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May 21, 2015 Updates

Despite signing an agreement to coach a Chinese tour, Allen Iverson has been pushed so hard to play by local promoters in Harbin, China, that officials held the 11-time NBA All-Star in the city and delayed his next stop, sources told RealGM on Thursday. Iverson won in his head coaching debut Wednesday, leading Team Iverson to a 10-point victory over Lioning. A future basketball Hall of Famer, Iverson no longer has a desire to play, thus signing a coaching deal for the tour. Still, local promoters in Harbin wanted him to step outside of his contract and put on a jersey, later preventing him to move forward on the tour against his will, sources said. RealGM

Iverson remained on the sideline as coach, and after the game went to a promotional dinner that included Yao Ming. When Iverson readied to depart for a 6 a.m. flight Thursday to Xi’an, sources say local fans and promotors closed off transportation, leaving him without a plane until later in the day. There was strong support within Iverson’s family to scrap the tour and return to the United States. As one source told RealGM, “He did everything he could to leave for his next city, and they still held him hostage. For a guy who's beloved in China, it was ridiculous.” RealGM

May 19, 2015 Updates

"If it's a team like Philly, how could they draft [Karl-Anthony] Towns or [Jahlil] Okafor if they have the first pick, when they already have Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid? And they traded Michael Carter-Williams [this season]," one Eastern Conference general manager said. "Maybe they move down and pick two or three, but [Emmanuel] Mudiay or [D'Angelo] Russell could go No. 1. Sam Hinkie is a wild card. He was the only GM to see Mudiay in person in China." "I think it's open at the top," another East general manager said. "I think there's a lot of talent up there, and it's fairly deep. It wouldn't shock me if one of the guards went No. 1." Bleacher Report

Mudiay, who can speak French, understands how to adjust to new cultures. He went from being born in the Congo to living in the states for high school and then heading to China to play professionally. Even though he sprained his ankle there and missed most of the season—he's been healed for a few months—he stuck out his contract and put in the rehab and shooting work. "One of my clients is Yi Jianlian, and he played with Emmanuel in China," Joe Abunassar said. "The first thing he said to me about Emmanuel was, 'He's a good kid and a hard worker and a really good player.'" Bleacher Report

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May 10, 2015 Updates

Beijing has extended the contract with former NBA star Stephon Marbury to 2017, the team's coach Min Lulei confirmed on Friday. "The team has extended the contract with Marbury for one year until 2017, which means he will play for Beijing for two more seasons," said Min while attending a forum at Beijing Sports University on Friday. China.org.cn

The 38-year-old Marbury, who signed a three-year contract with Beijing in 2013, has just led the team to their third and second straight Chinese basketball league title and was voted the CBA finals MVP. Min said: "Although Marbury is almost 40 years old, I believe in his ability and attitude. The team will give him a proper training schedule, and limit his playing time to save his energy while competing in future games." China.org.cn

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April 18, 2015 Updates

Stephon Marbury has a statue in front of the arena, a play based on his life, three Chinese Basketball Association titles and now will have a postage stamp named in his honor in a ceremony Saturday in Beijing, according to the former Knick. The Coney Islander has won three titles for the Beijing Ducks in four years, including last month’s triumph over the Liaoning Flying Leopards, during which he was series MVP. “It’s starting to take on a life of its own,’’ Marbury told The Post on Friday. New York Post

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But new Wizards guard Will Bynum, who signed a 10-day contract with Washington last Friday, was the 27-year-old Yi’s teammate in China on the Guangdong Southern Tigers for three months earlier this year and emphasized Yi is capable of an NBA comeback. “Yi’s [expletive] good,” Bynum said after Wizards practice Thursday. “I played against him when he was here too, when he was in Milwaukee and Jersey. He got a whole lot better. He’s physical now. He always could shoot the basketball. He’s rolling. Yi’s tough, man. He’s a matchup nightmare over there.” Washington Post

“He said he would but it has to be the right situation with the right point guard where they believe in him,” Bynum said. “But Yi can definitely be a force over here.” Washington Post

He stuck it out in China, rehabbed his ankle, brought his mother over to live with him, and even developed close bonds with teammates to the point that he was calling Guangdong captain Zhu Fangyu his “Chinese Brother.” Developing relationships with teammates went a long ways and earned a lot of respect in the locker room. Instead of being the prima-donna big shot hype from America, Mudiay was now just one of the guys. Exactly the way Mudiay wants it, his natural point guard mentality of putting everyone else first showing through. HoopsHype

One would think as an 18 year old in China with deep pockets, extra down time, and all the foreign media attention on him, there would be a few stories here and there popping up of Mudiay run-ins with the law, extravagant parties, or even just late nights out in the city. Nope, none. I asked numerous knowledgeable trusted sources in China to find any interesting behind-the-scenes story that they could provide on Mudiay, but to no avail. Clean as a whistle. A far cry from another American import a couple years earlier – JR Smith. HoopsHype

March 29, 2015 Updates

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