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We reached out to a front office official from another NBA team, a pro scout and an agent to seek out unbiased — OK, outside — opinions. Their take? There is blame to go around. The roster is an ill-fitting disaster. While Jackson tried to take the pressure off of coach Derek Fisher, the scout pointed out, “I think Derek is responsible. They don’t guard at all. You can be competitive with a bad team.” No one is unscathed at 5-36. Bergen Record

"Phil is right — this is his fault,” said a scout. “He took this job like, ‘I’m here, everything will be great.’ And then he gave away the assets he had.” Jackson stripped down the roster and gathered precious few assets in return. That leaves the Knicks with a roster that has very few pieces any other franchise would want. “The value of these guys were decimated after what’s happening,” said a front office executive. “All the assets value was not there, not working, so he cleaned out. I know it’s easier to get rid of people. The next part is the hardest part, getting good players to come forward. This is a process and it’s not happening overnight.” Bergen Record

January 11, 2015 Updates

Nearly halfway through the season, the Warriors are at the top, the Knicks under Derek Fisher are at the bottom. “I totally feel for [Fisher]. The NBA is a roller coaster. It’s really fun when you win, really devastating when you lose,” Kerr said. “Unfortunately it’s part of the gig, and I guarantee you I’m going to be facing that at some point in my career.” New York Post

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Later today, the Knicks are expected to sign guard Langston Galloway. The 23-year old was a member of New York’s D-League team in Westchester and participated in the Knicks Summer League session in Las Vegas this past July. “I do think he has the ability to be a lead guard in terms of initiating offense with the ball but also enough shot making ability to play more of a traditional off-guard type of a roll as well,” Fisher said. The Westchester Knicks operate in a similar fashion from a scheme standpoint, which should ease the transition process for Galloway. He also made an impression on Fisher during his Summer League stint. “Not being afraid of the moment as a young guy was really impressive over the summer and I think he has done some things in Westchester so far that tell us that he has the make-up of a guy that can develop into a pro player and we’re excited to have him here for a short period of time and I know he is going to try to make the most of it,” Fisher said. NBA.com

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Facing the Los Angeles media before the game, Fisher said the Lakers never reached out to him after last season, and the Knicks were the only offer he had to become a head coach. There were rumblings the Lakers had some interest in Fisher. A prevailing theory is Lakers president Jeanie Buss put the kibosh on it so her fiancee Phil Jackson could hire Fisher after the public-relations nightmare of getting spurned by Steve Kerr. “I never had any conversations with the Lakers of coaching the team,’’ Fisher said. “This was the only one. It doesn’t disappoint me in any way. I never pretended to run the Lakers or make decisions for them. I did the best I could when I played. They don’t owe me anything. I don’t owe them anything.’ New York Post

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The numbers didn't seem to bother Fisher. The rookie coach shared a laugh with rookie forward Travis Wear near the scorer's table with the Knicks down by 18 points late in the game. "It's been difficult," Fisher said of the losing, "but that doesn't define our life and whether we're good people or whether we know how to play basketball just because we're not winning right now. It just means you have a lot of work to do." Los Angeles Times

Before his Clippers sent first-year coach Derek Fisher and the Knicks to their NBA-high 29th loss on Wednesday night, Rivers talked about enduring a 24-58 campaign in Boston in 2006-07 before the Celtics turned things around quickly and won the NBA title the following season. “I’ve gone through it, a lot of coaches have. It’s no fun,” Rivers said before the Clippers’ 99-78 victory. “It’s very difficult to not win. I don’t care what you’re in. You play tennis, golf, basketball, as a player or coach, no one wants to lose. And it’s hard, really hard on the coach. I’ve been thr.ough it. It’s very difficult and you have to try to stick to your guns, teach, and you almost are trying to teach a culture over winning. And that’s hard. None of us are built that way. I know I wasn’t. New York Daily News

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