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“He’s been great for us so far, and I think all the guys responded well to him. I think all the guys like him. He’s done a great job coaching us,’’ said Williams, who is averaging 20 points per game and 8.8 assists during the Nets’ four-game winning streak heading into tonight’s game against the Suns at Barclays Center. “We lost a head coach, but then we gained another one. He’s coached a lot of teams in this league as a head coach. Like I said, he’s doing a great job.’’ New York Post

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But the Nets insist, publicly and privately, that their decision to fire Johnson was independent of Williams' opinions. If Williams was so set against playing for Johnson, they ask, why did he re-sign with Brooklyn in the summer, when he could have easily signed with Dallas as a free agent and played in Rick Carlisle's "flow" offense, a much more compatible system? (There is the not-small matter of the $20 million or so more Williams made by staying in Brooklyn instead of going to Dallas.) NBA.com

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“It’s exciting in a way, to have the opportunity to start over,” Brooks said after scoring nine points in 20 minutes in the Nets’ 97-81 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday night, making a winner out of interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo in his debut. “For whatever reason, me and Avery didn’t really mesh too well. He wasn’t playing me that much, but he taught me a lot, and I’m just going to take (what I learned) to P.J.” ESPN.com

Sources briefed on the situation told ESPN.com this week that Johnson besieged his bosses for a contract extension before the season, convinced that he wouldn't have the hammer to coach the Nets as needed in the face of sky-high expectations if he was calling the shots with an expiring contract. The Nets declined those overtures, opting to avoid locking themselves into a coach, but they also figured that they'd be no worse than a top-five team in the East without having to make a coaching change no matter what sort of bench uncertainty lingered. ESPN.com

Johnson began this season with a blindfold and a cigarette and it was only a matter of time. Did it matter that he was the conference coach of the month in November? Apparently not. That would have been the ideal time for the Nets to announce they had locked up their coach for the next few years. They were 11-4. “Three weeks ago, they were playing as well as anybody,’’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers said of the Nets after learning of Johnson’s firing. “The NBA is a league of ebbs and flows. That’s the way it is. You go on good streaks. You go on bad ones. I thought it was awful quick to make a change.” HoopsHype

Johnson was said to be quite surprised when the news came down on Thursday that he would no longer be the head coach. He shouldn’t have been. He didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. He’s been around long enough to know that it had to be coming the moment Prokhorov told him ‘nyet’ on a contract extension. That’s not an excuse. That’s just the way it is. Yes, there may have been locker room issues, but those things can be exacerbated when you have the situation that was going on in Brooklyn. “In this business, you got to have the power, in terms of the ability to coach – and the respect,” Johnson said. “It would help if you do have a contract that the players respect. That’s the nature of our business.” HoopsHype

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Less than a month later, the award can be used to wrap fish. After ownership called and asked many within and outside the organization for input, Johnson was notified yesterday he was being canned. “It was ownership,” said general manager Billy King when asked who made the call. New York Post

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