake is tough

Just landed in Baltimore. Anybody know a good place eat here?

Jamal Crawford

Well, I know A LOT of people have asked me when the @Ballislife doc was coming out... No more waiting, here it is!!

Kendall Marshall

biggest pet peeve of myself: when I sleep on a release and want them a week later.

Quincy Acy

That's crazy, early whistle

Alvin Gentry

Follow my man @andrewbogut to get all the good stuff inside Warriors locker room world. Not all of it :-)

Alvin Gentry

In McAllen Tx. On the way to arena to play the Rockets. Great weather but very humid. Heading back to Dub Nation after the game.

Micky Arison

Has anyone tried @RedFarmNYC in the Village?

Quincy Acy

Yessirrrr, I hope Murray alright tho

Jameer Nelson

Happy Birthday to my pop! Thanks for the pic lil bro @Moe4nelson

Tyler Ennis

Always felt like my vision's been bigger than the bigger picture.

John Henson

He didddddd snap doeeeeee lol

Peyton Siva

Talked to @Sir_Saudade about going to a cards game this yr. Lol.. Said we gonna yell behind the bench at coach

Kendall Marshall

aand let the drake slurpage begin. smh

Rudy Gay

What yall think about these hoop earrings ericmoreland25 got on? lmao funniest comment get a repost

Peyton Siva

I'm def coming back for a game RT @StevenL1C4: @Peyton Siva Can we expect to see you in the YUM at some point this year? #Top5FavCards

Peyton Siva

Chill RT @AGoff33: @Peyton Siva @Team_Cards Trez shoots threes about as well as Siva.

Tim Hardaway Jr

At my first ever MLS match watching the hometown @newyorkredbulls ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Jarnell Stokes

Love the heart and hustle my @STLouisRams been showing! Proud fan since birth!

Peyton Siva

I'll tell him to back up to the 3 when shooting FT.. He has improved a lot tho. Works hard RT @Team_Cards: @Peyton Siva don't encourage him

Tony Wroten

Never bite the hand that'll feed you.

Peyton Siva

That's how it usually works RT @pw_sher: @Peyton Siva the managers killed it, as usual

CJ McCollum

Life of a Browns fan, great weekends and terrible weekends

Mario Chalmers

I try to be the best person I can b cause I kno he is watching my every move. Moments like this keeps…

Peyton Siva

The Egyptian haha .... Yall mean Ana-na-na hey hey hey

Chris Copeland

Lol had to get clean before I hit the streets...

Peyton Siva

Who played well in the Red and White scrimmage

Elfrid Payton


Doron Lamb

Big Game 2day

Gorgui Dieng

getting ready for tonight's game…

Peyton Siva

Is that karma from the Green Bay game

Peyton Siva

So I'm not sure what happened but I feel like that should have been our ball lol

Bill Sanders

Major props to the Rams for the fake punt deep in their own territory. Gonna beat the champs because if it. #majorgonads #nothingtolose

Peyton Siva

The QB just swagged on us

Kendall Marshall

#HTTR --- RT @ItsMrLuis: X______X

Andrew Harrison

Weekend of a lifetime with my brothers

Peyton Siva

Chill w/ all that RT @miindyciita: @Peyton Siva Seahawks suck

John Wall

Happy bday to my lil savage...Growin up fast man !!

Peyton Siva

Just finished working out to see my SEAHAWKS struggling ..

Boris Diaw

What is going on Sunday in San Antonio ? #rest #movies

Will Cherry

Toronto fans are unreal!

Patrick Patterson

Sometimes that shower be feeling too good.. Stand in there for damn near a hour. #relaxing

Pau Gasol

Just 10 days for our debut in the regular season. Today we face the #Hornets! #UnitedCenter #SeeRed

Jeremy Lamb

S/o dat boy @blliondllrbaby he nice wit it!!

Greivis Vasquez

I want thank the best fans in the NBA for coming out and supporting our team. It means a lot to us..…

Pau Gasol

A sólo 10 días de nuestro debut en la liga regular. Hoy nos enfrentamos a los #Hornets! #UnitedCenter #SeeRed

Peter Guber

"sometimes when you innovate you make mistakes it is best to admit them quickly & get on with improving your other innovations" #stevejobs