NBA Mock Draft 2016: Point Guards



Point Guard / 6-5 / Kentucky / Freshman

Like Labissiere, Murray had a huge senior season punctuated by his Hoop Summit performance in which he took over for the World Select team along with Simmons and Skal proved himself as one of the elite prospects in the entire class. There are still some questions about his ability to be a full time PG, but with leadership, scoring ability and high level size and athleticism, Murray has the talent to be a Top 5-10 pick.

Twitter: @BeMore27
Comparison: Chauncey Billups
Salary: $2,931,000*
Point Guard / 6-4 / Providence / Junior

It was a bit of a surprise that Dunn decided to return to school as a number of scouts had him pegged as a mid-first rounder had he entered the 2015 draft. Dunn led the nation in assists and shows great size and defensive ability at the point guard position. His speed and athleticism are good but may be a little overrated. He also doesn’t seem to be challenged much by the level of backcourt talent in the Big East.

Comparison: Antonio Daniels
Salary: $1,835,200*
Point Guard / 6-3 / Kentucky / Freshman

Briscoe and Jamal Murray should form a potent offensive backcourt for the Wildcats. Isaiah is a combo with a bag of tricks offensively and good length and athleticism for a combo guard. He’s very confident and shows solid leadership ability. Proving that he can efficiently play the point guard position will be beneficial for his one-and-done draft hopes.

Twitter: @ZayBriscoe
Comparison: Randy Foye
Salary: $1,301,900*
Point Guard / 6-6 / Louisiana State / Junior

Quarterman has a lot of talent but needs to become more disciplined with his decision making. He’s a legitimate point guard with excellent size and athleticism. He’s very long and fluid in the open floor, he shows a lot of versatility. He’s proven to be a very competitive kid and could really shine with such great talent surrounding him this season.

Comparison: Shaun Livingston
Salary: $1,199,900*
Point Guard / 6-5 / Rhode Island / Junior

Matthews is a sleeper who hasn’t really played up to his true ability at Rhode Island. He was the breakout performer of the 2014 adidas Nations showing very good ability to attack the rim along with surprising athleticism. His efficiency at Rhode Island has been concerning as he’s not protecting the ball or shooting at an efficient rate from the floor. How much of that can be attributed to defenses being able to collapse on him is up for debate. But Matthews is a first-round talent if he can put things together and play to his abilities.

Comparison: Kirk Hinrich
Salary: $990,700*

Key: (*) Standard salary for players selected with that pick in 2016-17.

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