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February 10, 2015 Updates

Teams have been talking about Brandon Bass since early in the season, but, so far, no one’s come close to offering anything to pry him away. “It’s crazy,” said one Western Conference source. “People have seen how well he’s played in Boston, but it’s as if they’ve backed off him because of how he played in Dallas or Orlando. I don’t get it. We don’t have a need for him right now, but whoever gets him is going to like what he can do, even if it’s just in limited minutes.” Boston Herald

February 4, 2015 Updates

Surely, Bass must be looking around at the decimated Celtics roster and wondering, ‘What about me?’ Bass is having a good year and doing his usual thing—playing defense and knocking down midrange jumpers—while also slated to become a free agent this summer. He’s a perfect rental for a postseason aspirant. Still, interest in Bass has been slight to this point, though teams like Phoenix and Portland are possible destinations. Sporting News

January 25, 2015 Updates

To this point, Danny Ainge has not received a deal enticing enough to give up the versatile forward, but it’s likely been hard for him to demand much value for a guy who doesn’t see the floor for more than 20 minutes a night on a rebuilding team. The good news for Ainge is that reality has changed for Bass in the last couple days. Olynyk’s latest injury has provided the Celtics and Bass with a valuable opportunity that will continue in the coming weeks: A chance for Bass to showcase his ability. Boston Globe

January 13, 2015 Updates
January 5, 2015 Updates
January 2, 2015 Updates

Q: Tough to say goodbye to Celtics teammates? Rajon Rondo: “It happens so often in this league. It starts in training camp when you have to say goodbye to the guys that get cut. You are attached to them for a few weeks and they get cut. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve been friends with Jeff, Brandon and Avery for five years now. We still keep in touch. No one has died. We still have the same phone numbers and we keep in touch.” Boston Globe

“Why would you want out? I don’t think that. He never told me that,” said Bass. “This was home for him. I thought he would go on to finish his career here — do it like Dirk Nowitzki. What better way to start and finish your career. . . . I know if it’s Rondo it’s going to be a big deal (tonight) — someone who spent the first nine years of his career here, kind of grew up in the city of Boston, it will be an emotional night.” Boston Herald

“It was tough for me to watch the videos, man,” said Bass. “Especially when Paul came back. I just felt like Paul had been here his whole life, and it was very emotional for him. KG as well. I don’t know, man, Rondo may be able to handle it well. “It’s going to be tough to see him on the other side, but I’m still going to try to butt his head, though,” he said. “I’ve talked to him, wished him well and told him how much I enjoyed playing with him. He felt the same way, but man, I didn’t want to keep talking about it. “Let it go, man. I didn’t really get emotional, but I thought about it as I kept talking to him and I was like, damn, man. I kept it short and sweet.” Boston Herald

January 1, 2015 Updates
December 29, 2014 Updates

"It ain’t my job to take it no kind of way," said Bass. "My job is to work with what we have. That’s what I do. It’s sad to see Rondo leave, but at the end of the day, it’s a business. Every year here somebody left. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got. I am a firm believer that, I don’t believe in looking for no people to come join a team -- I ain’t into looking and searching for a team to go to win a championship. That’s not who I am. I’m into working with what we’ve got and making the best of it." ESPN.com

December 19, 2014 Updates
November 23, 2014 Updates

Brandon Bass has continued to play very well for the Celtics, which means there’s a chance he may not be with the team this entire season. Scouts and opposing front-office types have begun to speak and inquire about the 29-year-old forward, a practice that’s generally a precursor to discussing a trade. Danny Ainge could not be reached on whether teams have called about Bass — not that he would say anyway — but it certainly makes sense. Boston Herald

His teammates and coach certainly have appreciated the way he’s gone about his business, playing hard and well and not lamenting the fact he signed for a contending situation and now is part of a rebuilding group. “If there’s a team competing for a championship and they could steal him, that’d be big,” said Rajon Rondo. “He’s one of the best mid-range shooters in the league. “He’s a professional. That’s why he’s here. That’s why he’s getting paid the big bucks. He does what it takes to stay at this level, and he’s playing at a high level. Regardless of whether he’s starting or coming off the bench — you know, there are nights where he may play 30 (minutes) or play 10 — he’s consistent. He’s always been really consistent and ready to go.” Boston Herald

October 19, 2014 Updates
October 6, 2014 Updates

“When I’m in the locker rooms with the guys, I always try to explain to them how to prioritize when you’re in college,” said Bass. “I tell them you’ve got to put school first, basketball second, and then the girls. If you flip it all the way around, you’ll be at LSU for a couple more years or you won’t be able to live your dreams in the NBA and you’ll be in the neighborhood leagues.” Basketball Insiders

October 4, 2014 Updates
July 11, 2014 Updates
February 20, 2014 Updates

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