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Bynum came here with a positive attitude and for a while was arguably the hardest worker on the team. But I’ve maintained all along when he returned to the floor and still had pain in his knees, he began to question if this was all worth it – particularly while playing for a team that was losing two out of three nights. And when his attitude turned, it turned fast. By the way, I’ve spoken to a number of people who believe it’s not a coincidence the Cavs finally started to play better when Bynum left. Similarly, a lot of people believe it’s not a coincidence the Pacers crumbled once he arrived. Food for thought… Akron Beacon Journal

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Bynum, who was in practice gear but didn’t participate on Tuesday, admitted there’s some concern for his recent setback. After scoring 15 points and grabbing nine rebounds in exactly 20 minutes of work Saturday night in Detroit, Bynum has experienced significant swelling in his right knee to the point where he underwent an MRI and had it drained Monday afternoon. “This one is a little concerning for me because it caused a lot more fluid,” he said. “I haven’t had that much fluid in there since like the (2010) Boston Finals in L.A.” That was almost four years ago. “It’s not fun,” Bynum added. “It is what it is at this point.” Pacers.com

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But something's wrong here. Andrew Bynum is so big, Hibbert could pass for his younger brother. Bynum is so big, the Pacers are going to have to either invent a new nickname for him, or downsize Hibbert's. “He's huge,” Paul George said after Bynum's encouraging debut with the Pacers Tuesday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. “He's bigger than Roy. We call Roy the Big Dawg, but Bynum's probably bigger than Roy.” No, he is bigger than Roy. Has to be, regardless of what the roster stats show. “Humongous,” David West said. “He's enormous. I'm glad he's on our side.” NBA.com

The bench, which had contributed just four points in the previous game, a loss at Dallas, scored 31 points in this one. Bynum was a major part of that, because his mere presence created opportunities for fellow second-unit scoring threats Luis Scola (11 points on 5-of-7 shooting) and Evan Turner (nine points on 4-of-4 shooting). Asked how Bynum should best contribute to the Pacers, West had a quick answer. “His ability to command a double-team,” he said. “I don't know if it gets more simple than that. The NBA is about advantages, and if you've got a guy who can get two (defenders) to the ball before he even makes a move …” NBA.com

“Today it didn't bother me because of adrenaline and I had two months off, so it's going to feel good,” he said of his right knee. “The key is how it responds and how we can keep inflammation out. If we have inflammation, that starts the whole (troublesome) process. Right now we don't have any.” NBA.com

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Andrew Bynum could make his Pacers debut Friday. The Star's Candace Buckner spoke to Bynum and coach Frank Vogel on Sunday morning about the center's return. Bynum said he's "probably at 80 percent but good enough to go." Coach Vogel was a little hesitant to make any definite plans. "We'll see after how tonight's game goes and we'll probably meet about it tomorrow and try to come up with a firmer plan." Indianapolis Star

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