Harrison Barnes

Great win for Heels!! @1MjWilliams2 was BALLIN. Now on to #NDvsFSU.. Gotta love @espncfb

Markieff Morris

This FSU and ND game is the best college football game I've seen in years!! #FOE

Jared Dudley

What pick does everyone think Jameis Winston will go in next years draft? He has lots of baggage but boy he's a beast at QB

Steve Koonin

Great effort tonite and the preseason atmosphere at @PhilipsArena was on point. Good to see Al play 20. See everybody Mon night vs Charlotte

Evan Turner

Just finished a great dinner with my fellow big ten alums @cwat205 @lee_miller5 marell_evans timfraz23… instagram.com/p/uUUL3tzSFQ/

John Henson

“..Do you believe, that Eve had Adam in check ? ..“

Anthony Morrow

Call his mama, his head was still in his helmet

Tony Allen

No one is in charge of your happiness except you."

Dion Waiters

All day RT @AmirMd_: Hey @Dion Waiters. Can you confirm that buckets, in fact, dnt lie?

Festus Ezeli

Fish tacos in Hidalgo, Tx. No water bodies in sight. Hope my stomach survives the night

Marreese Speights

Woow that look ok driskel face!!!!

Kendall Marshall

it bothers me when I make a movie reference and some of y'all are completely lost. you were raised wrong.

LeBron James

Rough day for my boy Cam! Family helps get the job done though. My @SRemorse_Starz folks what y'all think of Ep.3 tonight?

Jason Smith

This Notre Dame vs Florida St game is hard fought so far. Who is gonna win? #FootballPowerhouses

Gerald Henderson

my gramma woulda threw that ball outta bounds. u better than that Jameis #NDvsFSU

Eric Gordon

Meet me at St. Roch Playground for the Season 7 Kick-Off of Midnight Basketball. The program provides… instagram.com/p/uUK28BCwqT/

Patrick Patterson

Finally finished Season 2 of #Hannibal

Patrick Patterson

What's everyone doing tonight?

Jason Smith

Me and my little pumpkin hanging out watching some college football today. #BigDaddy #DaddysGirl instagram.com/p/uUEjN-suXv/

Jose Manuel Calderon

Nothing like ending the day with a movie...a kid's movie! #all5onthecouch

Ara Vartanian

Being waived and asking to be waived is a lot different. I would love people to get their facts straight.

Matt Barnes

I told y'all hide your daughters!! Glo said these two found this lil girl at the pumpkin patch &… instagram.com/p/uUCSP-Lzdi/

Nate Robinson

Another big day of football coming up Sunday. Join my 1 week @FanDuel league for a chance to win some cash. #holdat fanduel.com/nate

Matthew Dellavedova

When you're playing against one of the best scorers and players ever, you have to make it as hard as… instagram.com/p/uT_KXxzh_R/

Quincy Acy

A real friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you wanna hear, thankful for my circle, yall… instagram.com/p/uT_GXSAp9a/

Anthony Morrow

RIP Chris Farley, one of my favorite childhood actors

Anthony Morrow

'I wonder if she goes out with one of the Yankees' lololol #TommyBoy

Brandon Rush

The teams group chat got me in tears

Kris Humphries

Another huge game from my guy @DCobb27 but i'm a little disappointed you didn't get 200 yards. Only 194??? Come on LOL.

Draymond Green

J Lang with 3 touchdowns on the day!!!! That's more like it

Draymond Green

My boys got it done at Indiana!!! EAT Sparty EAT!!! #SpartyOn @Tony_Lippett14 @TWaynes_15 best WR and CB in the country @espncfb #espncfb

Jordan Adams

Unlike hammer 30 mil can't hurt me !!!

