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When Doc Rivers walked into the locker room, the scene stopped him. Chris Paul called on the Clippers to congratulate the young guard responsible for saving the season and present him the game ball. Everyone clapped. Everyone let out a long, loud cheer for Austin Rivers. "For a moment, for a half second maybe, I became a dad in there," Doc Rivers told Yahoo Sports later on Sunday at the AT&T Center. The tears welled in his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away and stiffened in the concrete corridor. Yahoo! Sports

Wisely, there was no "I told you so," and no-one-believed-in-me defiance after Game 4. This was an immense performance at the crossroads of the Clippers season, but it was only one. Austin Rivers wants to do it again. That's how the criticism will stop. Play well again, and again. "This is something I know I can do," he said. Yahoo! Sports

"There's a whole bench, but Austin's always the piñata," Doc Rivers told Yahoo Sports. "The thing I don't like is that guys use that name to get hits. It's so cheap. And I hate that. All the way back, that always pissed me off. Guys writing about him just because it's going to get hits For that, I feel for him. It makes me think sometimes I wish I wasn't the dad in this case. "He's been a target his whole life." Yahoo! Sports

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Technically speaking, the Clippers are among the biggest offenders in the NBA. Matt Barnes, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan rank among the league leaders in technical fouls, which could have ramifications beyond sending the other team to the free-throw line. "At the end of the day they're human too," Austin Rivers said of referees, "so if it's a 50-50 call, do we get it? Probably not right now because they don't like us." Griffin intimated that he came out on the wrong end of a controversial charging call in the final minute of the Clippers' loss to the Houston Rockets on Sunday, though the NBA reviewed the play and said the call was correct. Los Angeles Times

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Although Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett showered each other with praise before Monday's game between the Clippers and Timberwolves, Austin Rivers wasn't as complimentary late in the fourth quarter, when both players received double technicals for jawing at each other. With 3:23 left in the game and the Clippers leading the Minnesota Timberwolves 102-97, Rivers looked like he intentionally bumped Garnett as he walked back to the Clippers bench. Garnett then elbowed him and pointed at him, and Rivers got in Garnett's face before both were given a technical foul. "I thought Austin should have punched him, personally," Doc Rivers said with a smile after the game. ESPN.com

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Dan Woike: Austin Rivers sore left foot is same injury he suffered in TOR. Doc said team might need to sign another guy Twitter @DanWoikeSports

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“If you look at our second unit scoring,” Austin told SheridanHoops, “it wasn’t really that…” Austin didn’t finish the sentence, but the Clips’ bench scoring hasn’t been very good. “That was the first thing that they actually really told me was scoring,” Austin said, referring to the moment when his dad and his front office cohorts mentioned acquiring him. “Right now we have Jamal [Crawford]. All the other guys can hit shots and make plays but we need another scorer in there.” SheridanHoops

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