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Celtics shooting guard Avery Bradley suffered a left thumb sprain during Sunday's loss and said that X-rays revealed there might be a small fracture. It didn't stop Bradley from returning to Sunday's game after the injury, and he said he doesn't believe he'll miss time moving forward. "It's been messed up, I think I fractured it today [when] I fell on it [going for a steal]," Bradley said. "But it's fine. It's not my shooting hand so I'll be OK. ... I'll just go out there and keep playing -- tape it up and keep playing." ESPN.com

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“I have confidence in myself and my teammates have confidence in me,” said Bradley. “I have confidence because I put the work in. I know if I’m not making the shot, Evan [Turner] can make the shot, Jared [Sullinger] can make the shot. That’s what kind of team we are. We all have to go out there and believe that we can make the shot. I just have the confidence in myself that every shot is going to go in.” Boston Globe

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"Well, I haven't played defense in a couple of years, you know I've been able to hide a lot with Avery Bradley on the ball," Rondo said casually after the Mavs’ shootaround. "He helped out, the young guy. But here, they expect me to play defense. In the West, if you don't play defense you'll get embarrassed every night at the point guard position. So I took it as a challenge to myself." SB Nation

Was he joking? One can never be sure of his intentions, but Rondo’s quote calls to mind an old Bob Dylan line: "Don’t ask me nothing about nothing, I might just tell you the truth." SB Nation

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Q: Tough to say goodbye to Celtics teammates? Rajon Rondo: “It happens so often in this league. It starts in training camp when you have to say goodbye to the guys that get cut. You are attached to them for a few weeks and they get cut. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve been friends with Jeff, Brandon and Avery for five years now. We still keep in touch. No one has died. We still have the same phone numbers and we keep in touch.” Boston Globe

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Sitting inside the locker room at Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine, earlier this week as the Celtics prepared for an exhibition game in conjunction with the Red Claws, Bradley shook his head while reflecting back to the series of events that helped jump-start his NBA career. "I was a completely different person when I came back from Maine," Bradley said. "I remember I came back, and I hadn't got a haircut, and they called me a 'man on a mission.' That first practice, when I dunked on Perk and Doc ended it, from that day on, I felt like I belonged in this league." ESPN.com

Does Bradley envision the D-League as being a good experience for Young? "It's not my place to say anything like that, but the one thing I can say is that, from personal experience, it did help me out a lot," Bradley said. "And it did help me gain that confidence within myself and, not only that, it let my teammates know that I'm not scared to play at the next level. It was really, really big for me." ESPN.com

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Bradley has been working feverishly to strengthen his body, hoping to avoid injuries and develop into the Celtics’ shooting guard of the future. “Basketball has been my getaway,” he said last week during his camp in Dartmouth. “Whenever I might have a bad thought in my head, I’ll just go to the gym. That’s how I relieve all my stress. Sometimes I’ll go to the gym five times a day. That’s really been my outlet. My friends call me a gym rat but even if I am just sitting in the gym, I’ll look at the court and just imagine myself on it sometimes.” Boston Globe

“I remember KG [ Kevin Garnett] and those guys would tell me, 10 years is going to go by like that and I’m already five years in,” he said. “It hits home for sure because I’m taking a leadership role. I’m open to taking it and not only that, I’m excited to take it. I feel like I can teach the younger guys a lot, all the stuff that I’ve been through, all the stuff that I’ve learned from the amazing players I was blessed enough to play with.” Bradley and Rondo are the Celtics’ projected starting backcourt and the two have grown closer over the years. “He has helped me a lot,” Bradley said. “It just shows, man, I just love playing with him. I know he’s happy here. I know he likes the whole organization and this is his home now and I know that he’s comfortable here and we’re all happy to have him here.” Boston Globe

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