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March 1, 2015 Updates

"According to Franks and Miller, Chris Paul is the best perimeter defender in the NBA," Goldsberry wrote. "They have empirical evidence that the Clippers point guard suppresses and disrupts shot activity as much or more than any other guard in the league." To their point, Goldsberry and Co. indicate that Paul led all backcourt players last season by allowing just 10.8 points per game. So not only is Paul a pickpocket of the highest order, but his general approach lends itself to bothersome tendencies that drive opponents mad. His performance as the closest defender against some of the game's best one-on-one scorers underscores just how effective he's been in isolation situations. Bleacher Report

February 24, 2015 Updates
February 21, 2015 Updates

The loss of Blake Griffin (elbow) hasn't hurt Paul's fantasy value at all. CP3 has recorded four double-doubles in a row, including a robust 22 points and 16 assists on Thursday. Sacramento has struggled to defend point guards the last 10 games. Paul could match the 48.4 FantasyScore points he has averaged the last five games. - See more at: http://hoopshype.com/blogs/ryan-dodson/daily-fantasy-basketball-double-dip-on-clippers-with-chris-paul-deandre-jordan#sthash.tY2cqE3X.dpuf HoopsHype

February 20, 2015 Updates
February 18, 2015 Updates

“The 30th anniversary is a look forward, to inspire the next generation,” says Dixon. “This installation was a way for us to educate people about the man behind the brand, to show the situations that made him who he was.” And depending on your age, your definition of Jordan’s legacy may vary. “We were playing in a game in Charlotte, and my (five-year-old) son was sitting court-side,” Chris Paul told the crowd during his visit. “He saw MJ and said ‘Daddy, that’s the guy from Space Jam.’ He relates more to Space Jam and the shoes.” Wired.com

February 17, 2015 Updates

"The second I walked in to watch Chris Paul play, there was no doubt in my mind he was ridiculously special,'' Ainge says. "I saw him play at Duke, as a freshman for Wake Forest, and he did not have a good game. It was just his talent level -- athletic, smart, tough, physical. He was just confident in what he was doing, in spite of the fact that he wasn't making shots and everything else. There was just something about him, that he put a smile on my face as I watched them play.'' In 2005, Ainge tried to trade Pierce to Portland for the No. 3 pick in order to draft Paul. The trade fell apart and Paul went No. 4 to New Orleans, behind Andrew Bogut, Marvin Williams and Deron Williams. "Chris Paul was clearly the No. 1 pick in the draft that year, in my mind,'' says Ainge. "I was very confident in spite of my own staff, in spite of my own coaches and my own people not sharing that opinion.'' NBA.com

February 16, 2015 Updates

But Chris Paul noticed something strange about the ball after messing around. When he whipped his hand under the ball, he generate enough backspin for it to bounce easily back to him. It wasn't that difficult to control. "They were switching the balls to a different material, where I could actually throw it out away, really far from me and it can still come back," Paul said. SB Nation

Thus, a new move was born. While Paul wasn't the very first human to try this unique dribble, he was the first to take what was once used by AND-1 Mixtape legend Grayson Boucher (aka "The Professor") and make it NBA-functional. "I'm not dunking over anybody, so I've got to come up with little tricks like that," Paul said. Paul's peers are now making it a part of their games, too. John Wall was so convincing in a game against the Bulls that ESPN's Mike Breen thought he lost control of the ball. SB Nation

February 13, 2015 Updates

LeBron James was elected first vice president of the National Basketball Players Association on Friday, moving him into the union's second-most powerful leadership position beneath president Chris Paul, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

The NBPA is working to reshape itself under new executive director Michele Roberts. For years, there's been a push on the players' side to get the league's most prominent players into senior leadership positions. James' elevation to First Vice President is the most significant step yet in that process. The NBA and NBPA could be headed toward another labor showdown in 2017, when each side has the opportunity to opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement and ignite a possible work stoppage. Yahoo! Sports

Jeff Zillgitt: Person close LeBron James said NBPA president Chris Paul asked James to be VP of NBPA. James felt a responsibility at this time to serve. Person close to new NBPA VP LeBron James said he recognized new time in NBA with TV deal, CBA and wanted to be a voice in NBPA. Twitter @JeffZillgitt

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February 8, 2015 Updates

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