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Donovan accepted an offer to coach the Magic in 2007, after the Gators’ second consecutive national championship, but reconsidered and stayed at Florida. He again offered diplomatic answers Friday about potentially coaching in the N.B.A. “Who knows? They may get sick of me at Florida and want me to move on,” he said. “But I don’t like coming out and making bold predictions or statements. I would say right now I’m extremely happy with my life right now at the University of Florida.” New York Times

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino was even asked if he thought Donovan would want to coach the Knicks. Pitino was coach of the Knicks from 1987 to 1989 and had Donovan on the roster. Donovan also played for Pitino at Providence. “He would never coach the Knicks,” Pitino said. “I know him. He grew up in New York, but he’s not a New Yorker.” Asked if he was still a Knicks fan, Donovan said: “I love the Knicks. I grew up buying $5 tickets in Madison Square Garden and sneaking my way down as close as I could to the court.” New York Times

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So Silver proposes forcing players to stay in college an extra year, meaning NCAA basketball would be be filled with even more prospective NBA wannabes, who would be forced to go from one-and-done in college to two-and-through. Donovan's stance is he doesn't want the extra year of headaches and distractions that come from players who have no desire to be in college. "College basketball coaches and programs are taking on all the risks," Donovan says. "The kid doesn't want to be in college and wants to be in the NBA, but because of the rules, he has to stay in college. Now you're opening yourself up for potential NCAA violations. … You've got players like Jabari Parker [Duke] or Julius Randle [Kentucky], and there is so much coming at these kids. If a kid takes something he's not supposed to take or he is enticed into something, it's the colleges that are put in harm's way." Orlando Sentinel

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Billy Donovan had proven more than loyal in building the Florida men’s basketball program through 17 seasons. But in a candid interview with Dan LeBatard on AM 790 in Miami, Donovan sounded like a coach still with an itch to work in the NBA someday. When asked if he’s ruled out ever coaching in the NBA, Donovan said. “The one thing that I think is always intriguing the older is the fact that (the NBA) is just all about basketball. I love the practices, I love the games, I love doing individual instruction and and breaking down tape and game planning and doing those things. GatorSports.com

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