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April 23, 2015 Updates

ESPN: Josh Smith will be a free agent after the season, how open are you to wanting to bring him back? Morey: We’re pretty focused on now, but obviously pretty much everyone on this team, we’re going to be focused on trying to bring them back. We got quite a few free agents, Josh Smith is one, we're going to address in the offseason. We feel if our team can keep executing, we feel like we can keep getting better with the group that we have here. ESPN.com

ESPN: In a few years, the salary cap could increase to $100 million. How does that affect the process of putting a roster together? Morey: I think just like every team we got to factor in what the cap in the future is going to do and all our decisions, and obviously those are a little ways away, we’re still focusing on the playoffs. It’s a big part of our planning. The biggest factor with our planning, it’s not only the cap room we have or don’t have, it’s always your cap room or your cap room in relative to others is really what impacts you the most. We do a lot of planning, but right now we’re just focused on the playoffs. ESPN.com

ESPN: Are you surprised McHale wasn’t higher in the Coach of the Year voting? Morey: I thought it was terrible. I continue to not understand what criteria people are using. Our own hometown paper didn’t vote him first, second or third, and it’s very frustrating. ESPN.com

April 22, 2015 Updates

On a night when Harden could never get his rhythm, Howard was a monster with 28 points and 12 rebounds and Smith was his running partner with 15 points, nine assists and eight rebounds. These were the good old days, resurrected with the Rockets. Josh Smith will be a free agent this summer, but he doesn't want to leave here – nor does Rockets general manager Daryl Morey want to lose him. Yahoo! Sports

April 19, 2015 Updates

And while McHale's supporters give Harden and Howard a lot of credit, they still don't understand how the coach isn't listed regularly among the best. "Moneyball has Kevin McHale underrated," Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey said. "It's a little upsetting honestly. I don't understand how that is the case, them having the third best record in the league, winning the division in arguably the toughest division ever on an NBA floor. Going into the year, you hear the Rockets barely make the playoffs. Usually all that factors into a guy saying OK, he has done a good job and he is in the conversation for Coach of the Year." Houston Chronicle

April 17, 2015 Updates
April 3, 2015 Updates

Morey and the radio hosts talked about his beef with Mark Cuban and why he's still a big fan of the Mavs' owner. To read about that, click here. On what he thinks Chandler Parsons' ceiling is: "I don't think he has a ceiling. I really think he can be one of the top players in the league. He's on his way. He had one of his best games yesterday [he scored 22 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday], so I do keep track of him. I'm a big fan of Chandler's. I thought he was a great pickup for Dallas. It was more of a contractual thing that made him not a fit here given some of our goals and some of our other constraints we had of players already on the roster. From my vantage point of what I've seen, he's had a fabulous season. I think he can be a cornerstone for a long time for you guys." Dallas Morning News

April 2, 2015 Updates

On Thursday, three hours before his Rockets tipped off against the Mavericks at American Airlines Center, Morey appeared on ESPN Radio's Afternoon Show. Asked whether he believes he and Cuban are friends, Morey was complimentary of the Mavericks owner. For years, the two have been leading panelists at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. "I don't know what he thinks; you'd have to ask him," Morey said. "He's been a friend of the conference. He's obviously a great owner, really changed the NBA in a lot of ways with not only winning, but game presentation. Dallas Morning News

March 30, 2015 Updates

Morey said the Golden State Warriors, who own the NBA's best record and swept the season series against the Rockets this season, should be the favorites to win the title. "We won't go in as the favorite," Morey said. "I think Golden State, deservedly so, gets to be called the favorite. They've had a very historic season. I think the Golden State training staff hasn't been talked about enough this year. That team has been healthy and really that showcased everyone in Golden State. Coach [Steve] Kerr has done a great job. We won't go in as the favorite. We do feel like we can beat anybody in a seven-game series, and we're pretty excited to get going with the playoffs." ESPN.com

March 28, 2015 Updates
March 18, 2015 Updates
March 9, 2015 Updates

But Morey disagrees with the idea that there's a chance for Stepford Wives thinking within and between teams because of the similarities in front offices. "I think there are massive variances, driven by ownership," he says. "Short-term versus long-term is just one example. The dominance of the point guard, you could say we've got to have a point guard or we have no chance to win. Or you could run an offensive system where the point guard is minimized. Or you could have a lot of like-sized players that just switch a lot like Golden State. I think the opposite is happening. I think there's a lot of interesting thought going on in the league." NBA.com

"If everyone looks at things the same way you'll absolutely wind up not leading," Morey says. "If every general manager says 'I need a center with post up ability,' then the center with post up ability will be overvalued. That's why Atlanta is an interesting team right now. They're obviously well coached and the pieces obviously fit together, but there aren't the obvious superstar plus players there. I think it's exciting for the league right now. I think there's lots of teams doing some great things out there." NBA.com

March 7, 2015 Updates

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