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Early in the fourth quarter, with 9:18 remaining, Copeland and Heat forward Shawne Williams (Indiana’s 2006 first-round pick) tangled underneath the hoop. Boom. A double-technical was handed out. “He started coming at me crazy,” Copeland recalled. ”I held my own and didn’t say nothing crazy. … I didn’t back down and the refs felt like cleaning up the situation, which I can understand.” A player’s first five technicals cost $2,000 each before the cost increases. “It’s all good,” he said, understanding but disappointed. “It’s a heated game. I wasn’t even trying to there with him, he just turned around and felt some kind of way.” Vigilant Sports

Technical fouls are handed out much more frequently overseas, Copeland said. During his five years abroad, he had stops in Spain, Germany, and Belgium before joining the Knicks in 2012. “Yeah, I had a lot more overseas,” he said with a big smile. “They pick on you overseas because I’m an American. Still, even there, I was cool with most of the refs. I’m really a peaceful guy.” Vigilant Sports

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One of president Phil Jackson’s big decisions this season is whether to trade J.R. Smith, and the club had recent conversations with the Pacers regarding ex-Knick Chris Copeland, according to a league source. The 6-foot-9 Copeland, whom the Pacers signed in July 2013, has an expiring contract after bolting the Knicks for a two-year, $6 million deal, so he wouldn’t affect their 2015 cap space. New York Post

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“I started to trim up during the last month (of the season) and I started feeling better even though I didn’t play a lot so people couldn’t really see it,” he said. “During workouts and whatnot, I felt good and I decided to be a little more extreme, see what that feels like. And I feel good. I like the way my body is starting to look and I think there’s going to be a point where I might want to add more the right way throughout the summer.” Now he recently weighed in at 220 pounds. “This is about right,” Copeland said. “I might slim up a little bit more but I’m going to test this throughout the summer and I feel very light. I don’t know if that’s going to hurt me in the post so I’m trying to figure out what’s a good weight but I have some time to figure it out.” Vigilant Sports

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While discussing his bench, Pacers coach Frank Vogel stressed the problem of lots of talent, not enough time. “We have Chris Copeland, who I can’t find enough minutes for, who’s going to be a big-time threat for us,” Vogel said of Copeland, an 8.7 point scorer and 42.1-percent shooter on 3-pointers as a Knicks rookie last season. “He said that? That’s cool. We’re deep as you can tell,” Copeland said. “You can see us out there, when we’re going it’s just exciting to watch. It’s a fun team to be on. I’m loving it.” New York Post

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The divorce settlement, however, wasn’t bad as Copeland signed a two-year, $6 million free-agent contract in July with Indiana. It was a small but important signing considering the 6-foot-8 Copeland gives the Pacers what they lacked; a big man with 3-point range. That he was a rising player from an Eastern Conference rival was a bonus. “I’m not going to lie and say (money) wasn’t a factor,” Copeland said. “But it was more than the money. I never anticipated making this move. I thought I’d end up taking a pay cut. But when you factor in everything; the situation here, the role, the chance of winning a champion…even though I think the opportunity is there for New York as well. But at this stage of my career I wanted to build on what I did last season.” New York Daily News

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However, ask about the offseason moves made by Pacers officials – signing C.J. Watson, Chris Copeland and trading for Luis Scola – and Granger lights up in excitement. “It’s really encouraging,” he said. “They kinda see the potential that this group has and I think we’re really going for it. We really are title contenders now and we have to show it. “I think [Scola’s] probably our biggest free agent pickup. In my mind, he’s a starting power forward in the NBA and I don’t know how we pulled him off and how we got him but we did. I think that’s the brilliance of Donnie [Walsh] and Larry [Bird].” NBA.com

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"I’m still a rehab patient, somebody [reminded] me today," Copeland said while up in Clay Terrace to attend the grand opening of St. Vincent Sports Performance’s new training facility. It was his first public appearance to sign autographs and take pictures with Pacers fans. I’m getting back, getting my legs under me, doing a lot of rehab stuff trying to get stronger. I’m hitting the floor. This is my first week actually playing, getting up and down some. Obviously, I’m not 100 percent. I’m not going to lie to you. But I can play. I’m getting up and down and the fact that I can actually play and get on the floor is good enough for me at this point." NBA.com

Familiarizing himself with the Pacers staff and surroundings should only aid in Copeland's transition to a new team. He's also spent countless hours in the training room and practice floor talking with Danny Granger, the longest-tenured player on the Pacers roster. "Danny’s been big for me, helping me understand what the culture is here,” Copeland said. “He’s been around and he’s done an amazing job in this league and I’m learning at this point." NBA.com

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