12 Michael Curry
Born: 08/22/68
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight: 210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
College: Georgia Southern '90
  Worked real hard on defense... Not a talented player... Poor stats... A leader.

Played college ball at Georgia Southern until 1990.
Never drafted by an NBA team.
Played for the Long Island Surf of the USBL in 1992.
Played in the CBA in 1992-93.
Signed with the Philadelphia 76ers in October 1993. Waived in December. Moved to Cantu (Italy) in later that season.
Signed with the the Detroit Pistons in 1994-95. Played for Girona (Spain) later that season.
Signed with the Washington Bullets in January 1996. Was soon released and joined the Detroit Pistons.
Signed with the Milwaukee Bucks in July 1997.
Moved to the Detroit Pistons in August 1999.
Traded to the Toronto Raptors in August 2003.
Signed with the Indiana Pacers in December 2004. Waived in March.
Named NBADL development vice president in September 2005.
Named NBA vice president of basketball operations in August 2006.
Named assistant coach by the Detroit Pistons in June 2007.
Named head coach by the Detroit Pistons in June 2008. Fired in June 2009.
Named associate had coach by the Philadelphia 76ers in July 2010.
 Named head coach by Florida Atlantic in April 2014.
Former president of the NBA Players' Association.