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Antoine Walker had everything. He won the NCAA Championship at UK in 1996. Then his dreams came true while playing in the NBA where he was a big star and won an NBA Championship. Of course with success comes many problems. You play over 80 games a year in the NBA and don't like to wear the same suit twice. Spending $300,000 a year in clothing? No big deal. Taking care of family members and friends? No big deal. Saying no was a big deal. He couldn't do it. "Ah, that played a huge problem, I think in my life not being able to say 'No,'" says Walker. "And I didn't hold friends, family accountable enough. I think sometimes when you are with friends and family you want the best for them, you have to hold them accountable. I never did that." LEX18.com

He's hoping ESPN or HBO picks up his story. He's hoping to either land a TV job or work for an NBA team. He's hoping to keep other 19-year-old athletes from being "stupid" like he was. LEX18.com

September 28, 2014 Updates

But now, after finally getting his finances in order -- Walker says he's "more confident" about sharing his story ... so that other pro athletes don't make the same mistakes he did. "I got robbed twice (at gunpoint) and my home was burglarized in 1999 ... as a result of having lots of money and some bad people around me," Walker says. The 38-year-old says he's written a book about his financial debacle -- and also signed off on a documentary about his life called, "My Road to Redemption" -- because he believes that telling his story is something he "needed to do." "If I can help bring down the number of athletes and entertainers who go broke ... then I feel I'm doing something to help the cause." TMZ.com

July 28, 2014 Updates

So to you this is beyond just a cautionary tale; it's time to learn because really situations like yours have been going on in sports too long. Walker: Yeah, but the thing is, we are already in that mindset. Take, for example, I remember when I started going through my situation, I'm buying a house, I'm buying a Maybach -- $350,000 to $400,000 for a car. That's a home! But at least [the] house, it holds some value and I can maybe make some money back off of it. The Maybach, once I drive it off the lot, is worth about $250,000 [Walker laughs]. That's $100,000 gone. Money I can't ever get back. So it's just the small things about us being educated on that we don't really think about. I think we are being told but we are competitive and always trying to outdo each other. And those things add up to us making these bad decisions. I been through it all, I've seen it all. I'm kinda the expert in the field; I know how this goes. ESPN.com

Does it hurt to find out who your friends aren't? Walker: It hurts because I'm for the most part genuine. I consider myself to be a loyal person, especially when it comes to a friend. I look at friendship as a very serious thing, so yes, it hurt. A lot of close friends of mine, a lot of people in the documentary, I've questioned them at times. Just the fact of being pure as far as, like, a casual phone call. Because when I was in the league, the phone calls came every day, every other day, all of the time. You know, "What we doing? We kicking it?" and that's disheartening sometimes, but those are the things you have to deal with as an individual and as a person when you look at yourself in the mirror and say, "God damn, ain't nobody true." ESPN.com

June 22, 2014 Updates

Antoine Walker’s past financial issues have been well-publicized. He is trying to move forward, with aspirations of working as an NBA coach or scout. But the former Celtics star does not want his troublesome experience to be forgotten without a purpose. Walker is scheduled to release a documentary detailing his past in “Gone In An Instant,” which will premier Monday in Boston. Boston Globe

Walker earned $108 million in his career but was forced to file for bankruptcy. Those financial issues led to the premature conclusion of his career, and perhaps are the reason he is seeking work in the NBA. Walker has been brutally honest about his mistakes and his story has become the preeminent example of financial mismanagement. “Over the last 3½ years, going through bankruptcy and going through trials and tribulations, it was good for me to finally get an opportunity to tell my story the proper way,” Walker said. “I was more excited to use this for a learning tool with younger guys coming up in the league and for youth coming up in general.” Boston Globe

“By me coming into the league at a young age, I really didn’t have a concept of money,” he said. “I thought a million dollars was a million dollars. I didn’t know it was $600,000. I never really understood taxes and investments and stocks and bonds. I want to give back to the youth so they can understand that. So many guys in the NBA coming into the league are so young and become millionaires at 18 or 19 years old.” Boston Globe

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Walker, on the other hand, is trying to find work in the NBA at age 37, having run into financial hardship. He averaged at least 20 points in five of his seven seasons in Boston and reached three All-Star Games. He watched Sunday’s Celtics-Nets game, in which Pierce and Kevin Garnett were saluted in their return, from his home in Chicago, without a tinge of bitterness but definitely with some what-ifs. “I knew it was going to be difficult for Paul and KG just because you’ve given your all, especially for Paul, a guy who’s played 15 seasons in Boston,” Walker said Monday afternoon. “The Boston fans have seen him grow from being a rookie to probably a first-ballot Hall of Famer. His number is definitely going up in the rafters. I knew it was going to be emotional for him.” Boston Globe

“I think what I did in Boston was great; I think it was good for the time,” he said. “We accomplished what we could accomplish with the personnel that we had. Me and Paul did a great job of being a high-scoring duo. I don’t think our personnel was at a championship level. I think they did a great job of adding two Hall of Famers in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. I still feel like we were a few pieces away. “Boston was great for me as an individual. As a player, the organization treated me great. I couldn’t ask for a better organization. I consider it my second home. When I came back with Dallas, just the standing ovation that I got, it’s heartwarming knowing the people appreciate the work ethic and the things you do.” Boston Globe

Being part of the same AAU programs and close to the same age, Pierce and Walker were close during their Celtics years. Walker was there for support during Pierce’s stabbing incident, and the two took the Celtics to the Eastern Conference finals in 2002. Over the past several years, however, the bond hasn’t been as strong. “We were very close when we played [together] but as our careers took different paths we lost a little connection there,” Walker said. “Paul’s gotten married. He has kids. I was going through what I was going through in my personal life, so we lost contact. I’m still very much connected to the game and watched his career grow and progress and still a huge fan of Paul’s. He’s still one of my top players in the league. “Sometimes different directions in life, you lose contact. But the bond that we shared for the years we played together will always been special. We’ve had an opportunity over the last few years to bump into each other over the summer and it’s always the same. The love is still there. We always have the utmost respect for each other, so I’m happy for him. He will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.” Boston Globe

October 8, 2013 Updates

Since his time in the NBA ended, Antoine Walker has often been cited as one of those cautionary tales for life after basketball. He blew through his fortune and filed for bankruptcy and retired after a failed comeback attempt in 2012. Sadly for Walker, it seems many of those people who may have stuck with him through the high times aren’t around anymore. For The Win

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Former Celtic Antoine Walker said Monday night he was “serious” after tweeting Monday morning that he was interested in the Celtics head coaching job. Walker, 36, more recently known for his well-chronicled financial issues and a premature end to his career, said he wants to work in the NBA and has head-coaching aspirations. “I want to be back in the game, I love the game and am a student of the game,” he said. “I want to stress seriously that I do want to become a coach . . . there’s a lot of guys starting to get opportunities and so the league is getting younger coaches. Obviously I’m lacking in experience but we’ve all got to start from somewhere.” Boston Globe

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