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January 22, 2015 Updates

Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford joined the show to talk about their success this season. Horford said that he isn’t sure who the All-Star on the Hawks is even though they’re playing so well. Horford said that there is a lot of momentum for the Hawks in Atlanta – the fans seems to be getting into it. Horford said he’d welcome back GM Danny Ferry. The Dan Patrick Show

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These are the Atlanta Hawks, who are every bit as measured off the court as they are on it. These are grown men who go about the business of surgically dissecting two Western Conference contenders, then go en masse to a non-mandatory team dinner, something they do routinely after both wins and losses. The camaraderie is authentic, even if the personalities are, with a few exceptions, pretty mellow. “The reason it’s authentic is that everyone has bought in,” Al Horford said. “We enjoy working with each other.” ESPN.com

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"He's one of the elite, maybe the best, two-way big men in the league," one general manager said of Horford. "Without him, the Hawks are a fringe playoff team. With him, they can finish third in the league." ESPN.com

"When he's healthy, he's one of the top 25 players in this league," another high-ranking NBA executive said. "He plays both ends of the court, and that's what separates him from some of the other big men. Sure, Dwight Howard is better defensively -- but he can't really score. Kevin Love is a better offensive player, but he doesn't guard. Horford does it all." ESPN.com

December 22, 2014 Updates
December 3, 2014 Updates

They are back together this year. “I think it is so unique because Paul is a four but at times he plays like a three,” Horford said. “He can face-up. He can shoot the 3(-pointer) real well. He just knows how to play. He’s a really smart player. He’s efficient. The contrast really causes people problems. I’m starting to get more comfortable playing with him, finding my spots when he is making moves or vise versa. If I have the ball, I’m looking for him. It’s a process. We didn’t get to play much last season. We are still building that chemistry.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

November 24, 2014 Updates

Q: How is your relationship with coach Mike Budenholzer? Al Horford: "I'm very happy with the coach, with Mike. His system is similar to the method used by San Antonio. I feel comfortable. I respect Mike and I know that we have to follow his method to improve. We will do special things sooner rather than later." Q: Do you try to play like San Antonio? Al Horford: "At the end of the day it's the old system. We have different players, but the system is similar. Sure, we want to create our own identity. We don't want to be the 'Spurs East'. There are other teams with the same offensive system. We want our own identity, but I recognize that it is the Spurs' system." HoopsHype

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October 14, 2014 Updates

Al Horford’s name will enter trade talks. It happened in stealth mode last season, when the Hawks reached out to a select group and made it known that Horford could be had for the right price — including an unprotected 2014 first-round pick, per several league sources. Nothing materialized, and Horford is ready to return from another torn pectoral muscle. A healthy Horford is a top-20 player on a below-market contract that runs through 2015-16 — long enough that some team could talk itself into gambling on him. He could net a hefty return for the Hawks, who have been happily skipping down the “pretty good with cap room” path under Danny Ferry. Grantland

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