Jimmer Fredette

Thank you mom for the shipment! My fellow upstate New Yorkers know where these donuts are from!… instagram.com/p/uT4MGBkqRm/

George Karl

We're almost through with summer talk. See how the @espn experts rank the East and West for 2014-15. es.pn/1Cxqyt0

Mitch McGary

New exhaust sounds mean

Festus Ezeli

Good to see my guy dorn_boost last night. Seems like yesterday we were training, preparing for the NBA… instagram.com/p/uT2iJVL7pP/

Jorge Sierra

Ranking: The Top 50 players in Orlando Magic history. shar.es/1mieTR http://t.co/1Ak3CZOdkH

Jason Terry

Way to bring home the trophy Rush sqor.com/posts/f6c77d9b… http://t.co/64amrwKYM3

Darius Morris

No matter how bad it looks or if you not where you want to be Be patient Learn from it and #keepmovininstagram.com/p/uT1mXYQ4Cv/

Gary Harris

✊✊ RT @drewconger24: Dudes out at iu reppin my guy @Gary Harris http://t.co/RpfI3CMOx2

Festus Ezeli

Hot as hell in Hidalgo, Tx

Jorge Sierra

Kobe Bryant with a very good dunk at practice. Watch: shar.es/1mijFh

Gerald Henderson

embracing the reality of things while understanding that better things are probably yet to come is a great way to ease ur mind of all worry

CJ McCollum

How did young Mudiay do in his second game against my big Bruh @ErrickM3 over in china @Adrian Wojnarowski ?

Kendall Marshall

ya see son, it all started when I saw mommy on the explore page.

Rodney Purvis

Sheep opinions don't make it to my skin, it's to tough for it. #sorry

Mario Chalmers

Couldn't have said it better. I love being me instagram.com/p/uTx0PhP4Sb/

DeAndre Jordan

Don’t totally disrespect us! “@SportsNation: Texas A&M vs Jaguars… who wins?”

Reggie Evans

I feel so bad for myboi @DeAndre Jordan School right now. 44-0 at the half.

DeAndre Jordan

Wow, that escalated quickly!

Gigi Datome

*The video is about Claudia, a 15 years old italian girl WITH a physical disease. #correction

Kelly Olynyk

Throw back to the high school days, do yo thing in England @JB4Hunnid sqor.com/posts/fb4546c1… http://t.co/joCzGXPhuU

Kelly Olynyk

S/O my main man @JB4Hunnid happy bday #fam sqor.com/posts/c6121ce8… http://t.co/r96JuZ1sbA

Donatas Motiejunas

We had an appearance in Mcallen hospital. Had fun with the kids and spend some time with them :) facebook.com/DonatasMotieju…

Beno Udrih

Had a great lunch with @kostakoufos @hogandhominy today!!! It was so good!!! Go try it out...u won't regret it! #901 http://t.co/i3r3crAmfX

Daniel Moldovan

Very good performance by rookie Rob Loe (@Newzilliken) in Greece. 13, 6 and 2 blocks and the W !

Serge Ibaka

Just wanna take this time to thank one of my long time good friends for everything, since day one. I… instagram.com/p/uTr1NiTUNn/

Nazr Mohammed

Ur welcome lol RT @saima_rizvi: @Nazr Mohammed thanks for the selfie you posted today! We all look great

DeAndre Liggins

Big Blue Madness w/ my bro @evargas30 last night http://t.co/uANRevPIeA

Andre Drummond

Last game on the preseason road trip! Let's make it a good one!! instagram.com/p/uTpLMrSMfT/

Aaron Brooks


Michael Whitaker

My Little Man is ready for his Cousin Party! http://t.co/TxFdlfVXGo

Michael Whitaker

My Son about to wear his True Religion out to his Cousin Party! Thanks @George Hill for the outfit! Toddler Swagg! http://t.co/HOuuFOnlue

Peter Guber

“it doesn’t matter whether the dow is 5000 or 50,000 if you’re an entrepreneur there is no bad time to start a company” - @guykawasaki

Greg Miller

The video for the final segment of my global expedition is now online at expeditions7.com http://t.co/tj0rMGmcBO

