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May 16, 2015 Updates

Dan Gilbert: Crushed. The parade of silliness never ends...@cavs / RT: Nick Camino: #Cavs need to squash this @RicBucher stuff immediately. Interesting how this comes up the day after returning to Eastern Conference Finals. Twitter

March 28, 2015 Updates

When Gilbert bought the Cavs in 2005, his net worth was estimated at $800 million. In its annual list released this month, Forbes now estimates Gilbert's net worth at north of $4.7 billion, as his empire has expanded from mortgages and venture capital to casinos, real estate, consumer products, tech, minor league sports franchises and a basketball team currently estimated to be worth more than $900 million. ESPN.com

As his businesses and popularity have grown, so has his involvement in the Cavs' day-to-day operations, according to numerous sources inside and outside the organization. Even as he has withdrawn a little publicly, Gilbert has become one of the most hands-on owners in the league. "If you had a 1-to-10 scale of an owner's involvement [Dallas Mavericks owner] Mark Cuban would be a 10," said one prominent league agent. "Dan would be a 9." ESPN.com

It is not unusual for Gilbert to speak directly to an agent or to up the ante in trade talks by calling an opposing owner, sources said. But Gilbert disagrees with the idea that he's heavily involved in basketball decisions. "I don't think that's accurate," Gilbert said. "The way I look at it is it's the owner's job to say yes before you say no. I believe an owner is there to set the philosophy and to establish the culture but you let your guy pull the triggers." ESPN.com

As he's gotten more involved over the years, though, he's cut back his visibility on social media and limited his interactions with the media. He was the driving force in the hiring of David Blatt as head coach last year but did not attend his news conference or the one held when the team announced the acquisition of Love. There was no news conference held when James signed. He did not attend the news conference when Griffin was named GM. Earlier in his tenure, Gilbert was always front and center in these types of moments. ESPN.com

March 13, 2015 Updates
February 13, 2015 Updates

Quicken Loans is a predatory lender. It's impossible to read the numerous lawsuits against the mortgage company and conclude otherwise. So when Kelly Dwyer, the editor of Yahoo's popular NBA blog Ball Don't Lie, made an offhand joke about that fact in a post last year, he would have had no reason to think twice. The owner of Quicken Loans, though, is Dan Gilbert, also owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and a man whose vanity is exceeded only by his pettiness. According to multiple sources, after Gilbert read Dwyer's post, he and his chief legal counsel called Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer directly to complain about a snarky line that read something like "Predatory Lender Quicken Loans Arena." We're not sure precisely what it said, because barely any traces of it remain online. Mayer ordered the post deleted immediately. Deadspin.com

The post was deleted so soon after going live—within a few hours is our best guess—that it wasn't even captured by the Internet Archive, or cached by Google, or preserved anywhere else that we can find online. The only text we have from the post is the first two sentences, automatically scraped by the media website Muck Rack: Deadspin.com

The day after Gilbert's call was the weekly Yahoo editorial meeting, bringing together editors from the various Yahoo media properties. According to a source with direct knowledge of the meeting, Kathy Savitt—Yahoo's chief marketing officer—explained what had happened to everyone in the room and expressed a desire to fire Dwyer. The stunned and disbelieving editors present convinced her to form an editorial committee that would decide Dwyer's fate, but weren't sure this would work as anything but a stalling tactic. One source, who wasn't present as Savitt laid down her decree, spoke of a "buzz" going around among editors that Dwyer would be fired for having angered a brand partner. Deadspin.com

But at the editorial meeting the day after the post was deleted, according to a source, Savitt was utterly incredulous that Dwyer would have insulted Quicken Loans so soon after a major agreement had been signed with them. This makes no sense on multiple levels—Dwyer probably didn't even know about the brand agreement when he wrote his post because Yahoo is a huge company and Dwyer has nothing to do with March Madness brackets, and even if he did know about it, his job is to write interesting and true stories, not to promote the interests of Yahoo's advertisers—but so it goes. Deadspin.com

January 17, 2015 Updates

In the end, that possibility starts with this, too: the support of owner Dan Gilbert and general manager David Griffin, which has been sweeping and unimpeachable so far. "There is not even a thought of replacing him," one high-ranking Cavaliers official told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

January 7, 2015 Updates
December 1, 2014 Updates

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission have submitted a bid to host the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Cavaliers Chief Executive Officer Len Komoroski and President and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission David Gilbert both confirmed to Northeast Ohio Media Group that the bid has been placed. Cleveland Plain Dealer

New York is hosting the NBA All-Star Game in 2015, followed by Toronto in 2016, leaving vacant slots in 2017 and 2018. Based on recent studies of other cities that have hosted the All-Star Game, Gilbert estimates the city of Cleveland would experience an economic impact of approximately $100 million. Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 1, 2014 Updates

So would James find himself in a similar situation in Cleveland, with extensions pending for Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson, with Kyrie Irving's extension to kick in, with Kevin Love up for a mega-deal next summer, with other veterans likely looking to jump aboard at exception money for 2015-16? "That message is unchanged," Gilbert stressed of speculation that all available resources had been spent or committed. "Clearly the cap will be going up in the next couple of years based on the revenues of the league as well, but that message is still there. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"I think that when you have so much invested, if you want to look at this financially and take away the other stuff, I almost think it's kind of silly when you invest so much into a franchise and have such high costs already and then at the margin, I know it's a lot of raw dollars when you look at it by itself, but relative to everything that's invested, I was a little bit surprised when our franchise was going to stop right there." Fair enough. Nothing subliminal. Nothing seemingly beyond the reaches of Northeast Ohio. And then: "To me, it's like getting to the two-yard line, and, 'OK, we're done now.' " South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 30, 2014 Updates

LeBron James and Dan Gilbert were back in the same building Wednesday on the eve of the Cleveland Cavaliers' season opener, and they shared the same sunny outlook about their relationship that turned ice cold in a very public fashion four years ago. "I think it's really good," James said when asked about his rapport with the Cavs' owner. "We had one bad moment, and it just overshadowed all the great times we had together, and now we're back together. "We both have something in common: That's to bring a championship back to this city, and that's what it comes down to. That's what our thrive is, that's what our drive is, and we have an opportunity and we have an obligation to represent this team and this franchise the right way." ESPN.com

October 29, 2014 Updates

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