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May 13, 2015 Updates

Chris Bosh, on NBA TV tonight: "Yes, I will be ready on Opening Night. I’m looking forward to being the best version of myself in 2015-2016 at the start. I’m very excited, this has given me time to think and reflect on my life and everything that’s going on. I miss basketball right now and I think that’s good for me.” Miami Herald

May 12, 2015 Updates
May 5, 2015 Updates

Bosh appeared for an hour on ESPN Radio on Monday and recounted the scariest episodes leading up to his season ending in February. “In Boston, we actually won that game, but I couldn’t breathe,” he said, referring to a Feb. 1 game at TD Garden. “I was like, ‘Man, I can’t breathe. Something’s wrong with me. I can’t breathe.’ You try to take a deep breath and I couldn’t do that.” Palm Beach Post

He was pressed as to why he played through it rather than let the Heat’s training staff know about the issue. “I know, I’ll never do it again,” Bosh said. “It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I wish I could go back and tell myself not to do those things, but I’m lucky to be alive. I am. I took that as a lesson to stop trying to be a tough guy all the time. That’s kinda how we’re trained, to just suck it up and throw some dirt on it and get back out there. Palm Beach Post

April 17, 2015 Updates
April 14, 2015 Updates
April 13, 2015 Updates
April 6, 2015 Updates

Yes, he said, he remains intrigued about playing alongside Chris Bosh, who was declared out for the season with blood clots on his lung two days after Dragic was acquired from the Phoenix Suns at the NBA trading deadline. "Definitely, it would be easier than now," Dragic said of this uneven playoff quest. "He's a fantastic player. We would have one more option in the offense, and you know that you can count on him." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

April 1, 2015 Updates
March 27, 2015 Updates

Buyers looking for a piece of property with a scenic view of the canyons and hills in Southern California need not look any further. Miami Heat player Chris Bosh has been looking for a new owner to take care of his Pacific Palisades mansion and he even sweetened the deal by slashing off $1.5 million to the price. Realty Today

March 25, 2015 Updates
March 20, 2015 Updates

Bosh was off the bench and halfway down the court after Wade’s impossible floater to tie the score with 41 seconds to play, and again when Wade knocked down that 15-foot fadeaway jumper to give the Heat the lead with 13.6 seconds left. “For me, it just gives me joy to see him over there, and me and him have a lot of laughs and conversations throughout the game,” Wade said. “Just knowing everything that happened and how scared we were, seeing him out there and celebrating and cheering with us, that gives you something extra.” Wade has been playing with a little something extra this week, scoring 32 points in back-to-back games. He was 13 of 18 from the field on Monday in the Heat’s victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he shot 13 of 26 against the Trail Blazers. Miami Herald

March 12, 2015 Updates

The current list of sidelined NBA stars is sobering—Derrick Rose, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Steve Nash—but it is not the worst season on record. Not even close, according to Jeff Stotts, who tracks injury trends on his website, InStreetClothes.com. Stotts' data indicates that this season will, in fact, end up falling below the average for the last 10 seasons. Through the 60-game mark, NBA teams had lost 3,165 player-games to injury, putting the league on pace for 4,326 games lost this season. That's below the 10-year average of 4,577 and well short of last season's mark of 4,989 games lost. Bleacher Report

March 9, 2015 Updates

In another encouraging step, the Heat said that Bosh is scheduled to resume "full basketball activities" in September, which would indicate that he expects to be able to play when training camp for the 2015-16 season starts. Bosh will be evaluated later this month and if cleared, "may begin regular exercise with plans to start strength training next month," the team said. The Heat released the statement from team thoracic surgeon John DeRosimo and team cardiologist Ed Neff. "I knew I was going to play basketball again," Bosh said during a brief news conference, his first public comments since he was diagnosed with blood clots on one of his lungs last month -- a condition that the 10-time All-Star estimates he played with for about three weeks before finding out why he was in such pain. ESPN.com

It was all part of a very hectic Monday for Bosh: Earlier in the day, 35 Heat employees arrived via bus at his house and surprised him by dropping off 10,000 get-well cards. Bosh was in the driveway, basking in the sun and beaming as he held one of the many overstuffed boxes. He's been able to do some walking and is now taking short drives, but nothing taxing. "I'm doing a lot better," Bosh said. ESPN.com

Don't let anyone tell you the relationship between fans and pro athletes is all business. We should know better than that by now, especially after what happened to Chris Bosh on Monday afternoon. Thanks to Heat fans everywhere, Bosh received more than 10,000 cards and signed messages, specially delivered via bus by the team's dancers and staffers. Sporting News

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