Jrue Holiday

Lil bro @aholiday03 out here losin in pool instagram.com/p/uTl5r6xx4j/

Reggie Jackson

2 missed FGs. COSTLY for #OU

Mark Cuban

Oh Yes, He’s The Great Connector: Jason Hirschhorn’s Expertly Curated World thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/…

Ekpe Udoh

These refs are strugglin C'mon BU!!!! Huge 4th quarter

Sebastian Telfair

Thank you #thunderup RT @TreyDogg22: So pumped I finally got to see @Sebastian Telfair play in person! Good luck this season. http://t.co/CqWrTqb1u6

Keith Kreiter

Chad Posthumus goes for 19pts and 8 rebs on 9-11 shooting- Chad is ranked among the top 5 in rebounding in Japan's 1st Division

Jared Sullinger

Mannnnn I remember slam ball. That use to be my show.

Hugh Weber

Hang out, play games, eat free #PRUeats and enjoy a beer at Championship Plaza from 3-6pm but DON’T miss the 3D projector inside at 6:45pm!

Jorge Sierra

Our Utah Jazz preview: We project them to finish at No. 14 in the Western Conference. bit.ly/11LKdtR

DeAndre Jordan

When I come to Vegas, I just hear the lady in my head asking…“Insurance?” As she waves her hand over the table.

Jorge Sierra

Rumors: Celtics to waive Will Bynum? bit.ly/1hKUSdo http://t.co/dvbvYCELci

Kyle Anderson

Hahahaha just gamed @MRDavidCabrera with Rudy Gay in 2k he is so sick lol first GW of the year lol

Jordan Hamilton

One thing about them tables, they always turn!

Michael Whitaker

Every time my Daughter watches the Movie, "Mr Peabody & Sherman she wears her Sherman Glasses that came with DVD LOL! http://t.co/Q8roiDnAOG

Gigi Datome

I ask you to spend 14min of your day. It's for a really important motivation. This video is about Claudia, a 15... fb.me/796qiGvj9

Anthony Bennett

Kinda late but S/O to the young boii on his commitment, got another Canadian Rebel .. Everyone show… instagram.com/p/uTXKj_KVUq/

Jared Dudley

What's everybody favorite place to shop in New York?!!!! I need to go winter shopping lol...

Boris Diaw

Fans, anyone interested in coming to the game tonight? 3 tickets to whomever shares their best memory from a Spurs-Heat game. #gospursgo

Darius Morris

I just need you to know the game I can't keep coaching you

Mitch McGary

Man I love football Saturday's

Charlie Villanueva

Game Day vs Pacers. Learning to win on the road builds championships. #Dallasmavs #cvbelieveinstagram.com/p/uTUhrzrkfU/

DeAndre Jordan

BTHO ALABAMA!!!! “@AggieFootball: Game Day! #TAMUvsBAMA #12thMan http://t.co/G6yuZTtJ9f”

Wesley Matthews

It's hard to have an off day with the right people around you

Tony Wroten

Times Like This I Wish I Could Switch Places With My Son.

Bradley Beal

Need to find a hand car wash !!

Caron Butler

Make peace with your past so it doesn't spoil your present... #weekendadvice

Leandro Barbosa

Shooting against the Miami Heat in Kansas City. unfortunately we could not close the game on the final end instagram.com/p/uTRjJ_Hnkq/

Leandro Barbosa

vamos continuar trabalhando forte para evoluir ainda mais! #BeepBeep @Warriors #DubNation instagram.com/p/uTRjJ_Hnkq/

Leandro Barbosa

Trabalhando no meu chute ontem no jogo contra o Miami. Foi um bom teste, infelizmente não conseguimos fechar o jogo instagram.com/p/uTRjJ_Hnkq/

Hugh Weber

Gave my tix away thurs #nextgame RT @redrob9593: @Hugh Weber any ticket giveaways for tonight?