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December 12, 2014 Updates

Carmelo Anthony says a published report stating that he is considering waiving his no-trade clause to green light a trade for the New York Knicks is false. "Come on, man. After all the work I did to get here and get back here? If I was to get up and want to leave now that would just make me weak, make me have a weak mind," Anthony said on Friday morning. "I've never been a person to try to run from any adversity or anything like that so I'm not going to pick today to do that." ESPN.com

Anthony's agent, Leon Rose, said the idea that Anthony wanted to leave the Knicks is "utter nonsense." "Carmelo, as always, is committed to the Knicks," Rose said in a text message to ESPNNewYork.com on Friday. "There have never been discussions about trades or wanting to leave New York. Any story, rumor, report to the contrary is utter nonsense." ESPN.com

"For me it's just a matter of doing what I do best, and that's performing on the basketball court and going out there and trying to win games. At the end of the day that's all that matters, that's all that will solve anything that's going on, anything that's being said -- is winning basketball games. If we were winning we wouldn't be sitting here talking about a story out there saying I want a trade or knee problems or this or that. We wouldn't be sitting here talking about that if we were winning. So it comes with the territory. We have to deal with it. I have to deal with it. I accept it. That doesn't make it right, but I accept it." Newsday

“Yeah, yeah, for sure,” Anthony said when asked if he’s bothered by his commitment to the Knicks being questioned. “I guess when you’re losing games everything gets questioned. That’s the state where we’re at as a team. That’s the state we’re at as individuals, or should I say myself. But it comes with the territory. It’s gonna be for me to kind of defend myself, but at the end of the day, that’s not gonna prove nothing, that’s not gonna do anything. Newsday

This is how bad it has gotten for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks: Five months after swearing his allegiance to New York and signing a five-year, $124 million contract, sources told The Post the All-Star forward would be open to dropping his no-trade clause if team president Phil Jackson strikes a deal with a team Anthony would like to play for. New York Post

For now, Anthony has no desire to be traded, but his willingness to consider giving up the no-trade clause shows how frustrated he has become with the Knicks’ historically bad start to the season. The Knicks have lost 10 straight games — two shy of a team-record — and at 4-20 have the most losses in the NBA, one more than the laughingstock Sixers. New York Post

A trade to a contender would be a financial boon to Anthony as he has a trade kicker attached to his contract that is worth 15 percent of the remaining value at the time of the deal. That kicker was put in place by Anthony’s handlers to deter teams from approaching the Knicks about Anthony. He would receive a lump-sum payment of roughly $17.5 million if he is traded Monday. “He thought things would be better than this, but he still wants to stick it out for now, ’’ a source said. “He trusts Phil, but I think he’s afraid of Phil.’’ New York Post

December 11, 2014 Updates

As far as hearing criticism from his teammates, Anthony revealed that there was a players-only meeting on Saturday at the team’s practice facility in which various concerns were raised, but he denied it had become particularly contentious. “Everybody had a platform to speak their piece, and what they felt about what’s going on, and how we can better the situation,” Anthony said. “But it wasn’t no pointing fingers or anything like that, or solely pointing me out to be blamed.” New York Times

Hardaway confirmed he jawed with Anthony on the court last week, but called it a “heat of the moment type of deal.” “Everybody in this locker room is treated as brothers,” he added. “We’re a family and we’ve moved on.” New York Daily News

A source said Anthony and Hardaway were once closer, texting each other often during July’s free agency as Melo pondered his decision. But they no longer are as tight. “We’re brothers,’’ Hardaway said. “They get into heat-of-the-moment things and make up afterward. I looked at Melo as a mentor since I’ve been here.’’ New York Post

Hardaway’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, was furious at the accusation there’s a serious rift between Anthony and Hardaway. “There’s no ill will between Tim and Carmelo — it’s just the opposite,” Bartelstein said. “Carmelo has helped out Tim a lot, they have a great relationship and Carmelo has been very supportive. It’s very hurtful and untrue.’’ New York Post

New York’s leading scorer said the rest in late November actually helped his knee pain and he felt much better when jumping back on the floor at the Garden to conclude the month. Anthony will figure the next course of action as the Knicks square off against the Spurs and finish the three-game road trip in Boston. “I will explore as many other options as I can before I go under the knife and get surgery because I can’t even tell you exactly what is the problem,” Anthony cautiously said. NBA.com

December 10, 2014 Updates

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