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May 25, 2015 Updates

Q: Any chance the Lakers trade for Ty Lawson maybe that other 1st round pick? Steve Kyler: From my understanding Lawson has eyes for the Mavs and its mutual. We'll see what Denver does. Twitter @stevekylerNBA

May 22, 2015 Updates

Parsons will be on crutches for another two or three weeks, per Mavs.com's Bobby Karalla. If it is microfracture surgery, I'm not sure how much of an advantage the Mavericks gain from hiding it. Any free agent who meets with Dallas will ask about Parsons' health and they won't be able to hide it then, although maybe that will have bought Parsons enough time in his recovery to guarantee an early season return. That Parsons won't say what surgery it was either way makes me think the worst, but again, we just don't know at this point. mavsmoneyball.com

May 21, 2015 Updates
May 20, 2015 Updates
May 18, 2015 Updates

Dwain Price: DeAndre Jordan becomes a FA on July 1 and can make $108.3 mill over 5 yrs with the #Clippers, or $80.7 mill over 4 yrs with other teams. If DeAndre Jordan decides to sign a FA contract with the #Mavs, they have an excellent FT shooting coach in Gary Boren who can help him. Rajon Rondo's FT% this season went from 33.3% in 22 games with the #Celtics to 45.2% in 46 games with the #Mavs. It was an improvement. Twitter @DwainPrice

The Dallas Mavericks are expected to make a strong push for Jordan, who would essentially be a younger version of the Mavs' current defensive anchor Tyson Chandler. The Lakers would likewise love to steal Jordan away from their Staples Center rival. Portland has enough cap space to re-sign LaMarcus Aldridge and make a max offer to Jordan -- who has a similar but far superior skill set to Robin Lopez -- but he'd just be trading one third-fiddle spot for another in that scenario. No other team can offer Jordan more than four years, $80.7 million. But the 26-year-old center could also decide to sign a two-year deal with a player option on the second year to take advantage of the ballooning salary-cap in 2016. If he were to opt out after that first season, then re-sign for five more seasons, Jordan could make $162.6 million over the next six seasons. ESPN.com

May 17, 2015 Updates

Perkins is one of the few players who has talked with RajonRondo since his incident in Game 2 of the Western Conference quarterfinals and abrupt ending with the Mavericks. He said Rondo, one his best friends from their Celtics days, was in good spirits. Rondo clashed with Dallas coach Rick Carlisle over play-calling and Rondo’s on-court decisions. “He’s doing good, his mind is right,” Perkins said. “One thing about Rajon, he still can play. It just takes one team out there that has interest in him. What you’ve got to know about Rajon is that he’s a guy who is smart. You’ve got to let him go out there and control the game. He wants to call the plays.” Boston Globe

Rondo is a free agent this summer, and there are growing questions whether he will get a lucrative contract after his issues with Carlisle. “He may have pushed away some teams but some teams know what he’s capable of doing,” Perkins said. Boston Globe

May 16, 2015 Updates
May 15, 2015 Updates
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May 13, 2015 Updates
May 12, 2015 Updates

Even with the union demurring, you can bet that the Knicks will be one of the five, and that more generally the union will target teams that earn the most revenue and have a host of complicated related party issues. An informed guess would be that the Knicks, Nets, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Lakers will be audited, with the Rockets, Bulls, and Warriors candidates as well. Deadspin.com

May 11, 2015 Updates

And after another first-round exit, he now hopes to sign where he can compete for a championship, placing a desire to play for a contender at the top of his priority list this summer. “I’m already paid in full,” Stoudemire proclaimed while looking ahead to his pending free agency. “Money is great to have, but it’s not what I’m searching for at this point. One is the opportunity to win. I think that’s the main ingredient. Two is being able to perform at a high level and be in a position where I can display my skills. My goal is to graduate from the NBA at a high level. That’s my ultimate plan. I think those are the two most important things at this point. And a city where my family can actually dwell and enjoy school is important, too.” mavs.com


Five players from the championship team join No. 1 Dirk Nowitzki in the illustrious list.


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