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That would probably be good for college basketball. It would be good, too, for NBA coaches and general managers, who would be granted more time to watch players develop from prep stars into collegians. The argument could also be made that it is good for veteran NBA players, who would not be forced off rosters to make way for teenagers. But one group that is none too happy about the potential change: NBA agents. “It is the kind of rule that is good for the handful of people who are making the rule,” one agent told Sporting News. “It is good for the colleges, they get to exploit these kids’ labor for another year. It is good for teams who can wait another year to pay these players. It’s good for the NBA players already in the union. "But what about the kids? Who is to say that keeping them in college for another year is good for them? These guys are adults — they are allowed to go fight and die in Afghanistan or somewhere, but you won’t let them pursue their basketball career? It’s a joke.” Sporting News

March 13, 2014 Updates

NBA agent Jeff Schwartz: As a longtime and ardent supporter of the National Basketball Players Association, I am deeply troubled by the clandestine process to date in the search for the union's next Executive Director. This is a critical hire for the players, who have been impacted so negatively by the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement. Salaries are down leaguewide, contracts are shorter and include less guaranteed money than they once did and free-agent movement has been curtailed significantly at a time that NBA franchises are reaching record valuations. Leadership from the union's next Executive Director is essential to the ability of current and future generations of NBA players to restore many of the critical benefits that were lost in the last round of negotiations, but here we are again witnessing a search marked by the sort of troubling secrecy that has been synonymous with the NBPA for years. ESPN.com

The next Executive Director should not be selected by a small group operating in a cone of silence. Players and agents alike should be involved in the process. They should be asked to identify possible candidates, provide their input regarding candidates and, most importantly, contribute to the composition of a list of finalists that is openly distributed to players and agents for consideration and vetting before any candidate is put forward for a vote. The union's announcement at All-Star Weekend that the process will proceed with players receiving video presentations from the two reported finalists is a rushed process at best and a manipulation of the process at worst. Players and agents have the right and responsibility to meet and question candidates face-to-face. ESPN.com

The process leading to that selection, accordingly, must involve all of us who are concerned with the well-being of NBA players. The players have earned the right to find the most astute union head to protect and expand their interests in the 21st century. The next 10 years in the NBA are poised to be enormously profitable thanks to the fast-rising valuations of media rights and the global demand for the sport of basketball. The players have to make sure they are not left behind. The best way to do this is to bring the current process to an immediate halt and relaunch the Executive Director search again with the involvement of a larger group that includes the agents. ESPN.com

March 12, 2014 Updates

What’s the difference between the agent who’s also a lawyer, and the agent who’s not? Muhammad Abdur-Rahim: When you’re a lawyer, you’re held to a higher standard as an agent. When you’re a lawyer, you can’t recruit or solicit clients, otherwise it violates your ethical code. You risk not only losing your NBA license but your law license. If you see Andrew Wiggins walking down the street, you can’t go up to him and talk about representing him. As opposed to Bobby Ray who’s not a lawyer, he’s not held to those standards. So you’ll see a lot of agents who come in with law degrees, they don’t even renew their law license so they free themselves up to solicit clients. Another advantage is the education part of it. Contracts are legal documents. The CBA is a legal document, written by lawyers, and it governs everything our clients do, from the dress code to per diem to how much money they can make in salary. As a lawyer who’s trained to read those kind of documents, the better you understand them, the better you can advocate for your client. Dime

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One Knicks player recently told ESPN.com that the CAA ties were a problem in the locker room. "You see how guys from CAA are treated differently," the player said. "How they get away with saying certain things to coaches. How coaches talk to them differently than they talk to the other guys. It's a problem." ESPN.com

March 5, 2014 Updates

While the opportunity is non-existent with mainstream companies, more players are seeking out equity stakes with emerging brands—for example, Wade with Mission Athletecare—to expand their business portfolios. Most recently, Kevin Love and James Harden are now on board with a new sports drink called BodyArmor. NBA agent Todd Ramasar, the managing partner of Stealth Sports, chimed in on the significance of the equity tie-in for the player. "I think it works out better for the company and it works out better for the athlete," he said, "because the athlete is not just receiving a check. He feels like he's a part of the company because he's a shareholder or he has stock options or he has some equity. The athlete is more inclined to endorse the product above and beyond their contract. They want to see the company be successful because it affects their earnings off that deal." Bleacher Report

March 3, 2014 Updates

The Knicks fired GM Glen Grunwald last summer, never really explaining what he did to deserve being dismissed after building the team that had the franchise's most successful season in 13 years. They brought back former MSG executive Steve Mills to replace Grunwald. Mills' relationships with CAA, which represents Anthony, Woodson, assistant general managers Mark Warkentein and Allan Houston, are being counted on to deliver Anthony this summer and beyond. NBA.com

February 26, 2014 Updates

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Sports recently added Inside Sports & Entertainment Group (ISEG) to increase its marketing and hospitality services. CAA Sports is an industry leader among sports agencies, negotiating more than $5.3 billion worth of player contracts. It has also negotiated over $1 billion dollars in sponsorship transactions over the past 15 months. CAA’s major corporate clients have included Time Warner Cable, JPMorgan Chase, Farmers, The Bose Corporation, CDW, and Emirates Airline. “We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the team at Inside Sports & Entertainment Group, and have always been impressed by their stellar reputation, commitment to customer service, and level of innovation,” said Michael Levine of CAA Sports. “This expertise will be complementary to our existing sales and marketing efforts, providing a suite of additional service opportunities for our clients in such areas as corporate hospitality, event management and production, and beyond.” Sports Agent Blog

February 22, 2014 Updates

In the last two games, Bogdanovic has raised his three point shooting in the Euroleague Round of 16 from five to 11 percent , this after shooting 40 percent in the 10-game regular season. The 6'8" swingman recently hired Arn Tellem, the NBA's top agent, to rep him in dealings with NBA teams. He already has a European agent. The news has to be considered good news for the Nets who are likely to be locked in a tough competition for his services this summer. Fener wants to re-sign him and there's word Spanish power house F.C. Barcelona wants him as well. NetsDaily

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