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November 9, 2014 Updates

According to the Associated Press, police concluded that Miryah Herron made false accusations against Cunningham, and the Hennepin County district attorney decided not to press charges. Still, it left Cunningham having to explain why he was involved in such a situation and NBA teams moving forward without him. Boston Globe

His agent, Joel Bell, told the Globe that Cunningham likely missed out on a multiyear contract because the charges weren’t dropped until seven weeks after free agency began. Monies dried up and he became an afterthought. “Teams were like, ‘We don’t need the fuss,’ ” Bell said. “They said, ‘We don’t want to see protesters. It’s a hot-button issue in the country right now.’ I provided all the documents to the teams, police reports, and he’s innocent. There’s no question he was innocent.” Boston Globe

“No one needs compassion and understanding [for Cunningham], he didn’t do anything wrong,” Bell said. “I had somebody tell me they were sure somebody will give him a second chance. What second chance? He didn’t do anything wrong. The mentality is compassion for this guy because he got a raw deal but you should hire him on the merits of his abilities. He’s an NBA rotation player. He’s a valuable NBA player.” Boston Globe

Cunningham is in State College, Pa., working out at Penn State University, waiting for a call. Since he is not a premium free agent, interest has been tepid. Players averaging 6.3 points and 4.1 rebounds aren’t uncommon in the NBA. “He’s training, he’s waiting for an opportunity,” Bell said. “This is a really horrible, unfair situation and it’s all due to the political climate in the country. He got a horrible hand. He didn’t do anything wrong and he’s had his profession taken away from him. He’s had big offers taken away from him. He’s been booed by people.” Cunningham wasn’t available for comment but Bell said last week that his client is in shape and ready to join a team. Since the charges were dropped, it is uncertain if the NBA would suspend or penalize Cunningham. Boston Globe

October 23, 2014 Updates

Two executives with NBA teams told the AP the domestic violence charge was not a deal-breaker for their teams to consider Cunningham, but it definitely made it more difficult to bring him in. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly on team personnel decisions. Cunningham's agent, Joel Bell, estimates Cunningham could have landed a deal paying him more than $4 million per season were it not for the charge. He said he was told as recently as Monday by one team that it couldn't risk the public relations trouble that could come from signing him. "Why would owners be skittish and worried about bringing him on board?" Roberts said. "Why are we afraid to say he didn't do anything wrong and there's no evidence to support that he did anything wrong?" Boston Herald

Players' union executive director Michele Roberts told the AP that she has had substantive dialogue with the league about addressing domestic violence and educating players and their families about it. But as a former public defender, she is also an advocate for due process. "I don't, quite frankly, know what the rush is," Roberts said. "Many of the teams are saying, until this is resolved I'd like at least for you to not play. I'm not fond of that." Boston Herald

He is now an ex-Timberwolves forward, an NBA free agent who is living in a motorhome at a campground near the campus of Penn State, where a former college teammate is on the coaching staff and runs him through workouts. He is staying in the motorhome for reasons of convenience and not monetary. But the journeyman player who was hoping to get a new multi-million dollar contract this summer says he hasn't even gotten an offer for the league minimum because teams have told them it's too risky to bring him in. "At this point it's about justice and it's about clearing my name," the 27-year-old forward told The Associated Press. "Clearly this adds a terrible stigma to my name. ... Now when anyone looks up Dante Cunningham, oh, wasn't he the one that was in trouble? There's nothing out there saying there was a false charge and now we have to change it. We have to bring justice to this situation so that this doesn't happen again." Boston Herald

August 20, 2014 Updates

The agent for free-agent NBA forward Dante Cunningham said his client plans to file a civil lawsuit against the woman who accused him of domestic assault. After a four-month investigation, authorities dismissed a charge of felony domestic assault against Cunningham on Monday, saying “there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt for the charged offense.” “Dante Cunningham is innocent,” agent Joel Bell told the Associated Press on Tuesday. “He plans to bring civil charges against her not only to clear his name but to show people it’s wrong to abuse an already overworked legal system.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

August 19, 2014 Updates
August 18, 2014 Updates

Dante Cunningham has spent the last four months in limbo with a domestic assault charge hanging over his head, his home fans booing him when he took the court for the Minnesota Timberwolves and several teams in need of a power forward on the free-agent market staying away while the legal process played out. The news he was long expecting finally came down on Monday when Hennepin County authorities announced they were dropping the felony charge against him, enabling the free agent to start looking for a job next fall in earnest and start putting a difficult period behind him. "In the deepest part of my heart, I knew what happened. I knew the situation and I knew I was going to be cleared," Cunningham told The Associated Press in a telephone interview on Monday evening. "I was hoping that all would've been done before the season ended. But God has a plan and here I am today and just ready to go forward." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Cunningham said he had preliminary talks with a few teams once the market opened on July 1, but didn't get any firm interest while the charge was being investigated. "No team is going to invest in a player that is going to jail. I understood that," Cunningham said. "At that time, it was tough because a lot of teams had interest, but had to sit back. Now at this point, they know the truth." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Ray Richardson: Dante Cunningham was "very grateful" on news felony charge dropped Monday, his attorney told @PioneerPress reporter @MarinoEccher. #Twolves Twitter @twolvesnow

Charges filed against NBA free agent and former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham for choking his girlfriend during an argument have been dropped, a source tells KSTP Sports. A criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court said his girlfriend told police they got into an argument back in April at his suburban Minneapolis home. She told police he grabbed her around the neck and slammed her against the wall, choking for 15 to 20 seconds during which she could not breathe. The complaint says he dropped her, and she called 911. KSTP

July 14, 2014 Updates
July 3, 2014 Updates

Darren Wolfson: Dante Cunningham clarification: told he wants to be back. Doesn't mean it's reciprocal. Suppose chance if he'd take a 1-year deal. #twolves Twitter @DarrenWolfson

July 2, 2014 Updates

Darren Wolfson: #Twolves scheduled to talk to Cunningham's agent this afternoon. Has Blake too. Issue of 14 contracts still remains. Hard to do anything. Twitter @DarrenWolfson

June 16, 2014 Updates
May 7, 2014 Updates

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