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On Friday night at Staples Center, where the chants of "Aus-tin Riv-ers" rained down in the most unexpected of ways and the basketball world celebrated this family-friendly story, it came as no surprise to anyone who knows these two that the men themselves weren't about to start co-directing their Hallmark movie. "Just keep playing," said Austin, whose 25 points on 10-of-13 shooting lifted the Clippers to a 124-99 win over the Rockets to put Los Angeles up 2-1 in the series. "That's all I can do, is just keep playing hard. That's all I can control is my hard work, and just keep attacking on both ends." USA Today Sports

But Doc did quite the opposite, dropping lines like, "They're all my sons," when asked about Austin's night, and saying, "You enjoy it a little bit, but not really," along the way. "He knows the way I think, though," Doc said. "We've got another game, and you've just got to be ready for the next game." Just keep playing, in other words. "Me and him just looked at it (the trade) as straight basketball," Austin said. "He wanted me to come over here because he thought I could help, and I wanted to come here because I felt like I could help. And to be on a team with these caliber of players could only benefit me." USA Today Sports

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When Doc Rivers walked into the locker room, the scene stopped him. Chris Paul called on the Clippers to congratulate the young guard responsible for saving the season and present him the game ball. Everyone clapped. Everyone let out a long, loud cheer for Austin Rivers. "For a moment, for a half second maybe, I became a dad in there," Doc Rivers told Yahoo Sports later on Sunday at the AT&T Center. The tears welled in his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away and stiffened in the concrete corridor. Yahoo! Sports

Wisely, there was no "I told you so," and no-one-believed-in-me defiance after Game 4. This was an immense performance at the crossroads of the Clippers season, but it was only one. Austin Rivers wants to do it again. That's how the criticism will stop. Play well again, and again. "This is something I know I can do," he said. Yahoo! Sports

"There's a whole bench, but Austin's always the piñata," Doc Rivers told Yahoo Sports. "The thing I don't like is that guys use that name to get hits. It's so cheap. And I hate that. All the way back, that always pissed me off. Guys writing about him just because it's going to get hits For that, I feel for him. It makes me think sometimes I wish I wasn't the dad in this case. "He's been a target his whole life." Yahoo! Sports

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