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Durant's contract runs through the 2015-16 season, so he has no immediate need for an agent. Durant could still go another direction with his plans, according to the person. This is the second agent change in the last two years for Durant, as he left longtime agent Aaron Goodwin in February 2012. His marketing profile was booming at that time, and he signed five-year, $85 million extension with the Thunder in the summer of 2010. USA Today Sports

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During the offseason, unrestricted free agent Matt Barnes was seriously being considered by the Knicks, according to the small forward's agent, Aaron Goodwin. But Goodwin told ESPNNewYork.com on Wednesday that it didn't pan out, likely because Mike Woodson was not interested. "Matt had a high interest in the Knicks, and Glen (Grunwald) and I spoke several times," Goodwin said. "We agreed that it was a position that was needed for the Knicks, especially defensively to advance. But in the end, I don't think the coach was truly on board." ESPN.com

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Regarding Matt Barnes' arrest Monday night, his agent, Aaron Goodwin, issued this statement to SI.com claiming there was a personal component to the arrest by Manhattan Beach police officer Steve Tobias. Tobias reportedly arrested the former Lakers forward and free agent because he had a warrant out for driving on a suspended license and also asserts that Barnes threatened him. Barnes has made a few public comments of his own on his Twitter page (@Matt_Barnes22) Barnes was out on bail shortly after the arrest was made. Sulia

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This group of childhood friends, who called themselves "The Four Horsemen," formally announced their arrival in 2005 when James fired agent Aaron Goodwin. They decided as a team they would determine the All-Star's fate off the court. The move seemed ridiculous at the time given their inexperience. Goodwin also had negotiated more than $135 million in endorsements for James, including a $90 million Nike contract. Yahoo! Sports

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Durant said he hasn't decided on a new agency, but FoxSports.com reported there are "rumblings" Durant might be headed toward CAA, which represents LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, among others. Goodwin's agency has lost LeBron and Dwight Howard in recent years as well. CBSSports.com

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Durant said before Friday's game against the Golden State Warriors that he appreciates what Goodwin has done for him "but it was time for me to move on." When he entered the NBA draft in 2007 after his freshman season at Texas, Durant signed with Goodwin's Seattle-based Goodwin Sports Management. Goodwin helped negotiate Durant's five-year, $86 million contract that Durant signed in July 2010. ESPN.com

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SPOX: How was the contact? Schöttner: Amazingly, Aaron Goodwin has called our manager Uli Eichbau directly on the phone. We were completely surprised them, that an NBA agent wanted to talk to us little Bayreuthers. Uli first thought that it was a joke, but in the course of the conversation it became clear that it is serious. Since the conversations are fair and objective, and those are professionals. SPOX.com

What really happened Monday was Stern and the owners backed the players into a corner with an ultimatum to accept their latest proposal, which included a 50-50 split of revenue. The players balked, citing system issues that would restrict movement of players and the value and length of contracts, and now a judge decides whether Stern and the owners are a bunch of intransigent bullies or the players have no merit on their claim and need to sign the deal or else. “I don’t think it detonates the season,” said Aaron Goodwin, the agent for Kevin Durant and a dozen NBA players. “Owners are still in a position to preserve a 72-game season. But they have to make the next move. It’s clearly in their court. Now it’s a totally different fight.” Washington Post

But what Stern is toying with destroying is worse: a mutually respectful relationship with his business partners going forward. His “take it or leave it” gamble backfired. Instead, the players have counter-punched in for the first time in forever, and the ball is back in the league’s court. “For years owners have treated players as if they are just their property — fining them over how they dress, act, everything,” said Aaron Goodwin, the agent for Kevin Durant and a dozen other NBA players. “This is the first time the players have the opportunity to say no. They feel like they’ve been negotiating against themselves for a month. This is a big moment for the relationship between players and owners from now on.” Whatever happens, I believe we’ll still have a 50- to 60-game season, if not more. Washington Post

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