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Did you realize that you were among active players the guy who had played in the most regular-season games without a playoff appearance? Yes, I was aware of that. I try not to think about it, try to forget about it, but I knew it existed. Yeah, it was frustrating, for sure, every year preparing and having faith. Then that year’s going to be over and same result, same result, same result, year after another. Ten years, you know? It took me 10 years to finally get there. How sweet is it to finally break that drought? It feels good. It feels good. The stormy days are past me. I’m glad the drought is over. It’s going to be behind me, and hopefully I can play for another 10 years and make the playoffs in those 10 years. [Laughs.] ESPN.com

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What really happened b/w Rondo and Coach Carlisle? Charlie Villanueva: Hmmm...well, two competitors who love the game…who want to win. Basketball is an emotional game. They are two strong-minded people. They had their disagreement but it is part of basketball. Things like that happen on every team and you go through it, move on and hopefully it makes the team better and stronger. Charlie Villanueva

How anxious are you to play in your first NBA playoff game? Charlie Villanueva: Honestly, I hate this question. You know why? My thought process is let me first get there. It is important for us to finish the season strong, get a good seed and hopefully home court advantage. I am excited about the possibility of having a real chance to win an NBA championship BUT I cannot emphasis this enough…the regular season comes first. One game at a time. Charlie Villanueva

How has life been living with Alopecia? Was it hard at the very beginning? Is it hard when you go to a new team? Charlie Villanueva: It was extremely difficult dealing with it in the beginning. Especially from the ages of 13-16. Kids can be really cruel. Not only that, my situation was that I had hair and then I lost it. Dealing with the change. My self esteem and confidence wasn’t there. At times it puts you in a state of depression. But once I learned my purpose in life and what I had to be…I feel like I was the chosen one. One of my purposes in life is to help others. As far as affecting me on a basketball team, it didn’t. I think people know it is my look. They may not know that I am dealing with Alopecia or what it is, but they know this is my look. And I'm proud of that. Charlie Villanueva

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Charlie Villanueva: Over the last two weeks, I have been involved with my “Charlie’s Angels” community program. If you’re not familiar with the ‘Charlie’s Angels” program, basically...it’s a meet & greet program that I’ve been hosting since I was a rookie typically taking place on the road. I get the blessed opportunity to hang out with a group of children and their parents affected by the skin condition: Alopecia Areata, which I’ve had since I was 10. Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease, which results in hair loss on the scalp and/or elsewhere on the body. In my case, I have the alopecia universalis type, which results to complete hair loss, head-to-toe. Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva: It’s crazy to me, but there are a lot of people out there that still think I shave my eyebrows...SMH! It’s crazy when I think about it...10 years in the league and I must have met thousands of kids and folks from all over dealing with alopecia, and yet still people wonder. As the spokesperson for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, it’s my job to encourage these kids and even adults, give them the confidence and hope they can overcome alopecia. The biggest ordeal that I constantly come across with, whether it’s from the kids themselves or from the parents...for the most part they all same the thing...one of their biggest struggles is being ‘accepted’. Being accepted in today’s ruthless society. This had me thinking.... Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva: PS—Wanna say RIP Stuart Scott. I got a few chances to meet the man and he was full of life and passion. My brother, Rob C., actually worked with him at ESPN and he told me that the night I scored 48 points my rookie year Stu said, “Your brother can’t get 2 more? FIFTY sounds better on TV”. LOL. One of my close friends is also close with Stu and all he says is how genuine and golden the man was. RIP my man. Your legacy in sports and your fight will live forever, Boo-yah! Charlie Villanueva

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Charlie Villanueva: "All my tats (and I am not done inking myself) mean something to me, but especially this “believe” tat. When the last NBA season ended, I was talking to my agency (Excel Sports) and my brothers and we all decided to take that slogan and make it into a campaign…”Believe in Charlie”. To me, if you aren't going to believe in yourself then who is? I had to believe and have faith in myself last Summer during a critical off-season…it was the first time I was in a situation where my basketball future was uncertain. BUT the campaign isn't only about me. It is about everyone believing in themselves. I encourage people to do that because I know that it is an important part of success. The campaign, the slogan goes WAY beyond me, WAY beyond basketball." Charlie Villanueva

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Charlie Villanueva: On his decision process of choosing the Mavericks over the Clippers: "To be honest, when I was with coach [Rick] Carlisle it just seemed so real. He was speaking from the heart. That's what I loved about him. Obviously, his resume speaks for itself. Just sitting down to talk to him man to man. I was there for two days and he personally worked me out both days. It just showed how much he cared about his players and wants his players to be successful. The thing that he always said was like, if I did decide to come here that he would make sure that I would become a better player. Not to take nothing away from what the Clippers and Doc Rivers is doing, but it just felt right with Rick. It was just a feeling. I went with a feeling in my gut and I feel like I made the right move." Dallas Morning News

Charlie Villanueva on how he proposed to his fiancée: "Well the good thing is that my lady so happened to be from Dallas. That kind of worked out. I was nervous, to be honest. I've never been that nervous in my life. It was worse than sitting in the green room waiting for my name to be called. I went out to dinner and took her to the American Airlines Center and that's where I did it. I just felt like it was right, her being from Dallas, watching the Mavericks growing up to now being with a Maverick. I just felt like doing it in Dallas was the right spot." Dallas Morning News

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Since the immediate move, I arrived and got a good vibe for Dallas. It truly feels like home. Everyone here complements each other (on and off the court) and for the first time in a long time I am really excited about basketball again. I think it has been well documented that the two teams that had the most interest in me (and that I had the most interest) were the LA Clippers and the Dallas Mavs. My meetings and workouts with Coach Doc and his staff were first class. That being said, there was something about Dallas that simply felt right. I can’t really explain it... Anyway, I am going to keep riding this roller coaster until the end...and then probably get back on because life is a roller coaster...you can’t quit, but it's important to enjoy the ride. Gotta believe...things happen for a reason. Always evolving... Charlie Villanueva

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